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Leeds Bradford International airport, Leeds LS19 7TU

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Cheap Parking at Leeds Airport

Leeds Bradford Long Stay isn't just our closest car park to the terminal - it's our only one within the airport grounds, run by the airport itself. And we can't help thinking it shouldn't have 'long' in its name when everything about it's so quick. It's just 2 minutes from the terminal on the shuttle bus - and you park your own car and keep your keys, so you can make a speedy exit when you return. With a price like that, though, you could always fill the extra time counting the pennies you've saved...

Reasons to book Leeds Bradford Long Stay

  • The airport's own car park is close to the terminal and you keep hold of your keys.
  • Five minutes from the terminal by shuttle.
  • Park Mark awarded and has CCTV, with regular patrols and entry and exit barriers.
  • Intercoms in every bus shelter connect you to 24-hour operator assistance.

Arrival at Leeds Bradford Long Stay

Pull up to the car park's entrance barrier and your car registration will be recognised and the barrier will lift to let you in. If your car registration plate is not recognised please hold your barcode‚Äč ‚Äčlocated top right of this booking confirmation just below the reader. When your barcode has been successfully scanned, the scanner will beep to confirm and the barrier will rise allowing you to enter.
If you need any assistance just press the call button which can be found on all entry or exit barriers at the car park.
You can drive into the car park and pick a free space. Once you've parked, follow signs to catch the car park's bus to the terminal. It runs when it's needed and takes 4 minutes. Skis, bikes, surfboards, canoes and other large objects that won't fit into the luggage racks can't be carried on the transfer buses.

Getting to and from Leeds airport

Hop on the free shuttle bus that runs to and from the terminal 24 hours a day. It takes just 4 minutes, or you can walk to the terminal if you prefer.

When you get back, catch the shuttle bus where it dropped you off on your outward journey. Every bus shelter contains an intercom connecting you to 24-hour operator assistance, just in case you need it. Head to your car and then drive to the exit barrier. You'll need to insert the ticket and the barrier will lift.

On your return to Leeds Bradford Long Stay

When you get back, catch the bus to the car park from where it dropped you off and find your car where you left it. Follow the signs to the exit and as you approach the barrier your car registration plate will be recognised and the barrier will lift.
If your car registration is not recognised, hold your barcode located top right of this booking confirmation just below the reader. When your barcode has been successfully scanned, the scanner will beep to confirm and the barrier will rise allowing you to exit.

More information

Make sure you keep your keys and ticket with you as you'll need them when you get back.

Leeds Bradford Long Stay Address

Leeds Bradford International airport,

LS19 7TU

Longitude -1.64792
Latitude    53.86721

On arrival at airport easy to park and didn't have to wait too long for the bus to take us to terminal. On our return we had missed the bus by a couple of minutes and had to wait in the rain for the next one ..would have been good if there were more than one bus running to pick up but overall all ok and will use the service again.

Mrs Renteurs (Leeds Leeds Bradford Long Stay)

Easy to use service, booking on internet quick and easy. Directions easy to use to find parking, drive straight through on to car park because of registration recognition, and straight off when leaving, no hassle.

Mrs Pearson (Leeds Leeds Bradford Long Stay)

When we arrived at long stay car park at Leeds Bradford, we had to wait till they checked my booking before we could enter ,We had the same hassle on our return at 02.00 this morning we had to wait again for our details to be checked before we could leave the airport,this is not the first time this has happened.

Mr Jowers (Leeds Leeds Bradford Long Stay)

Excellent service
Number plate recognition helps
Some signs to show car park spaces availability would be nice but not sure if it's possible

Mrs Mccluskey (Leeds Leeds Bradford Long Stay)

yes all did work well parking on departure. my car details were recognised on the way in but I had to call the attendant when leaving.
I was made to feel it was my fault I was slightly late leaving, due to waiting at passport entry and for luggage,. I do believe I had payed for late departure""

Mr Battams (Leeds Leeds Bradford Long Stay)

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Overall rating: 90% by 14470 guests

* Prices quoted are for stays on the 29-07-2019, valid as of 29-05-2019