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Family and Friends railcards allow children to get 60% off their fares, and any other adults to get a third off their fares. This railcard can be used for any combination of guests and so this is a great investment for families that travel often with large groups.

How much does a Friends and Family Railcard cost?

The card costs £30 pounds, which is good value when you could save that much on one trip alone. The average family saves themselves £137 annually by using this card. When planning your trip, you should also factor in the cost for interrail and family travel insurance should you need it, which will keep you protected if you need medical treatment or your documents are lost or stolen.

How do I get a Friends and Family Railcard?

You can get a Friends and Family Railcard from every manned National Rail station and are then able to use this card instantly for your trip. You can also get a Friends and Family railcard online as long as you can supply your card details, your address and your e-mail address. You can also buy these by phone; if you want a digital railcard, you'll have to send your photos by email.

How long does it take to get a family railcard?

If you buy a card at a manned station, you'll be able to use this on the day. However, if you buy a railcard online, you should wait 5 days for it to arrive by first class post unless you choose express delivery.

Using a Family and Friends railcard is a great decision if you travel or go on holiday often with large groups of people, or if you have a large family, as it provides catered discounts for whenever and wherever you travel.

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