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If you're planning a spot of golf on your holiday then there's no need to worry, you're covered for any medical mishaps or accidents while playing as standard across all of our policies

I'm protected at the club, but what about my clubs?

Any keen golfer knows the cost of a good set of clubs. Should any of your equipment become lost, damaged or stolen; thankfully our Gold and Platinum cover also protects your golfing equipment, whether it's rented or your personal set; our holiday insurance policy will make sure your favourite putter is fully protected.

Our golf cover is flexible to suit both of our policies. Whether you're going away for a single trip or you're a seasonal traveller with an annual travel policy, you will be entitled to full cover for hired equipment and your own on our Gold and Platinum policies.

What am I covered for?

  • Personal Equipment - up to £1,000
  • Hired Equipment - £25 per day up to £100
  • How do I add golf cover to my holiday insurance policy?

    There's no need! You're automatically covered for the medical side of things regardless of your cover level and the equipment cover is included if you choose Gold or Platinum cover.

    Looking for a different type of cover?

    We have a range of additional covers to apply to your policy like the winter sports cover - perfect for a holiday spent hitting the slopes including ski equipment hire and avalanche cover. For more information about our additional sports cover then be sure to visit our sports cover page.

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