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The cheapest deals on parking at Manchester Airport from only £5.50 per day or £43.99 per week. -

There's no need to pay the full, and often expensive, gate rates for parking at Manchester airport when you can save your money simply by booking in advance with Holiday Extras. We have 18 car parks, including Long Stay, Multi-Storey and JetParks, from as little as £5.50 per day, saving you up to 60% off the prices you would otherwise pay at the gate. Whatever your pick, you have peace of mind that Holiday Extras never beaten on price - plus you'll benefit from our award-winning customer support.

Customers who booked airport parking at Manchester rated these services 90% ( 136,894 reviews).

Compare our cheapest Manchester airport parking deals:

To compare our best deals at Manchester airport, use our parking comparison table below. The Car parks are sorted by price, so if you're looking for the cheapest Manchester airport parking focus on the car parks at the top of the list.

Car Park Price p/d Price p/w
JetParks Ringway Video £5.50* £43.99*
APH Video £5.74* £45.92*
JetParks 2 Video £5.75* £45.99*
Jet Parks Plus Photos Video Reviews £5.87* £46.99*
Long Stay T2 Video £6.25* £49.99*
Long Stay Video £6.25* £49.99*
Meet and Greet T1 Photos Video Reviews £7.50* £59.99*
Meet and Greet T2 Video £7.50* £59.99*
Meet and Greet Plus T2 + Security Fast Track for 2 people Video £7.50* £59.99*
Meet and Greet Plus T1 + Security Fast Track for 2 people Video £7.50* £59.99*
Multi-storey Photos Video Reviews £8.75* £69.99*
Multi-storey Photos Video Reviews £8.75* £69.99*
Multi-storey Photos Video Reviews £8.75* £69.99*
Skypark Outdoor Photos Reviews
Skypark Meet and Greet Photos Reviews
Purple Parking Video
JetParks 3 Photos Video Reviews
Purple Parking Meet and Greet Photos Video Reviews

Looking for cheap Manchester airport parking?

We only sell car parking services we are happy to recommend, knowing they are reliable, safe and convenient. These are the cheapest car parking options at Manchester Airport, which we believe provide the best value for your money - great prices whist also providing excellent transfer services, protected car parks and fully insured drivers. You are saving up to 60% by booking with Holiday Extras in advance of your travel date.

Cheap Manchester airport parking deals this month

Car Park/Operator

Price for 1 week*

Transfer frequency

JetParks £39.99 Every 15 mins
APH £59.92 Every 10-15 mins
Long Stay £59.99 Every 10 mins
Meet and Greet £65.99 Not required
Multi-Storey £75.99 Not required

*The prices in these tables are for 1 week's parking and are provided as a guide price only.

Parking best-sellers at Manchester airport

If you're still not sure which cheap Manchester airport parking deal to choose, here's a summary of the two most popular Park and Rides with our customers. For more details, you can read about them further when you enter your dates for a quote.

JetParks Manchester

We currently offer three different JetParks car parks at Manchester airport: JetParks 3, JetParks 2 and Jetparks Plus. These car parks are a particular favourite with our customers for their price, proximity to the airport and fantastic service.

In fact, Jetparks 3 is the cheapest car park at Manchester airport at only £2.94* per day. For a week's car parking this works out at £23.40*, an absolute bargain.

APH Manchester

APH is the third cheapest car park at Manchester airport and suitable for all terminals. It's a bit further out than the rest of the car parks at Manchester airport but the transfer only takes 5 minutes and is well known for being a reliable and quality parking service.

Our customers liked it so much 92% said they would park at APH Manchester again! Parking at APH for a week will only set you back £32.88*.

*Guide prices only.

Our Manchester airport parking is rated 90% by 136894 guests

Short Stay parking at Manchester Airport

Quick drop-offs at Manchester Airport

If all you need is to drop a passenger, unload luggage and then shoot off, there's no need to pay for parking - you can pull up outside departures at no charge. If you'd like a few minutes to see them through the gates, the Short Stay car park minimum stay is 30 minutes. Prices are listed on this page, below.

Picking up at Manchester Airport

If you are picking somebody up from Manchester Airport, you are best parking either in one of the arrivals car parks at Terminal 1 or Terminal 3, or in one of the Multi-Storey car parks located at all 3 terminals. Prices are the same, although the maximum stay at T3 arrivals is 2 hours.

If you are likely to stay more than 4 hours, you will get a better price by pre-booking your parking with Holiday Extras.

Manchester airport parking charges

Short Stay parking
Up to 30 minutes £4.00
Up to 1 hour £6.50
Up to 2 hours £9.50
Up to 4 hours £18.00
Up to 24 hours £40.00

Please note: These prices are correct at the time of writing and are displayed here for your reference - you cannot book Short Stay parking advance with Holiday Extras at the moment; instead, you will need to use the pay machine onsite to validate your ticket before you exit the car park.

We always recommend booking your car parking in advance when you can to guarantee a space, especially if you know you are visiting at a peak time. If you need longer than 4 hours, the Multi-Storey car parks are a convenient option for walking to the terminal, or there are cheaper deals available with park and ride operators.

Enter your dates and times into the fields at the top of this page to compare prices.

Flying from Manchester Airport Terminal 1, 2, or 3? Book a convenient service for any terminal.

Holiday Extras have a brilliant choice of deals on Manchester airport parking which serve all 3 terminals. Some providers have multiple car parks with each one serving a specific terminal or terminals. We make this clear when you compare prices so there's no confusion.

Check which terminal you depart from here: Manchester Airport departures information.

From cheap Park and Rides to convenient Meet and Greet services for Terminals 1, 2 and 3, you're sure to find airport parking at Manchester to suit your budget and travel plans.

Manchester Airport parking for Terminal 1

Whether you’re looking for on-airport parking for a speedy transfer to T1, off-airport parking to save a few pennies, or a Meet and Greet service for extra convenience, you’ll be spoiled for choice with our collection of Manchester airport parking for Terminal 1.

We even have a luxury parking package at the Multi Storey Car Park which includes access for 2 adults to relax in the Escape Lounge before the flight; bliss!

Read more about the car parks offering a service for Terminal 1 here: Manchester Airport Parking for Terminal 1.

Manchester Airport parking for Terminal 2

We have some fantastic airport parking options if you’re flying from T2 including on-airport, off-airport and Meet and Greet parking. For those on a budget JetParks is our cheapest parking option and it’s only a 10 minute transfer journey to the terminal.

If you have a little bit more to spend, Manchester Airport's Meet and Greet service is perfect if you want the fastest and easiest parking for T2.

Read more about the car parks offering a service for Terminal 2 here: Manchester Airport Parking for Terminal 2.

Manchester Airport parking for Terminal 3

We’re sure you’ll find something to suit from our range of T3 parking options. For convenience the Long Stay T1 and T3 car park is ideal; you’re just minutes from the terminal by transfer bus. If you’re travelling light and feeling energetic you can even walk to T3 in less than 15 minutes.

For a cheaper, off airport option, that’s still only a short journey to T3, APH Manchester is perfect.

Read more about the car parks offering a service for Terminal 3 here: Manchester Airport Parking for Terminal 3.

Why choose Holiday Extras for your airport parking at Manchester?

Holiday Extras provide a comprehensive selection of car parking at Manchester airport, ranging from the more specialist valet services to the simple, budget services. Choosing your Manchester airport parking for terminal 1? There’s a multi-storey which connects you directly to the airport via a covered walkway. How about a Meet and Greet package for your Manchester airport parking at terminal 2? It’s really convenient and won’t leave you hunting for a space. And we offer plenty of services if you're looking at booking Manchester airport parking at terminal 3. If you are looking to pay as little as possible for a quality, reliable service when you park at Manchester airport, you're in the right place.

We have cheap Manchester airport parking which promises secured facilities and regular, courtesy bus transfers to the terminals.

Compare Manchester airport parking services

Top tip

Check the proximity to the airport and the road access of all our parking facilitites with our map and directions to Manchester car parks. We also have helpful information about Manchester airport including terminal details, shopping and security.

Choose your Manchester airport parking service

Manchester off-airport parking

Parking at an off-airport car park will mean you have a slightly longer transfer to the terminal building. The slightly longer transfer time is reflected in the price which is lower than services with a shorter transfer time. If you do not mind a slightly longer transfer, then off-airport parking can save you some money.

We have just 1 car park located outside Manchester airport's perimeter - APH Manchester. It is still within only a short distance of the airport, however, and the transfers take just a few minutes.

Manchester on-airport parking

Manchester Airport Long Stay Parking T2, Manchester Airport - Long Stay T1 and T3, Manchester Airport Multi Storey Terminal 1, Manchester Airport Multi Storey Terminal 2, Manchester Airport Multi Storey Terminal 3 and Manchester Jet Parks are all located within the airport perimeter. An on-airport parking choice will be best for those that require a short transfer with the minimum of hassle - meaning it's suitable for those passengers with a disability.

On-airport parking means that your journey time will be as short as possible, and is much more convenient than an airport car park far from the terminal building. You can spot on-airport parking services in our table below by the little plane in the features column.

Manchester airport Meet and Greet parking

If you are looking for a fantastic Manchester airport Valet parking service then why not check out Manchester Airport Meet and Greet terminals 1 and 3 or Manchester Airport Meet and Greet terminal 2.

If you opt for this service you will have a designated driver meet you at the airport terminal building. This driver will take your car to a secured parking compound where it will stay for the duration of your holiday. This is a fantastic service, and so convenient especially for customers with small children or a disability.

Top tip

For more answers and information related to parking at Manchester airport, we have Manchester airport parking FAQs where we list the more common questions and their solutions, and also a Manchester airport parking sitemap where you will find the full list of Holiday Extras pages.

Upgrades to supplement your airport parking

We have a selection of Manchester airport parking upgrades which we present you with after selecting your car park. These are very useful extras that you may not have considered and we are able to offer them at great prices. This includes things like travel insurance, a FairFX card for foreign currency and Manchester airport lounges for a more comfortable wait at the airport. Just tag them onto your parking booking and pay for it as one convenient package.

Another fantastic option that passes many people by is to book a Manchester airport hotel with parking. Prices compare very favourably with car parking by itself and using a hotel the night before or after you fly can make a tremendous difference to your holiday experience.

If you had in mind a standard Manchester airport park and ride service, it is worth taking a minute to compare these with the Meet and Greet services. The price is likely to be less than you thought and it could be a very nice upgrade to help you remove some of the hassle, especially if you have a lot of luggage or are elderly and prefer to avoid the transfer bus.

Top tip

Don't disregard parking services because of their labelled term length; they might still be suitable for you. Take a look at our Manchester airport short and long term parking page to see how they vary in length of stay. Consider Manchester airport undercover parking if you prefer the thought of your car being sheltered from the elements whilst you're away.

For our entire list of customer comments visit our Manchester airport parking reviews page. Here you will find feedback for all our parking services at Manchester airport.