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As one of our quainter Gatwick airport hotels, this is a small, guest house style hotel with a friendly atmosphere and welcoming hosts. Located just minutes from the airport, the Gatwick White House Hotel is a charming hotel and a nice change from some of the larger, more commercial accommodation. Enjoy a quiet night's sleep at the Gatwick White House Hotel before your flight in the morning.

White House with parking at the hotel

On the day of your stay:

1. Drive to the White House - your confirmation will include driving directions and a postcode for satnavs.

2. Park in the hotel car park and head inside to check in. Make sure you book your transfer for the next day while you're checking-in.

3. You'll may need to leave your keys in case your car needs to be moved within the hotel's car park during busy periods.

Getting from the hotel to the airport:

The hotel's shuttle bus runs to the airport every 30 minutes - it's 6 minutes to the north terminal and 4 minutes to the south.

It costs £8 per journey per room.

Coming home:

Collect your luggage and make your way to the ground floor level.

Call the hotel for free on the freephone by the bus stop to let them know you're ready to be picked up. The bus will arrive within 15 minutes.

The journey will cost £8 and you'll find the number on your email confirmation.

Collect your car - and keys if you need to - and drive home.

Our customers rated White House on average 7/10 (19 reviews).