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Delays Cleared at Gatwick Airport

A power failure at Gatwick Airport on Sunday morning caused delays for thousands of passengers and a back log of baggage to be cleared.

Power fault

Thousands of passengers were delayed at Gatwick on Sunday when an electrical failure meant that luggage could not be checked in. Police were on hand to stop travellers going into the South Terminal in the morning when a dip in power caused one of the main baggage belts to break.

The baggage belt system in the South Terminal is used by most airlines and broke down around 8 am. Easyjet cancelled 7 flights as a result of the power failure. While repairs had been carried out by Sunday afternoon, passengers experienced delays of up to 2 hours. Around 32,000 passengers were expected to travel through Gatwick's North and South Terminals on Sunday.

Business as usual

Gatwick Airport is now operating as normal with the baggage problems cleared. If you're flying from Gatwick Airport remember to take a look at our low prices on Gatwick Airport Parking and Gatwick Airport Hotels.

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