3 and 4-star Stansted hotels

Enjoy a comfortable stay
The Warmans Barn Stansted

You might only spend a few hours there before you check out to catch your flight, but we want your stay in one of our Stansted airport hotels to be special. We only have 3 and 4-star Stansted hotels, so whichever you choose, you're guaranteed a high level of comfort.

What's the difference?

We have our own system of classifying hotels. We do base our star ratings on the official ratings - but we also take into account how far the hotel is from Stansted airport and the transfer arrangements. Across all our airports, most of our airport hotels are 3 or 4-star.

3-star Stansted hotels

Our 3-star hotels at Stansted are the Cock Inn, the Warmans Barn House, the Holiday Inn Express and the Whitehall Hotel.

The Cock Inn is a family-run 18th-century coaching inn in the village of Sheering, 15 minutes from the airport. The hotel part was built in 2003. The 17th-century Warmans Barn House is another family-run affair - five clean, cosy rooms opposite the country pub run by its owners, less than six miles from the airport. The Holiday Inn Express is within the airport grounds and provides a free breakfast for all guests. All rooms have air-conditioning and a power shower. The Whitehall Hotel, meanwhile, is a restored Elizabethan manor house with an award-winning restaurant. It's in the village of Dunmow, five-and-a-half miles from the airport.

We also offer a 3-star Undercover Hotel. You get it at a heavily discounted rate, but we don't tell you which hotel it is until you've booked.

Stansted Radisson

4-star Stansted hotels

Our 4-star hotels at Stansted are the Hilton and the Radisson Blu.

Chill out in the pool, the gym, the sauna, the steam room or the jacuzzi at the Stansted Hilton, which is within the airport grounds. Your room will have a 32-inch LCD TV, luxury toiletries and internet access.

The Stansted Radisson Blu is the only hotel linked to Stansted airport terminal, just five minutes away via a covered walkway. The hotel is also home to the Angels Wine Tower Bar, which houses 4,000 bottles of wine in a towering glass case.