Terms & Conditions:

1. The parking, hotel or lounge product that you are comparing must be the same in every respect as that which you purchased from Holiday Extras.
2. You must make your claim within seven days of making and paying for your booking with Holiday Extras.
3. Successful claims will not be paid until after the return date originally booked.
4. You must use the parking, hotel or lounge, as per the booking against which you are making your claim.
5. Cancellation of the booking cancels your right to claim under this guarantee.

The following exclusions apply to price comparisons that will be considered as part of any claim made under this guarantee:

1. Prices from other suppliers that are conditional on buying other products.
2. Prices that are part of a customer loyalty, members or loyalty reward scheme.
3. Prices that are part of a staff discount scheme.
4. Prices that are part of any other discount or special offer deal.
5. Combined hotel-with-parking products.