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Closest hotels to Heathrow Terminal 5

Stay in one of our Heathrow Airport Hotels at Terminal 5 from as little as £25.00 per night or £61.00 for a room with parking.

We offer an array of Heathrow terminal 5 hotels, so if you've got an early flight or you're worried about your journey to the airport, why not start your holiday early with a relaxing overnight stay? We have plenty of packages on offer including hotels within walking distance of check-in and plenty of Heathrow terminal 5 hotels with parking included.

It's worth remembering that you can get to Terminal 5 from all Heathrow hotels. The Heathrow Hoppa bus accomadates all hotels on the perimeter of the airport and there are also local buses, as well as loads of taxi firms.

Take a look at our map below to see where the hotels are around Heathrow and find one that suits you for your journey from Terminal 5.

Heathrow Terminal 5 Hotels from £29 is rated, on average 88 out of 100 by 17,495 customers. Read reviews

Our best hotels for Heathrow Terminal 5

The hotels at Terminal 5 are by far the closest of any other terminal. Two of the closest hotels are within 5 minutes, one you can walk, the other is just a quick POD shuttle ride. Staying so close makes your airport arrival much less stressful. We've put together a list of our top 5 hotels at Terminal 5 in order of their distance to the airport.

Our top 5 hotels at Heathrow Terminal 5
Hotel Name Distance from T5 Transfers Price inc 1 week parking
Sofitel 0.5 miles 5 minutes - Walk £169.00
Thistle Hotel 1 miles 5 minutes - POD Shuttle £59.00
Sheraton Heathrow 1.5 miles 12 minutes - Heathrow Hoppa £114.00
Holiday Inn T5 2.5 miles 12 minutes - Heathrow Hoppa £69.00
Hilton T5 2.7 miles 10 minutes - Heathrow Hoppa £109.00

Staying close to the terminal minimises any pre-flight stress. It means you can wake up just moments from the busy airport without the worry of long journeys, traffic and delays. Hotels at Heathrow Terminal 5 are in abundance, and more importantly, they are very close, some within walking distance.

Check out our best hotels for Heathrow terminal 5 in more detail below:

The Sofitel Heathrow - from £169.00 inc. 1 weeks parking

The 5-star Sofitel is the closest hotel to Terminal 5. So much so that it is just a short walk to check-in. Th hotel is beautiful and luxurious and is a great treat for the start of your holiday. Being such a prestigious hotel, the price is higher than some of our other Heathrow hotels, but in our opinion it is worth every penny for the convenience alone.

Getting to Terminal 5

  • Walk - It's a 5 minute walk through a covered walkway to check-in.

Thistle Heathrow - from £59.00 inc. 1 weeks parking

The Thistle Hotel ticks all the boxes for a convenient Heathrow airport hotel. It has 600 parking spaces so once you've arrived and parked up, you won't need to move your car again and you're only a 5 minute POD shuttle to Heathrow's terminal 5. All of that, on top of a nights stay in a comfortable, trusted hotel for a great, low price.

Getting to Terminal 5

  • POD Shuttle - the shuttle takes only 5 minutes to get to T5.
  • Heathrow Hoppa - 10 minutes.

Heathrow Hoppa Prices

If you buy your tickets in advance you'll pay £4.50 for a single and £8 for a return. If you buy your ticket on the bus it's £5 for a single, £9 for a return. Got the kids in tow? One child aged 5-15 can ride for free with every paying adult and children under 5 travel for free.

Sheraton Hotel - from £114.00 inc. 1 weeks parking

The Sheraton Hotel is a great choice if you're flying from terminal 5 - you can catch the Heathrow Hoppa straight to the terminal in just 12 minutes. The hotel is stylish and elegant whilst still having a relaxed atmosphere. The amount of repeat customers we have booking time and time again speaks volumes.

Getting to Terminal 5

  • Heathrow Hoppa - The transfer bus takes around 12 minutes to reach T5.
  • Free public bus - 350 and 423 run to Terminal 5 in a few minutes.


Staying in a hotel within the grounds of the airport itself means little to no time spent on transfers. There are three to choose from at Heathrow terminal 5, and all are ideal for customers who want a stress-free airport experience.

Here at Holiday Extras, we believe your airport experience is just as important as the holiday itself. That’s why we’ve negotiated the best deals for our customers on these on-airport hotels, meaning you can take your pick of the closest Heathrow airport hotels at terminal 5 for less than you might think. Each of our hotels has something a little different to offer, meaning there’s something to suit every agenda and budget.

Below are our top hotels at Heathrow Terminal 5

The Sofitel Heathrow - from £169.00 inc. 1 weeks parking

Heathrow Terminal 5 Sofitel Lobby Joined to the terminal via a covered walkway, the Sofitel is the closest hotel to terminal 5 - less than 5 minutes stroll to check-in.

The Sofitel is our only 5-star hotel at Heathrow, and true to the name it’s the epitome of luxury. With an on-site spa and gym, two indulgent french restaurants and several vibrant bars, this is our pick for a truly lavish start to your holiday. What’s more, all the rooms have triple-glazing - so despite being so close to the airport, you’re guaranteed a great night's sleep.

Thistle Heathrow - from £59.00 inc. 1 weeks parking

Thistle T5 Avocado Lounge Our favourite thing about the Thistle is it’s proximity to the terminal 5 runway - it’s so close that you can watch the planes take off from the hotel. We’d recommend the First Edition restaurant as the best spot to watch the flights come and go - and while you’re at it, why not sample the menu too? There’s a range of dishes to try, with everything from pigeon breast to Thai red curry, and you can even take your meal out onto the terrace if you want to get closer to the action.

To get from the hotel to the airport, we’d recommend the terminal 5 PODS - little electric driverless vehicles. They cost £5 per pod for each journey and get you to the airport in 5 minutes - cheap, fast and fun.. What more could you want?

Sheraton Hotel - from £114.00 inc. 1 weeks parking

Heathrow Terminal 5 Sheraton bedroom The 4-star Sheraton at Heathrow is our pick for a comforting home-away-from-home experience at terminal 5. Attentive staff are on hand to ensure you don’t want for anything, and with free wifi throughout the hotel and plenty of squashy sofas to sink into, the atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed.

The dishes at the Sheraton are prepared using mainly locally-sourced produce, resulting in mouth-watering meals to satisfy your tastebuds - there’s even 24-hour room service if you miss dinner. Nothing is too much trouble here at the Sheraton - it’s a hotel fit for a king.


Still convenient to the airport but just a little further afield, our Off-Airport hotels at terminal 5 are perfect if you’re happy to take a short transfer in exchange for a little more money in your pocket.

Being a little further away from the airport will invariably work out cheaper - that’s why we would recommend off-airport hotels if budget is your priority when looking for hotels near Heathrow terminal 5, especially if your flight is later on in the day. It also means you’re removed from the hubbub of the airport - perfect for those looking for a little peace and quiet before they jet off on their adventure.

Hilton Terminal 5

I challenge you to find a hotel with more to offer than the Hilton Terminal 5 hotel at Heathrow. With an on-site florist, overnight laundry, luxury spa, fine dining and free wifi throughout the hotel, there’s nothing the Hilton can’t cater for. Our favourite part of the hotel is Mr Todiwala’s kitchen - the hotel’s own indian restaurant with sumptuous gourmet food and an open kitchen area so you can even watch your meals being prepared. As with any Hilton-brand hotel, the service and style is unmatched in it’s excellence, so above all else this hotel is ideal for those looking to unwind in true decadence prior to their flight.

Holiday Inn Express T5

Whilst it may be the cheapest of all our hotels at Heathrow terminal 5, the Holiday Inn Express T5 certainly doesn’t compromise on quality. The spacious, climate-controlled rooms are kitted out with ample amenities and you can even choose whether you want soft or hard pillows. The buffet breakfast served from 6am is free to all guests, and there’s even a children’s play area to keep the kids entertained. This hotel is fantastic for those on a budget, large families or anyone seeking the familiarity of a well-known brand.

Save yourself the hassle of reserving your hotel and parking separately and pre-book your space and room as a package - it always works out cheaper to book the two together.

We have two different types of Heathrow terminal 5 hotel and parking packages; you can either opt to park on-site at the hotel, or you can choose to book your room with a Meet and Greet service - meaning your car will be parked for you, and brought back to you at the airport when you return.

Heathrow Sofitel with on-site parking

This is a fantastic package for those who want the convenience of being within walking distance of the terminal, whilst also preferring to park their own car. Simply park your car upon arrival, and then on the morning of your flight use the covered walkway to stroll to check-in.

On your return, you’ll need to validate your ticket at reception - so make sure you have some form of photo ID to hand. Once that’s sorted, all that’s left to do is walk back to where you left your car and you’ll be ready to go!

Holiday Inn Express T5 with Purple Parking Meet and Greet

This is an excellent choice for customers who have a lot of luggage or a large family, as it removes the need for a transfer - after your overnight stay (during which time your car will be parked at the hotel), you simply drive your car to the terminal prior to your flight. You’ll be met by a fully-insured driver who will park your car for you while you check in.

Returning is just as easy - you’ll be met with your car in the same place you dropped it off, and you can get started on the journey home.

Top tip

Save yourself time and money by booking one of our Heathrow terminal 5 hotels and parking together as a package. If you book yourself a space independently of your overnight stay, you will almost always end up paying more as hotels tend to heavily subsidize parking when it’s booked in conjunction with a room. What’s more, with our Never Beaten On Price Policy, you can rest assured you’re getting the best deal when you book through Holiday Extras.