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Travel insurance your autistic child

Travel is a great way to bond with your family. However, if you have an autistic child, you may need to slightly alter your usual travel plans. You may need to book seats way in advance, select your hotel more carefully and have an emergency bag on hand if anything were to go wrong.

If you’re thinking of going on holiday but do not know what steps to take for your autistic child, consider the following tips.

Do I need to declare autism on travel insurance?

Autism is a pre-existing medical condition and must be disclosed when getting a quote for travel insurance with medical conditions. Although this will increase the fee, it will also increase your coverage amount and ensure that if you need to claim compensation, you won’t be denied due to your child’s pre-existing condition. You can make this claim on your travel insurance when filling out other children’s travel insurance or family insurance documents.

Travelling with a child with autism

Having the right travel insurance is the first step, but to prepare for your trip together, follow the steps below:

  • Read online travel information, from official sites to blogs
  • Inform airports and airlines in advance, as some can offer services that can help
  • Find companies and hot spots at your destination that offer autism support
  • Have an emergency bag and medical information on hand when you go
  • Have activity kits on hand
  • Understand your child’s individual needs and prepare for them

You won't always get it right, but what’s important is that you try, stay creative, and reflect on the trip and how you can prepare better in the future. Every experience will be different.

Tips for flying with an autistic child

If you call the airport or airline ahead of time, you can inform them of your son or daughter’s specific needs. Some airports offer mock runs that can be done to help prepare your child on how to get through security and boarding. Also, inform any hotels and book taxis in advance. By doing so, you are limiting any standing time and make the whole experience more seamless.

The National Autistic Society offers a guide on the key preparation needed when travelling with a child who is autistic. Be sure to read their tips before booking a holiday abroad.

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