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It goes without saying that these days, our reliance on our mobile phones is catastrophic. If we're not using them for work, we're on them in our free time to catch up with our friends and family. We go on holiday to relax, but the want to check your social media channels can be all too much sometimes! Often some places abroad make accessing the internet difficult and cruises are no exception; they can be notoriously difficult to use your phone on, which is why we have compiled some information to help you with knowing what to expect when on a cruise.

When preparing for your trip, you must ensure that you've taken out the appropriate documents, such as cruise travel insurance, to ensure that your holiday runs as smooth as possible.

Will I get phone signal on a cruise?

Phone signal is intermittent on a cruise. When you do receive signal, this will be from an at-sea provider operated by the company you're sailing with. Your phone service will charge you roaming charges for using this signal, but these exact rates will be different depending on your carrier. When you are in port your mobile will operate from the carrier of the country that you are visiting, so you may not be able to access this dependant on your mobile plan. If you want to rely on roaming charges for this, the cost will vary from country to country and will depend on your home carrier.

Is there Wi-Fi on a cruise?

Many cruise ships have their own internet service, but the charges for these tend to be extremely high, with the average being 75p a minute. Wi-Fi on cruises is also known for being slow. However, you may be able to get internet data from your mobile carrier depending on certain plans instead.

When travelling by cruise, getting contact with the outside world can be difficult through Wi-Fi or phone signal. However, this could even be to your advantage, allowing you to sit back and relax without the interruptions of work or day-to-day life.

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