Norwich Airport Departures

Here on this page is everything you ever wanted to know about flying from Norwich airport. You can check the status of any flight leaving Norwich airport today either in the table below, or by entering a flight number and date into the boxes on the right. (...)

Not only that, we’ve got maps showing how far along its flightpath your plane is, details about your airline and the plane you’ll be flying in, the weather forecast at your destination, and a list of recommended places to visit.

September 2019
September 2019
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33 flights departing Norwich Airport on 19/09/19.

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Flight Departure
9W8968 24/06/19 06:05
MK7835 24/06/19 14:10
G35545 24/06/19 06:05
BA4047 24/06/19 17:25
SU3425 24/06/19 14:10
SU3327 24/06/19 06:05
DL9558 24/06/19 09:20
KL1516 24/06/19 09:20
AF3199 24/06/19 17:20
LM615 24/06/19 10:00
LM301 24/06/19 06:50
TOM582 24/06/19 11:00
SU3423 24/06/19 09:20
BE4304 24/06/19 13:50
VS6938 24/06/19 06:05
VS6940 24/06/19 14:10
DL9560 24/06/19 06:05
BA4041 24/06/19 07:00
AF3193 24/06/19 06:05
KL1524 24/06/19 17:20
KL1522 24/06/19 17:20
KL1520 24/06/19 14:10
LM307 24/06/19 18:00
BE4317 24/06/19 17:20
KL1514 24/06/19 06:05
BE7622 24/06/19 08:40
BE7626 24/06/19 15:55
VS7086 24/06/19 17:20
BE7628 24/06/19 19:25
DL9076 24/06/19 14:10
DL9074 24/06/19 09:30
LM577 24/06/19 17:25
LM571 24/06/19 07:00
Baggage Allowance


The airport advises passengers to check in at least two hours before a scheduled flight and three hours before a charter flight (which is a bit tough if your flight’s before 7am, as the terminal doesn’t open till 5am) – but you should check with your airline and go by their recommendation.

Some airlines allow you to check in online, which will save you a bit of time in the terminal as you’ll just need to drop any hold baggage at the bag drop before heading to security. The airport’s instruction is that you’ll still need to be there 30 minutes before your plane leaves (45 minutes if you have hold luggage), but we’d advise getting there well before that.

Baggage allowance

Passengers flying from Norwich airport are only allowed one piece of hand luggage, unless they’re flying with KLM, bmi, Flybe or Eastern Airways in Economy Plus or Business Class. You should contact your airline, though, for full details of how much hand and hold luggage you’re allowed and the maximum size for hand luggage.

It’s advisable to pack liquids, pastes and gels in your hold luggage, as they can only be carried in hand luggage if they’re in containers of 100ml or less. They must be carried through security in a clear, resealable 20cm x 20cm plastic bag. Baby milk, baby food and liquid medicine you need for the trip are exceptions - you’ll need to bring documents to prove you need the medicine. Of course, you can buy drinks and toiletries in the departure lounge after security.

For more details, visit our Norwich airport baggage and security page.

Book Norwich airport parking and hotels

It might be a small airport, but we bet Norwich can seem big enough if you’re late because you couldn’t find a parking space or got stuck in traffic. Oh, and parking will be much more expensive if you don’t book. So visit our Norwich airport parking and Norwich airport hotels pages to sort out somewhere to stay the night before your flight – and somewhere to park while you’re on holiday.

Dropping off passengers

You can park for free in the Short Stay car park for ten minutes to drop passengers off – it’s just in front of the terminal. After your 10 minutes, though, you’ll pay £1 for 30 minutes or £3 for an hour.

Buy before you fly

Booking in advance can save you pounds