Sean Hagger, commercial director

Sean Hagger

Sean Hagger is Holiday Extras’ Commercial Director, and has been working for the company for over a decade.

In 2005-2006 Sean took a break from the company to go travelling for nine months. When Sean returned in August 2006 as a contracts executive he supported the takeover of BCP in October 2007.

Following his successful work, he was made head of commercial parking in 2009 - and then head of the whole commercial team in 2010. This in turn lead to his promotion to commercial director in 2013.

Life before Holiday Extras

Before joining Holiday Extras, Sean spent four years studying a BSc Sports Science and Management degree at Nottingham Trent University, graduating with a First-Class Honours.

Real life

Outside of work, Sean loves his exercise: running, cycling and spending lots of time at the gym. His favourite sport is skiing and he has been to British Colombia, Switzerland and all over the French/Austrian Alps.

An avid skier, cyclist and runner, Sean enjoys pushing himself to the limit on physical activities such as marathons – ‘I'm doing my 4th this year in Manchester. I've also competed in a 42 mile night navigation race across the Peak District; although after 9hrs in the snow my team was pulled out by mountain rescue. I think I truly realised how hard-core it was when I discovered Ranulph Fiennes was competing as well!’

What's your perfect hassle-free holiday?

"Has to be Koh Tao island in the gulf of Thailand: scuba diving and just the simple way of life." Sean overcame his fear of the sea when he discovered the joys of scuba diving. He went on to train to become a dive master, and to teach diving on the island of Koh Tao. It took him three months and 120 dives but Sean claims it was well worth the wait!


Sean’s motivation is seeing the business grow to become strong and successful. He says, ‘ultimately the destiny of the business is in our hands; we can make decisions quickly and not get wrapped up in tape. It's such a vibrant place to work because of this, always buzzing with new projects and new ideas.’