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Heathrow Airport Hotels Reviews

Customers' rating: 'Great' 4 out of 5

Reviews form an important part of your booking process and with customer feedback at your fingertips, it's a great way to find out what people think of a product or how they rate a service.

We could sing and dance about Heathrow airport hotels all day, but why not find out all you need to know from those that matter, our customers themselves.

You can read about all of our hotels below, or you can filter your results using the drop-down box above to find out about a specific Heathrow Hotel. Once you've read the hotel reviews, if you want to select another hotel, just hit back.

  • 88% of customers who left a review for Heathrow Airport Hotels would book again
  • 61619 customers have given an average rating of 4 out of 5

Everything was perfect. Even to our return with regards to parking. Our flight was delayed by 7 hours so we went over the end time we stated we would leave the hotel parking, but when I asked how much we owed they just rebooked the car in so we had to extra charge. Thank you Sheraton Skyline.

Mrs Norfolk, 09 Dec 2018

Sheraton Skyline - Read more Sheraton Skyline reviews
5 out of 5

The staff were very friendly and the hotel was nice, the room was large but not very clean there were hairs left in the bathroom and the carpets and bedding all had stains on - they were just old not unwashed. The food was good in the restaurant and the parking was plentiful and felt safe.

Mr Buckley, 09 Dec 2018

4 out of 5

A very reasonable and comfortable hotel, located conveniently close to T2. Bar and restaurant provide good service and food and staff were pleasant and helpful. No issues with drop off or collection of vehicle.

Mr Sargent, 09 Dec 2018

Hyatt Place
5 out of 5

Modern inside with good quality bathrooms, large beds and good facilities throughout the hotel. A vast selection at breakfast and good service provided by staff. Would definite stay again.

Mr Culling, 09 Dec 2018

5 out of 5

Every thing went like clock work,food plenty of,room clean and tidy.staff helpful.

Mrs Boyles, 08 Dec 2018

5 out of 5

Stayed at the Thistle hotel, accessed the car park with assistance of the call button, parked up easily enough and checked in with no issues. Staff were helpful with regards to checking in. accessing the POD and what to do on return.
The room was clean and quiet, had an early start so went to sleep almost straight away. The room came with a shower and bath and both were fine, hot water etc. No distributions from other guests and the check out process was easy.
Access to POD was easy and using the POD to get to T5 was brilliant.

Mr Fleming, 08 Dec 2018

Thistle T5
5 out of 5

Lovely hotel food excellent staff friendly and helpful, close to M4 easy to find overall vey nice experience

Mr Curtis, 08 Dec 2018

5 out of 5

Good location to leave the car and lovely hotel

Ms Mirrelson, 08 Dec 2018

Novotel Heathrow T2 & T3
5 out of 5

're the booking process and the hotel check in and parking, all good, no complaints was all very efficient and painless.
As for the hotel stay, the Premier Inn on bath road, they put us in room and it was shocking. The noise was impossible, we had to check out atam and didn't need the hassle of moving room at midnight, so tried to stick it out, but probably only got 2 hours sleep all night...
Definitely won't be using that hotel again!!!
I have complained to premier inn, but their email to complain doesn't work and complaint via their website has been submitted 9 days ago, haven't heard a whisper...
Very very unimpressed...

Mr Rochester, 07 Dec 2018

Premier Inn
2 out of 5

Drivefly Meet and Greet was a bit slow (we waited over 30 minutes) getting our car back to the airport once we had landed (we were a bit early but I thought they kept an eye on arrivals).
The hotel was good with very helpful staff, but paying the parking fee caused a problem as it was possible to put the note in the wrong slot.

Mrs Spalton, 07 Dec 2018

Premier Inn
5 out of 5

Hotel was great with friendly and helpful staff. This hotel will be our first consideration when flying from Heathrow. Best one yet!

Mr Cosgrave, 05 Dec 2018

Hilton T5
5 out of 5

Excellent hotel to stay in prior to flight from Heathrow. Hotel was easy to find and parking excellent. You keep your car keys and just pick it up from where you left it on return. Room clean and comfortable. Hoppa bus to airport is frequent and full English breakfast very good. Would definitely recommend and use again.

Mrs Kelly, 05 Dec 2018

Holiday Inn M4 J4
5 out of 5

Enjoyable stay

Mr Smith, 05 Dec 2018

Park Inn
5 out of 5

Was a brilliant experience hotel was as expected and instructions for leaving the car were perfect and equally as good upon returning

Mrs Watts, 05 Dec 2018

Premier Inn
5 out of 5

A nice hotel in a very suitable location. The staff were helpful, and the whole experience was stress free and satisfactory

Mr Symonds, 05 Dec 2018

5 out of 5

Renaissance Hotel is handy for Heathrow. Staff were friendly and helpful and there is a taxi booking desk which we used. We felt there was an attempt to fob us off with a twin room when we checked in ('That's all that's left sir') but when I showed our booking for a double room one suddenly became available. Buffet meal on Saturday was ok if a bit limited in choice especially for desserts but Sunday breakfast was very good.

Mr Miller, 05 Dec 2018

5 out of 5

Hotel facilities overpriced..ridiculous prices for standard food drinks and wine..prices identical for bar bar food and restaurant...Hoppa bus service failed to show..they cancelled two buses on trotted.. forced to pay twice and obtain taxi..

Mrs Cattel, 04 Dec 2018

Crowne Plaza
4 out of 5

Staff were helpful. The pod to T5 was efficient

Mrs Bartholomew, 04 Dec 2018

Thistle T5
4 out of 5

The hotel had only been open 46 days therefore everything was clean and new. The beds comfortable. Breakfast was included which was plentiful and of great variety, bags were provided for you to take it away if you didn't have time to sit and eat. Great hotel great value.

Mrs Herdman, 03 Dec 2018

Holiday Inn Express T4
5 out of 5

Great quality hotel with parking and return transfers for less than half the hotel room rate and less than airport parking. Not to forget discounted transfer tickets.
We never go away without Holiday Extras Hotel + Parking being involved either before, after or both.

Mr Dean, 03 Dec 2018

Holiday Inn M4 J4
3 out of 5

Good hotel with excellent pod link direct to terminal 5 will definitely use agsin

Mrs Stanley, 03 Dec 2018

Thistle T5
5 out of 5

Convenient location with advantage of onsite parking. Car not driven by others while away. Only downside was significant delay in Hoppa bus arriving at Heathrow on return.

Mr Millier, 03 Dec 2018

Sheraton Skyline
4 out of 5

Thank you for an amazing friendly and professional service. Would definitely recommend and use again.

Mrs Sales, 02 Dec 2018

Novotel - Read more Novotel reviews
5 out of 5

On arrival at the hotel a giant rat strolled in front of the car towards the bins to who I can only assume to be a family member due to its resemblance. Not the best first impression particularly as our room then overlooked the same bins
We used the hopper service to Heathrow the following morning and this went fine and took about 15mins. However, on return the transfer takes much longer due to the route taken and unfortunately we were in heavy traffic- probably around 30-40mins
I wouldn’t stay at this hotel again as for a similar price I could stay at a another hotel closer to the airport.....and hopefully no rats to welcome us

Ms Lee, 02 Dec 2018

1 out of 5