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Premium Parking Liverpool Airport is an excellent choice if you're looking for convenience at a competitive price. If you're someone who likes a speedy service, then this is the car park for you - it's directly opposite the check-in area at Liverpool airport. What's more, it takes roughly 30 seconds to walk from the car park to the terminal.

Book this Liverpool airport parking with for the ultimate in hassle-free travel.

Reasons to book Liverpool Premium Parking

  • The closest you can park to the terminal, just 30 seconds' walk away from departures.
  • There are only 220 spaces - and they're only open to passengers who've booked.
  • The car park has CCTV, barriers, a fence and 24-hour security patrols.
  • You park your own car and keep your keys.

Arrival at Liverpool Premium Parking

You should bring a copy of your booking confirmation to the car park with you.
The car park has automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). Give us your car registration number when you book and you'll save yourself time when you get there.
You'll need to wait at the entry barrier while the camera reads your number plate. Don't press the button for a ticket - the machine will give you one automatically once it recognises your number plate, and the barrier will lift. Then you can just drive in and park.
If the machine doesn't give you a ticket, press the intercom button so you can speak to a member of staff.

Getting to and from Liverpool airport

You won't believe how close to the terminal this car park is. Just pull up to the barrier and it will recognise your number plate and let you in. Collect the ticket you're supplied with, park, keep your keys and make the less than 1-minute walk to the terminal over the road.

While you're away, the car park will be patrolled by site staff and CCTV will be in use.

When you get back, just put the ticket in the barrier and you're on your way home.

On your return to Liverpool Premium Parking

You don't need to go to the pay machines in the terminal. Drive to the exit barrier and put your ticket into the slot - the barrier will lift automatically. If it doesn't, press the intercom button. Make sure you have a copy of your booking confirmation with you.

More information

If you are delayed in returning to your car, the car park may charge you for any additional parking not covered by this package at their own rates.

Liverpool Premium Parking Address

Liverpool Airport
L24 1YD

Longitude -2.85237
Latitude    53.33746

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