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You won't believe that a brand-new 3-star hotel can charge so little for a night's stay, but we're sure you'll want to reap the benefits at the Holiday Inn Luton Airport! (Formally the Ramada Encore Hotel.) You will save money, but be able to enjoy a meal in a fantastic restaurant, free wifi, a free 24-hour gym and new, comfy rooms. All this within walking distance of the terminal. We're sure this won't be the last time you stay here!

Holiday Inn with Swift Meet and Greet

On the day of your stay:

Call Swift when you are 40 minutes from the airport - the number will be on your booking confirmation.

Park in the Multi Storey car park in the Off-site Meet and Greet area - you’ll need to press for a ticket at the barrier.

Pull into a bay and hand your ticket to the Swift Meet and Greet driver. They’ll move your car to a secured car park.

Then make your way to the hotel which is about a 12-minute walk away. Or you can catch the public bus which costs £1.50 person. It runs every 20 minutes Monday-Saturday between 6am and 7pm. Buses run every 30 minutes on Sundays.

Getting to the airport from the hotel:

When it’s time to head to the airport you can walk to the terminal or catch the bus. Alternatively you can take a taxi, which costs around £8.

Coming home:

Call the car park while you’re waiting for your luggage - the number to call will be on your booking confirmation. Your driver will bring your car back to where you were met on your arrival.

Walk to the car park in the Off-airport Meet and Greet area where your driver will be waiting with your car and keys.