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Heathrow Airport Academy

The Heathrow Academy, formerly the Visitor Centre, officially opens later this year and will include a brand new exhibition about the airport.

The Academy will continue to be a useful education and leisure facility for local families at the weekend. A Coffee shop is already open on site and plans for a grandstand designed for aviation enthusiasts are due to be completed later in 2007.

The Academy building also serves airport staff as a training centre with conferencing facilities.

Later in the year the Heathrow Academy will include an exhibition celebrating some of the highlights of Heathrow past and present, not forgetting the future of Heathrow airport and aviation in general.

The first public event at the Heathrow Academy on took place on Tuesday 30th January. The free lecture by Alan Gallop, former airport journalist and Heathrow historian, was a great success - attended by over 70 local residents.

The talk detailed look at the history of Heathrow, from its origin as a tented village to the world’s busiest international airport.

Alan Gallop joined Heathrow news agency Brenard Press in 1966 and spent the next 12 years reporting events at Heathrow for various national news media. Alan is also a published writer - His books include Time Flies: Heathrow at 60 in celebration of Heathrow's 60th anniversary in 2006.

The programme of talks and lectures at the London Heathrow Academy include:

T5 and the environment - Tuesday 27 February 2007
Rebecca Auckland, Environment Team – T5, .

A380 at Heathrow - Tuesday 27 February 2007
Tim Hardy, Deputy Airside Operations Director, BAA,

Air Traffic Control and Airfield Operations - Tuesday 24 April 2007
Martyn Jeffrey, General Manager NATS Heathrow and Richard Smith, Infrastructure and Compliance Manager, BAA, .

Archaeology at Terminal 5 - Tuesday 29 May 2007
Ken Welsh, Framework Archaeology,

T5 – Making history - Tuesday 26 June 2007
Rob Stewart, Commercial Director, Terminal 5,

Talks at the Heathrow Academy start at 6 for 6.30pm .

Heathrow Academy, Newall Road, UB3 5AP.

If you are interested in attending

phone: 020 8745 5791 or email: Heathrowcommunityrelations@baa.com

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