Glasgow Prestwick airport currency

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Forgotten to change your money into holiday currency? Don't panic, Prestwick airport has a bureau de change which is open from 5am until the last flight arrives.

The Change Group offers a wide range of currencies and also sells mobile phone pay as you go top up vouchers.

Why not see how much you can get for your money? Check out our currency converter

Two cash dispensers are available. One is next to The Change Group and the other is in the departure lounge.

Our customers' thoughts

  • Short Stay

    Everything went very smoothly with parking, both on arriving and leaving the airport and the short walk to the car was ideal.

    Mr Mcgugan 23 Jun, 2017

  • Short Stay

    Overall this was fine. My only comment would be that it was somewhat difficult to tell what lot to park in at Prestwick. They used to be numbered and there are two lots right next to the airport. I think I parked in the wrong one as the ticket did not recognise that I had prepaid but when I buzzed staff there was no issue and they let us out without any further payment. So all went well, it was just a little confusing at Prestwick. For their part the signage could be better and they should go back to numbered lots.

    Ms Archdeacon 23 Jun, 2017

  • Long Stay

    Perfect service

    Mr Millar 22 Jun, 2017

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