Cardiff Airport Meet and Greet

Short Stay car park, Cardiff airport, Rhoose, CF62 3BD

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Cardiff Airport parking doesn't get much easier or quicker than with the official Meet and Greet service. A fully insured and friendly driver will meet you at the designated Meet and Greet area to take your car off your hands. While they take your car to be parked, you can stroll to check-in - you'll be there in 2 minutes. When you return from your travels your car will be ready and waiting for you so you can get on the road home in no time. No transfers, no hassle!

Reasons to book C

  • Your car is parked for you.
  • Your car is parked in a secured car park on airport grounds.
  • It's a 2-minute walk from the terminal.

Arrival at C

Get into the right lane and continue towards the barrier, which will lift automatically. Continue into the car park and take the left lane where you will see signs for Meet & Greet. Approach the left or centre barrier where ANPR cameras will read your number plate to recognise your booking and lift the barrier automatically.

Turn left and drive into the Meet & Greet shelter where we will take digital images of your car, before driving through a final barrier. You will be met on arrival and directed to Priority Reception to check-in your vehicle and leave your keys.

Please ensure you secure your vehicle and take all belongings with you before your trip. The Airport terminal is located just a few metres away.

Getting to and from Cardiff airport

Arriving at the car park:

When you reach the car park the cameras will recognise your number plate and the barrier will rise.

Drive to the Meet & Greet shelter which will take digital images of your car, then pass through the final barrier. You’ll be met here and directed to the Priority Reception, where you check in your car and hand over your keys.

You can walk to the terminal from here in a matter of minutes.

Your car will be moved to a secured car park on airport ground, where it will stay while you’re away.

Returning to the car park:

After you land head back to the Priority Reception, where your keys and car will be waiting.

On your return to C

After you return, walk back to the Priority Reception in the Short Stay car park. Your keys and car will be waiting for you when your get here.

More information

- Please ensure you take all personal belongings with you before leaving your car. Make sure you park in the correct car park or you may face a fine.

- The car park service desk is located in the Meet and Greet car park at the Priority reception. If you need any help on the day make your way to the desk, or call 01446712604 to speak to a member of the team.

The staff at the meet and greet both on arrival and departure were excellent and very helpful and friendly. Great service.

Mr Mckinnon (Cardiff Cardiff Airport Meet and Greet)

Good experience - car park within yards of terminal building - quick and good service on arrival and return. On road home in minutes. Would use again.

Mr Daniel (Cardiff Cardiff Airport Meet and Greet)

We parked the car and used the meet and greet facility. It was the same price as the normal airport parking. It was very efficient and easy to use and would use again.

Mrs Kenyon (Cardiff Cardiff Airport Meet and Greet)

Meet and Greet is not as you think it is
The advertisement makes it sound as if you are only a few steps from the terminal building its more likemeters up a ramp across the road then into the building
The advert says your keys and car will be here when you return. It is , Keys in the portacabin and your car somewhere in the car park and you have to walk to find it with your cases (not good at 5am)
Then to get out you have to press an intercom button that they do not tell you about until you have reversed, gone back the portacabin to find out how to get out.
Was very disappointed with the service. Need to get a few things improved before I would use that service again.

Mr Warren (Cardiff Cardiff Airport Meet and Greet)

The Meet and Greet system is excelently run and one of the best services I've had parking my car at any airport

Mrs Morgans (Cardiff Cardiff Airport Meet and Greet)

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Overall rating: 92% by 92 guests

* Prices quoted are for stays on the 05-01-2019, valid as of 05-11-2018