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Whether you're touring Paris or challenging the Yungas road, getting cycling holiday travel insurance should be a priority with prices starting at *

Why book travel insurance for your cycling holiday with us?

Rather than spending an age hunting for a specialist cycle insurance policy, book your cycling holiday insurance with Holiday Extras and save time and money. All you need to do is book once, and you'll have a policy that covers you for cycling and all the other essentials.

Under our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum policies, you are automatically covered for cycling (up to 1,000m).

Travel insurance for extreme mountain biking

If you're planning on something more extreme, like tackling the hairpin bends of the Maritime Alps, then you'll need a more specialised insurance policy. For these types of high risk, extreme sporting activities, you will need to arrange for an additional premium to your policy. Either book online or give our friendly, UK-based call centre a ring and our team will be happy to arrange the additional cover you need.

Booking travel insurance for a cycling holiday with Holiday Extras couldn't be easier!

  • Select 'Get a Quote' on the homepage and enter your destination into the 'country you're travelling to' box.
  • Fill in the traveller details
  • Choose from either our Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum cover options along with any add-ons you may want.
  • You're good to go!

Family cycling holiday insurance

It may be that you're taking the whole family on a cycling holiday, in which case you will want to have everyone insured. Take a look at our family travel insurance page for more information on getting cover for everyone.

Bicycle cover

With our Gold and Platinum level policies you can claim up to £1,000 if your bicycle is lost, stolen or damaged. When making a claim, bear in mind that the amount you can claim will depend on the real-time value of your bike at the time it was lost or stolen — not when you bought it 15 years ago!

Here's what you'll need before making a claim:

  • Proof of ownership - We will need to verify your ownership before we can help, so make sure you have such evidence to hand. Suitable evidence would typically be a receipt detailing your purchase of the bike.
  • Police report - Make sure you obtain a police report within 24 hours of the incident.

Breakdown cover

With our extra activities sports policy you're covered for search and rescue, should you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Holiday Extras' top tips for cycling

  • Always wear protective head gear and clothing when cycling. Riding without a helmet will invalidate your claim.
  • Always securely lock your bike when you're not using it and don't leave it unattended for long periods of time.
  • Don't put yourself at unnecessary risk.
  • Pay attention to local advice when riding in rural areas.
  • Failing to follow any one of these basic steps could potentially invalidate your claim.

Cycling insurance with medical conditions

Having medical conditions shouldn't stop you from enjoying your cycling holiday. At Holiday Extras we provide travel insurance policies tailored to meet your needs. We will consider all pre-existing medical conditions and proudly offer cover for the majority of conditions. For more information on obtaining travel insurance with medical conditions, visit the travel insurance with medical conditions page.

Cycling holiday packing list

Aside from your usual travel essentials like passports, and EHIC cards, there are a few other items that you simply can't afford to forget on a cycling holiday.

Head gear - Cycling without a helmet will invalidate any claims you may make, so some sturdy protection for your head is a priority. Mountain bikers will want a full face or trail helmet. For road cycling, a quality, standard helmet should suffice.

Eye ware - In the blinding sun, with dust and gnats swirling, it can be a job to see where you're going. A sturdy pair of sunglasses could be the difference between avoiding a collision and careering headlong into a crash. Depending on how much you're willing to spend, glasses with interchangeable lenses can be a good idea. These allow you to adjust the lens type according to light levels, ensuring that you can see clearly no matter the weather.

Bike lock - Investing in a quality lock is a must. If your bike is left unattended without a lock, then this could invalidate your claim. Coiled and cable locks are the best choice for cycling holidays, as they are light-weight, easily stored and can secure multiple bikes at the same time.

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