Getting around with your windsurfing gear

By Jonathan Clarke

Transporting your windsurfing gearIt may not be easy, but you will find suitable means available to assist your passage through the airport.

You can transport your windsurfing equipment around the airport using the luggage trolleys provided. You may find that your windsurfing board and sail don't quite fit on one trolley so you may need to get two and push them side by side with your gear laid across. At many airports they're released by a coin deposit system.

"You may also want to consider booking a Meet and Greet service for your airport parking."

You may also want to consider booking a Meet and Greet for windsurfers service for your airport parking. This means you can drive direct to the terminal and won't need to carry your windsurf boards and sails on the bus from the car park. It certainly saves a lot of hassle and we recommend it to any of our customers with bulky luggage.

Remember to book your airport parking, airport hotel and airport lounge with

Top tip
Make sure you build up your fitness before you go on a windsurfing holiday.

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