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Stansted Airport Parking

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The best choice of parking at Stansted Airport. Our cheapest deal is currently £45.99 for 8 days (£5.75 per day) - Our headline prices explained

Surprises can be delightful - but not when you're sorting out your Stansted airport parking. That's one area where last-minute spontaneity is no fun at all - just very expensive. If you don't book in advance, you could end up paying as much as £161 for a week's parking. Book your Stansted airport parking early through Holiday Extras for a significant discount on what you would otherwise pay on the day.

Stansted parking customers' rating: 88% (99,549 reviews).

Compare our cheapest Stansted parking deals:

Use the comparison table below to choose the best car park for you. If you're looking for a bargain, check out our cheapest Stansted parking deals are at the top of the list.

Car ParkPrice p/dPrice p/w
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Long Stay
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Mid Stay
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Meet and Greet
Short Stay
Map and DirectionsVideo
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews

*This is an example price for reservations between 20-03-2018 and 27-03-2018, valid as of 18-01-2018. The price per week is the total cost of this car parking for 8 days. The price per day refers to the same product and period, divided by 8.

HotelRoom only priceinc. 1 week parkingStars
De Salis
Map and DirectionsPhotosReviews
Days Inn
Map and Directions
Express by Holiday Inn with breakfast
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Map and Directions
Map and DirectionsVideo
Radisson Blu
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Premier Inn
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Hampton by Hilton
Map and DirectionsPhotosReviews
Mystery 3-star Hotel
Whitehall hotel
Map and DirectionsPhotosReviews

*This is an example price for a reservation on 25-03-2018, valid as of 18-01-2018.

Stansted parking charges from just £39.09 for 8 days

Stansted parking charges by service type
1 week Park & Ride £39.09 2 weeks Park & Ride £62.89
1 week Meet & Greet £46.75 2 weeks Meet & Greet £70.55
Hotel & 1 week parking £100.00 Hotel and 2 weeks parking £122.00
1 week Short Stay £77.99 1 week Mid Stay £49.99

Please note: The prices quoted above are the cheapest for each service and are offered by different providers. They are accurate at the time of writing but are always subject to change according to availability on the dates you require and seasonal price fluctuations throughout the year. Please enter your dates into the fields at the top of this page for availability and prices for your travel dates.

Holiday Extras were very good and efficient, however the stay at the Stansted Airport we were told to go to the Orange Car Park, upon arrival we found that this car park was FULL; where as the RED car park was virtually empty, we had to drive (With other cars looking) around for the best part of 30 - 40 minutes stalking people as they coming on foot. It would be helpful if future if we were allowed to choose either RED or Orange. this is the only constructive criticism.

Mr Jackson, 15 Jan, 2018 (4 out of 5)

Stansted airport short stay Blue. No shuttle to terminal. Heavy luggage and inclement weather will make it very unpopular

Mr Olaye, 15 Jan, 2018 (5 out of 5)

Great experience with meet and greet parking at Stansted. It really took one element of stress out of the travelling experience. And it was great to walk out of the terminal and be in my car within 5 minutes!

Mr Wade, 16 Jan, 2018 (5 out of 5)

Very smooth entrance to mid stay car park at Stansted Airport. The

Mrs Parmenter, 16 Jan, 2018 (5 out of 5)

Everything was very good at booked mid-stay car park at Stansted, recognised car, drove straight in and parked, waited a very little time for bus and into airport. All as described.

Mrs Parmenter, 17 Jan, 2018 (5 out of 5)

Our Stansted airport parking is rated 88% by 99549 guests

Value and choice at Stansted offers several cheap Stansted airport parking packages, including great-value Stansted airport Valet parking. The Stansted on-airport car parking (parking within the airport grounds) is the only Stansted car parking to have been approved by Essex Police. And apart from the airport itself, we're the only company which sells them. All of the car parking at Stansted we sell has been awarded the Park Mark, a national security award accredited by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

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Plan your route and see where our car parks are located in relation to the airport with our Stansted airport parking map and directions. Check out the facilities at Stansted airport so you can think about how to spend your time when waiting for your flight.

Compare parking at Stansted airport

  • Want to keep your Stansted airport parking cheap? Book with Jetparks, an on-airport car park just 15 minutes from the terminal. Prices start from £5.37 per day.
  • Want to be close to the terminal? Stansted Mid Stay is the closest long term car park to the terminal, which is just a five-minute transfer away. Prices start from £6.25 per day.
  • Want the ultimate in convenience? With Stansted Official Meet and Greet Parking, your car will be collected from the terminal when you leave, parked for you in a secured on-airport car park, and brought to the short stay car park right next to the terminal when you return from holiday. Prices start from £7.50 per day.

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The gate price at Stansted airport is very expensive, sometimes as much as £9 per day. Never just turn up - always book if you want to save money. The earlier you book the cheaper it is and look out for our special low-cost packages - they can't be amended, cancelled or refunded, but because of this they work out cheaper than our flexible products. Don't forget, if you add our cancellation waiver on when you book, you can cancel for FREE as long as you give us at least 24 hours' notice.*

*Unless your booking is one of our non-cancellable, non-amendable and non-refundable packages.

Choose your Stansted airport car parking package

Stansted on-airport parking
Booking your Stansted airport parking at the Long Stay or Mid Stay means fully secured parking within the airport grounds. Stansted Airport Mid Stay is the closest to the terminal. With both the Stansted mid and long stay car parks, transfers are included in the price and run 24 hours a day. Both car parks are manned 24 hours a day and are protected by CCTV, a fence, an entry barrier and lighting at night.

Stansted Meet and Greet parking
Drive straight to the terminal with a Stansted Meet and Greet parking service. You don't even need transfers when you book Stansted Official Meet and Greet Parking. Meet the driver at the terminal and they will park your car in a secured on-airport car park while you are away. When you return, you can collect your car from the Short Stay car park. It will be protected by CCTV, a security barrier, lighting at night and 24-hour security patrols.

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For more answers to your questions and information that is related to Stansted airport, please see our Stansted airport parking FAQs. To see all our information pages together, take a look at our Stansted parking sitemap. This page lists the car parks pages, customer reviews, map and directions pages in one place.

Upgrades to your Stansted car parking

Stansted Holiday Inn Express with Parking

There are several different Stansted airport parking upgrades that we can offer you; the best upgrade we can offer has to be the option of combining your parking with a hotel stay. Stansted airport hotels with parking can transform your pre-holiday experience from a traffic-logged, stress-inducing time trial to a wonderfully relaxing, smooth ride into the beginning of your vacation. We strongly recommend you take a peek at our price quotes because they compare very well with the price you would pay just for parking.

If you have booked one of our Stansted airport park and ride services, but fancy that little bit extra, then why not upgrade to one of our Meet and Greet parking options that we have available. We currently offer one such service which means you can drive directly to the terminal, meet with the chauffeur driver who will take your car to the nearby secured car park while you check in. Then, when you return, your car will be brought back to the terminal ready for you to collect and drive home.

Stansted airport lounges offer another brilliant option which you can tag onto your booking once you've chosen your parking service. A lounge offers you a very welcome retreat where you can enjoy complimentary drinks and magazines or relax in front of the TV while you wait to board your flight.

We have collected all our customer reviews of Stansted airport parking so you can have a browse through them and feel confident about the service you are booking. We quality check all the car parking services to make sure we're happy selling them to you, but you needn't just take our assurances; have a read what everybody else thought.