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Book online or call our Kent-based team on 0800 3160 308 quoting WY922 to find the best insurance policy for your condition.

Finding a great value holiday insurance policy can be hard at the best of times and with a pre-existing condition - even more so. That's why Holiday Extras has designated insurance experts - formerly known as our Latitude team - to help you with your policy. They know what they're doing when it comes to finding an affordable travel insurance policy with medical conditions, and they won't compromise your level of cover in exchange for a lower premium.

Instead, our team work hard to provide fully comprehensive cover on a single trip and an annual multi-trip basis. There's an option for everyone - whether you like to take one holiday a year or you're a more frequent traveller:

  • Single trip: offers cover for one trip of up to 45 days.
  • Annual multi-trip: provides protection for an unlimited amount of trips across 12 months, given that each trip does not exceed 31 days.

The perks provided by our medical policies

Booking your policy

We don't underestimate the importance of providing the right coverage to every customer. To understand the severity of your condition, there will be a short and simple medical screening to be completed either online or via our call centre team. It is not extensive, we won’t ask you for specific details regarding any medication or surgery, just how many or how often.

Once your medical screening has run smoothly and you're happy with the price prepped for your policy, there’s only one last thing to do; make your payment! It's a quick and easy process and can be completed online or via the call team. Then you should receive a ping straight to your inbox with your policy ready to be printed. You can also have the postman deliver your policy via special delivery but you’ll have to arrange this on the phone so be sure to call our UK-based team.