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What to pack for a Cruise

With the changing destinations and uncertain weather conditions on the ocean, knowing what to pack for a cruise can be difficult. You will need to consider not only the time of year you'll be away for, but what destinations you'll be visiting.

What adaptors should I bring?

All cruise lines have different socket types. Some cruise lines, supply a selection of European, US and UK plug sockets for you to use, so you don't have to fork out for additional adaptors for your electrical items. However, many cruises will only have the choice out of one or two different types of sockets. This will most often be the socket-type that is available in the cruise line's home country. For instance, Royal Caribbean use US sockets and P&O uses British plug sockets.

What clothing should I pack?

One essential not to forget is your swimming attire, as most cruises will have extensive pool-side and water-based activities to enjoy. Another good tip is to pack loose and comfortable clothing for your days spent lounging around the ship and by the pool, as well as comfortable shoes for wandering around the decks without the risk of slipping on the unstable surfaces.

The rest of your clothing depends on the time of year and your destination. It goes without saying to pack loose, light clothing for hot countries, and good footwear if you're going to be visiting busy cities. For cruises to colder countries, you should pack coats and jeans to ensure that you stay warm when you're exploring the ports. It's always advisable to pack a light rain coat in case of rain.

If you do find yourself in adverse weather conditions, it will be worth your while to have a cruise travel insurance on your packing list too, so that you're protected should anything happen while you're at sea e.g. port cancellations due to bad weather.

Will towels and other essentials be provided?

For the majority of cruises, packing towels is not necessary as they'll be provided in your cabin, along with other essentials such as hairdryers and prams. Although it is worth mentioning that this may be at an extra cost and you should always check the facilities of your cruise ship before travelling.

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