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Planning for school trips as a teacher or parent can mean a lot of preparation. With all the planning that needs to happen, its all too easy to forget to check whether the children are properly insured for the trip.

Here's how our top quality travel insurance policies for school trips can help safeguard your peace of mind.

Children Travelling Alone

  • Single Trip only
  • Up to £2 million medical cover
  • Up to £500 cancellation cover
  • Up to £2,000 personal possessions
  • 24/7 emergency UK helpline


Medical cover - This insures that should children require medical attention during the trip, you won't need to foot the medical bill yourself. In the vast majority of cases, you won't ever need to use this part of your travel insurance policy, but it's good to know that children are covered up to £2 million should they require medical attention.

Cancellation cover - This section of your cover is especially useful if the planned school trip is a longer, residential trip, which tend to be more expensive. In case the trip needs to be cut short or cancelled, you can be sure to get any money back that you might have otherwise lost.

Personal possessions cover - Children are often prone to misplacing and losing things, and this eventuality is increased when they are on a school trip, often with heightened levels of excitement at the new surroundings. This part of your cover insures that should they lose anything of value, you'll be reimbursed for the cost of a replacement.

Single trip or annual trip?

In most cases, a pre-existing medical conditions, as these need to be declaring before booking a policy. If there are any children with particularly complex medical conditions who will be travelling under your care, it may be best to have the parents book a separate medical travel insurance policy tailored specifically to the needs of their child.

Why do I need school trip travel insurance?

It's important to note that insurance provided by most schools will usually only provide for general liability. This means that if a child is injured on the trip and need medical attention, they won't be covered for things like casts and splints, ambulances and hospital stays. In addition, they won't be covered for the loss of any medication they might need to take or if they lose their glasses - which can end up being quite and expense.

*Prices based on 1 person aged 17 with no pre-existing medical conditions, travelling Europe excl. Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey and Greece from 30/01/19 until 06/02/19, with Basic cover. Price correct as of January 2019.