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How to pack for a cruise holiday

As any seasoned cruiser will tell you, packing for a cruise holiday is a little different than packing for a regular holiday. For one, thing you have much less space in a cruise cabin than in a normal hotel room or bnb, so packing lightly and effectively is the key. Here are a few tips to help you save space and enjoy your trip to the full.

Normally on a cruise, you'll be allowed one suitcase and a carry on bag. In the carry-on bag, bring everything you think you'll need for the first day aboard the ship. This is because on the larger cruises where there are several thousand passengers, it can take a while to receive your suitcase - some cruisers reporting having to wait up to 6 hours! This can be quite inconvenient if you want to go swimming in the ship's pools but packed your swimsuit in the suitcase rather than the carry-on. Another important thing to include in your carry on is any medication that you need to take regularly.

Packing list must-haves:

Bring an extra power outlet or power strip - very often in your cabin, there'll only be one power outlet, and if any. Bringing a power strip with several extra outlets will make life so much easier - meaning you won't need to unplug the TV every time you want to dry your hair or charge your phone.

Day bag - cruise ships can be the size of small towns, and you don't want to be making several trips to and from your cabin during the day. A day bag is great for storing everything you'll need to the day in one convenient place.

Sunscreen - although this is available on the ship, it's usually three times the price. When you're up on deck basking by the pool, the sun can get very strong out at sea, especially in areas close to the equator, so having proper sunscreen is an absolute must. To save being at the mercy of such eye-wateringly high prices, get yourself a couple bottles beforehand at your local pharmaceuticals.

Bathroom spray - an absolute essential for all cruise holidays! Cruise quarters are generally more cramped than hotel accommodation and after using the bathroom, you may notice that the smell travels. You'll be thankful that you brought along something to eliminate the bad odours.

Clips - it's usually always windy up on deck, and if you're relaxing by the pool, you don't want your towel or jacket blowing away. Some kind of peg or clip can be handy in these situations, as you can just clip your towel to you chair.

Travel size laundry bags - these are useful if you're cruising for a longer period, as the laundry bags provided in the room may not be big enough. Chucking all your unwashed clothes into one place and stowing it away in the cupboard, does much to save space and eliminate a potential cause for stress.

Over the door shoe rack - cabin space is tight, so an over the door shoe rack is will save a lot of room, keep things less cluttered in your cabin, and prevent you feeling stressed while you are in your cabin.

Another important element to ensuring you enjoy your cruise holiday with peace of mind is by having appropriate travel insurance. There are many options out there, but it's important to have travel insurance that is suited to your needs. Check out our cruise travel insurance page for more information on how you can best ensure your cruise trip.

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