Southend Airport Departures

Oh, we do like to fly beside the seaside – especially when we’ve read this page and got all the information we need before flying from Southend airport. You can get live status updates on any flight leaving the airport today in the table below - or just enter a flight number and date into the fields on the right. (...)

As well as details about the airline and the aircraft you’ll be flying in, we can give you the weather forecast for your destination and a list of places to visit, and even show you on a map how far along its flight path the plane is.

March 2018
March 2018
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26 flights departing Southend Airport on 23/03/18.

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Flight Departure
AF6430 23/03/18 10:05
BE6170 23/03/18 10:35
BE6251 23/03/18 06:40
BE6257 23/03/18 18:30
BE6255 23/03/18 14:40
BE6162 23/03/18 07:30
BE6166 23/03/18 18:30
BE6034 23/03/18 14:30
BE6230 23/03/18 06:35
BE6238 23/03/18 18:35
BE6236 23/03/18 14:35
BE6180 23/03/18 13:25
BE6024 23/03/18 10:05
BE6026 23/03/18 18:10
EI8475 23/03/18 14:40
EI8477 23/03/18 18:30
EI8471 23/03/18 06:40
U27451 23/03/18 13:40
U27435 23/03/18 06:30
U27415 23/03/18 07:00
U27405 23/03/18 18:25
U27401 23/03/18 07:15
U27403 23/03/18 15:25
U27383 23/03/18 18:10
U27419 23/03/18 14:45
U27371 23/03/18 10:25
Baggage Allowance


Three airlines operate from Southend: easyJet, Aer Lingus Regional, and Thomson and First Choice. easyJet now only offers online check-in, so you won’t be able to check in at the airport. For the other two airlines, check-in at Southend opens two hours before the flight leaves and closes 45 minutes ahead of departure. The airport’s advice is to get there near the start of check-in.

Online check-in is also an option with Aer Lingus. If you’ve checked in online, all you need to do when you get to the airport is drop your hold luggage at the bag drop before heading to security.

If you’ve got an early flight, it’s worth knowing that the terminal is closed between midnight and 4am.

Baggage allowance

You should check with your airline what your hold and hand luggage allowances are.

Liquids, pastes and gels are only allowed in your hand luggage if they’re in containers of 100ml or less. If the container is bigger than this, they should go in your hold luggage. Liquids must be taken out of your hand luggage and put through security in a clear, resealable 20cm x 20cm plastic bag. Only one bag of liquids is allowed per passenger. Baby food and baby milk are exempt from the 100ml rule - you may be asked to taste them to prove their authenticity.

Book Southend airport parking

You’ll need parking for your car while you’re on holiday if you’re driving to the airport – so check out our Southend airport parking page for some great deals.

Dropping off passengers

You can drop passengers off in the Short-Stay car park, which is about a minute’s walk from the terminal. You get five minutes free – after that it’s £2.50 for 30 minutes and £4.50 for an hour. (Prices correct on August 26, 2013.)

Buy before you fly

Booking in advance can save you pounds