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Children up to 18 travel free with an adult policy holder, meaning your family travel insurance policy can cost as little as £27.90*

Planning family get-away this holiday season? We're sure you'd agree that getting everyone insured isn't the easiest thing to do. At holiday extras we offer a range of affordable travel insurance policies providing comprehensive cover for all the family.

What am I covered for?

  • Competitive and reliable holiday insurance you can trust
  • Voted best travel insurance provider for 10 years running, with Globe Travel Awards
  • Under 18's receive free insurance cover with each paying adult
  • Tailored policies for customers with pre-existing medical conditions
  • Up to £10 million in medical cover and up to £5000 in cancellation cover
  • Up to £2 million for personal public liability
  • £2,000 baggage cover

Medical emergencies - in the event of an unexpected medical emergency, you can be sure that our travel insurance has you covered. Should you need to make use of an ambulance, hospital stays or other treatments and medication, then you won't need to foot the bill on your own.

Personal public liability - This means that should you or anyone else in your family accidentally cause damage to other persons or public property, then you are personally covered against financial loss.

Baggage cover - Keeping track of everyone's bags can be a real challenge when travelling as a family, and it's all too easy to misplace or lose someone's bag. Thankfully, with this part of your policy, your baggage and it's contents are insured against loss and theft.

End supplier failure - this means that should the firm you made a booking with suddenly fail, you won't take the hit financially for the lost booking.

Cancellation cover - with this section of your policy, you are protected against any financial loss should any of your travel bookings and reservations be cancelled by the company.

Who is insured?

With a single trip family travel insurance policy, you can insure two adults and up to four children aged 17 years or below (this age is increased to 25 if they are still in full time educations). Everyone needs to be living at the same address (apart from children between 18-25 years studying at uni).

How long am I covered for?

With our standard single trip family travel insurance policies, you can enjoy cover for a full 365 days from your policy start date! This is perfect for all you intrepid adventurous families, looking to try out a new lifestyle abroad. As it is a single trip policy, this will mean that as soon as you return home, even before the 365 day period ends, your policy will finish. For more information on extended and long-term travel, check out our nomad and backpackers pages.

*Price based on 2 adults (aged 18 and up) and 2 under 18s with no pre-existing medical conditions, travelling to Europe excl. Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey and Greece from 31/07/18 until 07/08/18. Price correct as of July 2018.

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