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Should you Ditch Checked in Luggage?

Why should you consider ditching the checked in luggage bag when traveling?

Traveling with checked in luggage can be quite a stressful affair, since there are so many processes you need to go through before you are approved to enter the plane. To save yourself all this hassle and enjoy a smooth flight, it can be said that the best choice is to try fitting everything you need into a carry on bag. This can save you heaps of time and is especially easy to do when you're going away on short business trips.

Consider traveling with a carry-on next time you are traveling to another city.

  • Saves you money - As time goes by, airline tickets are really increasing in price due to the extra charges that are applied to the passengers. These charges include the pay for the checked in luggage and note that they are charged depending on the number of luggage that you are flying with. Also, the checked in luggage charges vary depending on the airline of the plane that you use.
  • This shows that you will be required to spend more money in paying for your luggage in some airlines as compared to others especially if you are traveling with family. On the other hand, with carry-on luggage, you don't have to worry about getting any of these charges as it is free of charge. Therefore, you end up saving some bucks that you can use for some shopping in the place that you are visiting.

  • Quick access to your necessities - This is another essential factor that makes the carry-on luggage to beat the checked in bags. Some gadgets like the telephones and other small items like passports have to be packed in the bag that you are traveling with to avoid losing them on the wa.Getting these items from the large luggage can be a real hustle since you may be required to remove some items from the bag. But when it comes to the carry on bags, the process is quite easy since you will be having your bag all the time thus making it easy and quick to access the items.
  • No losing your luggage - The Loose of luggage is a common problem that occurs on a daily basis especially if you are carrying more than two checked in luggage. Considering that thousands of people are traveling in the same plane, there are usually a lot of confusion in checking in and out of the luggage to the airplanes and thus missing to board some luggage can be quite easy. To save yourself from all these inconveniences, consider traveling with a carry-on luggage since you are able to monitor your luggage all through thus you can quickly notice if it is missing. Thus ensuring that you carry all your belongings to wherever you are going to.
  • Saves time - Aside from wasting your time making those long queues to have your luggage checked, you will also need to spend more time waiting for your luggage before boarding or after boarding off the plane. With a carry-on bag, you will not have to go through all these processes since you move with your luggage at every process. Also, once you board off the plane, you will not need a moving cart as you can easily carry your luggage at once.
  • Allows flexibility - It is quite easy to move around with a carry- on a bag as compared to a large luggage bag since it is light in weight plus you can manage to move it. Also, in case there is a bad weather condition like the rains, you can be able to secure yourself together with your luggage when using a carry -on bag as compared to when you are pulling a large luggage.

Tips for choosing the best carry-on luggage bag

  • The size - The size of the bag will be determined by the items that you will be carrying. Therefore, if you need a bag that will carry your clothes, toiletries, gadgets and other personal items, make sure that it is large enough. Also, ensure that it has different storage spaces for keeping your goods.
  • Comfort - You will be moving around carrying the bag at the airport and when you alight in the place that you will be traveling to. To make your movements be comfortable, ensure to choose the bag that has comfortable and extra padded straps such that your shoulders will not feel uncomfortable when carrying the bag. The other feature that you can consider is the waist strap. This is important since it lessens the weight on your shoulders.
  • The material - Aside from focusing on choosing a bag that is comfortable to carry around, you also need a bag that is durable and will protect your belongings. So, select a bag that is made of waterproof material such that even when it rains while you are on the move, the items in the bag will not get damaged by the waters.

Concluding thoughts...

Save your money and time while traveling by using a carry-on bag instead of checked in bags. It is convenient and your movements will also be easy and comfortable. Use the above tips to help you choose the best bag to buy for your trip.

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