Recharge at the airport

Search for Holiday Extras airport hotels or airport parking and we'll show you all the places you - and your car - can recharge at the airport.

Holiday Extras has the best and most comprehensive information about where to charge your electric vehicle at every major UK airport. We maintain up-to-date information for all our airport hotel and car park charging partners, so if you search on our app, look on our site or call our UK call centre you'll be able to find the right spot to charge your car at the airport.

Helping you plan a more sustainable holiday

If you're planning to drive an electric vehicle to the airport and park it while you're away, you need to be sure it'll be charged when you get home.

That's why we've checked 200 hotels and 200 car parks to find you more than 75 locations where you can charge your electric vehicle at airports all over the UK.

Recharging for you - and your car - at every major UK airport

If you search on our app, look at our website or call our UK call centre you'll be able to find the right spot to charge your car at the airport. Just look for the green charging logo on the availability page, and click for more information about the sort of charging facilities available at every airport hotel and every airport car park that offers charging.

Green charging icons on the Holiday Extras website

Look for the green charging icon on the Holiday Extras app or website

Holiday Extras is committed to helping everyone travel more sustainably. From our Green on the Go sustainable travel podcast to the work we do wih the Travel Foundation to support and sponsor overseas sustainable travel initiatives, we want to make it as easy as possible to make sustainable travel choices.

We've identified more than 75 charging points at airports all over the UK

Our customers clearly agree - when we polled one thousand Holiday Extras customers last year, 41% of those who incorporate sustainability planning into their holiday decisions told us that the trip to and from the airport was the most important element of their holiday to make sustainable. That's why we've spent the summmer talking to our airport hotel and airport parking partners and making sure you can pick an option with electric vehicle charging when you book your holiday extras with us.

Book your holiday extras early

It pays to book your airport parking, airport hotel or your lounge as soon as you book your flights. Prices usually go up nearer the date you fly, so you can usually save money by visiting us as soon as you've booked your trip.

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If you're going on holiday for two weeks, 98% of the time Holiday Extras can find you a hotel and parking package that's cheaper than the cheapest airport parking on its own.

It's often cheaper to sleep and park at the airport than just to park

We're here to help.

Need some help booking all your holiday extras? Want to talk to someone about other options at the airport?

We want to help you travel hassle-free!

If your question is urgent, you can reach us on 0800 316 6130 or +44 1303 815423 when you're calling from abroad. Our contact centre is open from 8am to 9pm on weekdays and 8.30am to 8pm on weekends.

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