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Lost baggage travel insurance

Lost luggage is a problem no traveller wants to face on their holiday. Unfortunately, baggage loss at airport terminals is a real issue. Taking out a reliable travel insurance policy with lost baggage insurance could save you a lot of trouble, should you find that your baggage has been lost by the airline.

Delayed baggage compensation

Under the 'Montreal Convention' you have the right to demand delayed baggage compensation or lost baggage compensation from airlines. While claiming directly from the airline is always worth trying, it can often be tricky and you're not guaranteed to be adequately compensated. Typical compensation from airlines would include, payment for the bare essentials and part of the cost for replacing or repairing lost luggage.

With Holiday Extras personal luggage cover, you are insured up to £2,000 and up to £300 on individual items if your luggage is lost, stolen or delayed.

As part of our delayed possessions cover, if your carrier has failed to resolve the problem, we will help to trace and re-deliver your lost luggage.

Claiming lost baggage insurance

When making a claim for lost baggage, either from the airline or with Holiday Extras, there are a few steps you should take.

  • Report the incident - As soon as you realise that something is wrong with your baggage, report the problem to the airline. If you intend to claim directly from the airline, you'll stand a better chance of getting compensation if you act quickly. If you aren't able to make the report at the airport, then contact the airline through their website.

  • Property Irregularity report - You will need to fill one of these out, whether you decide to claim from the airline or with Holiday Extras. Property irregularity reports can be obtained at the airport from customer services in the baggage claims hall. It's always a good idea to keep a copy of your PIR as this can really help with your claim.

Important Documents

Make sure that you keep all of these and have them to hand. Some of these things you will not need if you are claiming with us, but it's a good idea to keep everything anyway:

  • Boarding Pass - This acts as proof to the airline that you are a legitimate customer.

  • Luggage labels - Having this will make it easier for either us or the airline to trace the location of your lost luggage.

  • Property Irregularity report - This acts as proof that you report the incident to the airline.

  • Proof of purchase - You will need to provide some evidence of your ownership of the lost items. Typically this might be a receipt or credit card statement.

  • Photos of damaged luggage - If your luggage was damaged, then you should provide some photographic evidence of this.

  • Cost estimates - It's helpful to provide a rough estimate for any repairs you're claiming for.

Making your claim

When you make your claim, either with us, or with the airline, you'll need a few details to hand:

  • Details for your flight (e.g dates, flight number, departure and destination).

  • Description of what happened to your luggage.

  • How much money you are asking for.

  • A detailed description of everything that's damaged or lost.

  • A list of everything you had to buy because of the delay.

  • Copies of all the documents previously mentioned.

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