Doncaster Airport Departures

Everything you always wanted to know about flying from Doncaster Sheffield airport but were afraid to ask is on this page. You can check the status of any flight leaving Doncaster airport today in our table below – or enter a flight number and date into the boxes on the right. (...)

We can even tell you how far along its flight path the plane is – you can see details about the aircraft you’ll be flying in, information about your airline, the current and forecast weather at your destination and a list of places we recommend visiting while you’re there.

June 2019
June 2019
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23 flights departing Doncaster Airport on 20/06/19.

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Flight Departure
TOM382 20/06/19 14:25
AY6750 20/06/19 15:10
W62216 20/06/19 08:10
BE4443 20/06/19 10:40
W63016 20/06/19 22:15
TOM3402 20/06/19 07:05
W62510 20/06/19 20:05
TOM3458 20/06/19 06:05
W61916 20/06/19 14:35
W61016 20/06/19 19:45
W63314 20/06/19 22:05
W61616 20/06/19 21:10
AZ4924 20/06/19 15:10
TOM3472 20/06/19 06:50
W65014 20/06/19 20:05
TOM432 20/06/19 16:35
BE4483 20/06/19 18:55
BE4413 20/06/19 15:10
TOM3492 20/06/19 14:45
BE4447 20/06/19 16:00
BE4441 20/06/19 10:40
EI8431 20/06/19 07:00
BE4471 20/06/19 07:00
Baggage Allowance


Check-in times at Doncaster airport vary between three hours and 40 minutes before the flight leaves, so you should check with your airline or travel agent. Personally though, we’d say turning up 40 minutes before your plane leaves can be a little risky – our advice would be to give yourself two hours in case of unexpected delays.

Check the flight information screens in the main concourse to see where to go. Once you’ve checked in, you should take the escalators or lifts up to the first floor for the security checks.

Baggage allowance

Your airline will be able to tell you how much hand and hold luggage you’re allowed – it varies a lot. The rule allowing only one item of hand luggage per passenger is no longer universal. The maximum hand luggage size for most airlines is 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, but do check with your provider.

Liquids, gels and pastes should be put in your hold luggage if possible. You are only allowed to take them in your hand luggage if they are in containers of 100ml or less. You must also take any liquids out of your hand luggage and take them through security in a clear, resealable 20cm x 20cm plastic bag. For more information visit our Doncaster airport luggage and security page.

Book Doncaster airport parking and hotels

Need somewhere to leave your car while you’re on holiday – and somewhere to stay the night before you fly so you don’t have to worry about traffic jams? Check out our Doncaster airport parking and Doncaster airport hotels pages to see what we can offer you. We’ve a variety of deals on car parks at Doncaster airport, all within walking distance of the terminal – and you can combine your parking with a stay at the colourful, stylish Ramada Encore Doncaster, which is less than 400 yards from the terminal.

Dropping off passengers

You can park for 15 minutes for free in the drop-off and pick-up zone, which is right opposite the terminal. After that it’s £2.50 for 30 minutes, or £6 for up to two hours. (Prices correct on August 24, 2013.)

Buy before you fly

Booking in advance can save you pounds