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Current delays at UK airports

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This weather forecast is generated by the Met Office

Current delays at UK airports

All services are operating as normal.

Airport weather conditions

You can view weather details at a number of leading airports, detailed below.

Birmingham airport weather
Bristol airport weather
Cardiff airport weather
East Midlands airport weather
Edinburgh airport weather
Gatwick airport weather
Glasgow airport weather
Heathrow airport weather
Luton airport weather
Manchester airport weather
Stansted airport weather

Snow warning

There is also a snow warning in place for northern Scotland. During times of heavy snowfall, we get a lot of extra calls asking for advice and guidance on how to best deal with the conditions. We've put together a list of our most frequently asked questions along with our answers. If your question isn't answered here, then please give us a call on 0800 093 5478 and we'll do our best to help you.

Will transfers to and from car parks and hotels still be running to the airport?

Weather conditions will affect airports differently. Call us on 0800 093 5478 and we'll call the car park or hotel for you to check if transfers are disrupted.

My flight has been diverted to a different airport, how can I collect my car?

Give us a ring and we'll inform the car park that you'll be arriving late due to your flight being diverted.

Can I amend my parking booking to include a hotel stay?

Call us on 0800 093 5478 and we can make a new booking for a hotel with parking if there are any hotels with rooms free. We may or may not be able to cancel your existing parking booking, this depends on the car park's terms and conditions.

Can I cancel my booking if I can't get to the airport?

Unfortunately we may not be able to issue a refund and full charges may apply. Any refunds due to cancellations are at the car park or hotel's discretion.

Can I cancel my booking and receive a full refund?

Please see above.

Can I extend my parking booking?

We cannot amend existing booking once they have started. You will need to pay any extra days locally at the car park's gate rate.

My easyJet flight has been cancelled, what can I do?

You can visit the easyJet website or call easyJet customer service on 0843 104 5400 - (calls charged at 5 pence a minute plus network rate).

Are the airport and car parks open?

Weather conditions will affect airports differently. Please call the airport directly to find out up-to-date information or alternatively keep an eye on the news. For information about car parks, please call us on 0800 093 5478 and we can call the car park on your behalf for the latest information.

Can I book a hotel on the same day that I wish to stay?

In bad weather many hotels are busy and rooms will be limited. Please call us on 0800 093 5478 and we'll be happy to check availability and make a booking where possible.