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Lanzarote Departures

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33 flights leaving on 30/05/16
Flight Departure Terminal
BY6748 29/05/16 06:00
U28681 29/05/16 06:00 North
FR7124 29/05/16 06:10 1
ZB452 29/05/16 06:10
ZB542 29/05/16 06:15
FR3511 29/05/16 06:30
U27157 29/05/16 06:30
FR2131 29/05/16 06:40 3
FR3172 29/05/16 06:55
BY5724 29/05/16 07:00
EI776 29/05/16 07:00 2
MT6392 29/05/16 07:00
FR8288 29/05/16 07:15
ZB232 29/05/16 07:25 South
BY6706 29/05/16 07:30
LS891 29/05/16 10:00 1
BA2732 29/05/16 13:40 North
IB7574 29/05/16 13:40 North
FR3811 29/05/16 14:05
LS217 29/05/16 14:35
MT5346 29/05/16 14:50
EI778 29/05/16 15:00 2
LS167 29/05/16 15:15 2
LS631 29/05/16 15:25
LS545 29/05/16 15:30
MT1232 29/05/16 15:30 South
BY7762 29/05/16 15:35
LS705 29/05/16 16:00
BY3772 29/05/16 16:05
MT7328 29/05/16 16:05
MT7438 29/05/16 16:30
MT2318 29/05/16 16:45 1
BY2754 29/05/16 16:55 2

Like the rest of the Canaries, Lanzarote is a volcanic island, and eruptions long past have helped give it a landscape which is almost lunar in parts. In contrast, it is home to some beautiful white and golden-sanded beaches, which offer excellent conditions for watersports.

The perfect island holiday

Lanzarote’s perfect if you want a relaxed holiday spent cycling, walking, surfing or sampling the local wines. Thanks to the influence of artist and architect César Manrique, the landscape is relatively unspoiled - planning regulations mean there’s no billboard advertising and very few high-rise buildings.

Top 5 Lanzarote points of interest

  1. Cave of Los Verdes - This impressive sight is part of the Atlantida underground cave system which was formed 3,000 years ago during the eruptions of the Corona Volcano. The cave is more than 15 metres wide and 15 metres high, and the lowest part is used occasionally as a concert hall
  2. Castillo de San Jose - Built in 1799, the castle now houses a modern art gallery and a restaurant
  3. Lanzarote Aquarium - Home to hundreds of marine species, including tropical fish, fish native to the Canary Islands and stingrays. You can also dive with sharks inside the main tank
  4. The Cactus Garden - Home to more than 1,000 species of cactus – there’s also a restored windmill and some metal sculptures
  5. Lanzarote Wine Museum - Take a tour of the buildings and the vineyards before settling down for a tasting

Top 5 Lanzarote beaches

  1. Puerto del Carmen - The main beach is known as Playa Grande. At the smaller one, Playa Chica, you can take diving lessons, hire jet-skis and go parasailing or snorkelling
  2. Playa Blanca - The beautiful golden-sanded beaches at this popular tourist resort are perfect for relaxing on with the family. There’s also a small beach within the centre of the town itself
  3. Famara - The area is world-famous for its surf and attracts hundreds of adventure-seeking surfers every year
  4. Costa Teguise - The main beach here, Las Cucharas, is one of the world’s best windsurfing spots and has hosted the Windsurf World Cup
  5. Arrecife - The El Reducto beach is lined with palm trees and a number of bars where you can have a coffee, a cocktail or a beer