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8 days parking for 1 car

Britannia Stockport

  • 6.5 miles from the airport
  • 20 minute transfer
Room only£39.00*
With parking£79.00*

Britannia Airport Hotel

  • 4.2 miles from the airport
  • 20 minute transfer
Room only£45.00*
With parking£85.00*

Mystery 3-star Hotel

  • 3.0 miles from the airport
  • 15 minute transfer
Room only£49.00*
With parking£89.00*

Airport Inn

  • 3.0 miles from the airport
  • 15 minute transfer
Room only£49.00*
With parking£89.00*

Britannia Ashley

  • 5.2 miles from the airport
  • 20 minute transfer
Room only£49.00*
With parking£78.00*

Cresta Court

  • 4.0 miles from the airport
  • 15 minute transfer
Room only£54.00*
With parking£63.00*

Mercure Bowdon

  • 5.2 miles from the airport
  • 15 minute transfer
Room only£64.00*
With parking£81.00*


  • 0.3 miles from the airport
  • 2 minute transfer
Room only£65.00*
With parking£85.00*


  • Located on airport
  • 5 minute transfer
Room only£72.25*
With parking£115.00*

Crowne Plaza

  • Located on airport
  • 5 minute transfer
Room only£80.00*
With parking£100.00*

Mere Court

  • 7.0 miles from the airport
  • 10 minute transfer
Room only£85.00*
With parking£123.00*

Village Manchester Cheadle

  • 3.8 miles from the airport
  • 15 minute transfer
Room only£-- --**
With parking£89.00*


  • 3.7 miles from the airport
  • 10 minute transfer
Room only£-- --**
With parking£94.00*

Premier Inn South

  • 1.9 miles from the airport
  • 10 minute transfer
Room only£-- --**
With parking£97.00*

Etrop Grange with Secured parking

  • 1.3 miles from the airport
  • 3 minute transfer
Room only£-- --**
With parking£99.00*

Radisson Blu

  • Located on airport
  • 5 minute transfer
Room only£102.60*
With parking£193.00*

    Hallmark Inn Manchester South

    • 5.6 miles from the airport
    • 20 minute transfer
    Room only£-- --**
    With parking£103.00*

    *This is an example price for a reservation on 26-08-2018, valid as of 21-06-2018.

    The Manchester hotel and parking deals we have are exclusive to Holiday Extras. When you book with us you can save up to 60%. Our prices start as low as £39.00 per night and only £79.00 for a hotel with parking. These are deals that you simply can't book anywhere else! Take a closer look...

    Hotels at the Terminal

    Squeeze a little more out of your holiday and stay in a hotel within the airport grounds. Wake up and have breakfast, no rush and no fuss with procedures. Here's a handy map and little list to show the hotels we have on-site...

    For a map and directions to a particular hotel, select it from here:

    Hotel Name Terminal Transfer Time
    Radisson Blu 1 & 2 Walk 5 -10 mins
    Clayton Hotel 1 & 3 Walk 5 mins
    Manchester Hilton 1 Bus 4mins
    Crowne Plaza 3 Bus 4 mins

    Please note: We've listed the hotels according to the terminal to which they are closest, that doesn't mean they're available for that terminal only; all of the hotels have a transfer bus available that will take you to ANY terminal - FREE of charge.

    Manchester airport hotels at Terminal 1

    Radisson Blu Manchester Airport:

    Manchester Radisson Blu

    The lavish, Radisson Blu at Manchester Airport is the closest hotel to terminal 1, so close it's actually a 5 minute stroll via a covered walkway!

    Hotel highlights:
    Delicious breakfast, panoramic airport views, contemporary rooms and on-site Health Club.

    Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport:

    Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport

    From the 4 star Clayton Hotel you can walk to T1 in 8 minutes or jump on the FREE, 24 hour shuttle bus that only takes 2 minutes.

    Hotel highlights:
    One of our cheapest hotels, excellent bar and restaurant, free WiFi.

    Manchester airport hotels at Terminal 2

    Radisson Blu Manchester Airport:

    Manchester Radisson Blu

    The Radisson Blu strikes again. As well as being closest to T1, it's also the closest hotel to terminal 2; via the same walkway, just a leisurely 10 minute stroll.

    Hotel highlights:
    Yummy breakfast, views over the airport, extremely comfortable rooms and an on-site Health Club.

    Hilton Hotel Manchester Airport:

    Manchester Hilton

    The Hilton is a great choice for a little slice of luxury, without breaking the bank. It's easy to get to all terminals, just a 4 minute shuttle in fact.

    Hotel highlights:
    Exquisite Italian restaurant, 24-hour access to the Living Well Express Gym,

    Manchester airport hotels at Terminal 3:

    Crowne Plaza Manchester Airport:

    Crowne Plaza Hotel Manchester Airport

    The Crowne Plaza is a customer favourite. You can walk to T1 in just6 minutes but we recommend the free, 2 minute shuttle to save crossing busy roads.

    Hotel highlights:
    Bright and modern rooms, choice of 2 restaurants, free 24 hour gym, and pool table/darts board in the Irish bar

    Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport:

    Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport

    The Clayton Hotel is just a 2 minute shuttle from Terminal 3, meaning you can wake up knowing you're moments from the terminal.

    Hotel highlights:
    Always has low prices, excellent bar and restaurant, free WiFi.

    *Prices quoted here are correct at the time of writing but are subject to change. Please search for availability and prices for the dates you require.

    Manchester Airport Hotels with Parking

    If you're planning to drive to your hotel our carefully designed, combined Manchester airport hotels with parking would be well worth checking out.

    Struggling with where to start with your search for the perfect Manchester airport hotel with parking package? No need to stress, we've got your back. We thought one of the best ways for you to get some inspiration is to reveal what your fellow travellers have been liking and booking - a good indication that a package is pretty awesome, right?

    We've inspected the facts and figures and put together a handy table of our most booked hotels and parking packages below:

    Top 10 most booked Manchester airport hotels with parking

    Hotel Parking Car park → Terminals Price*
    Premier Inn South JetParks 1 5-9 minute shuttle £105.00
    Clayton Hotel Secured parking 2-5 minute shuttle
    8-16 minute walk
    Crowne Plaza Secured parking 2-4 minute shuttle
    6-14 minute walk
    Britannia Country House Hotel parking 20 minute shuttle (£6pp return) £85.00
    Marriott Hotel Hotel parking 10 minute taxi (free) £109.00
    Airport Inn Hotel parking 13 minute shuttle (£6pp return) £89.00
    Premier Inn North Jet Parks 1 5-9 minute shuttle £108.00
    Holiday Inn Express Jet Parks 1 5-9 minute shuttle £150.00
    Hallmark Hotel Hotel parking 10 minute taxi (free) £89.10
    Mercure Bowdon JetParks 1 5-9 minute shuttle £107.00

    * Prices quoted here are correct at the time of writing but are always subject to change according to availability on the dates you require and price fluctuations throughout the year.

    What are my parking options?

    All of the important details of our different parking options, none of the technical jargon.

    Parking within walking distance

    Park your car, catch some zzz's, then walk to the terminal the next day. Sounds nice doesn't it? Well, when you pair one of our hotels located within the airport grounds with either Meet and Greet parking or secured parking this is exactly what you can expect.

    Prices starting from just £100.00 for your room and 8 days parking.

    Available at:

    Available at:

    Hotel parking

    There are no surprises with parking at the hotel, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Simply drive to your hotel, park up and that's where it will stay for the whole time you're away. To get to and from the terminal you'll either catch a shuttle bus operated by the hotel or hop in a taxi. Transfers will range from 4 minutes (Marriott) to 20 minutes (Britannia), with most sitting around the 10 minute mark. Wondering about transfer costs? Most are already included (happy days) however there a few that will require payment on the day, usually only £6pp for a return.

    Parking at the hotel is a hit with our customers because as soon as you pull up to your hotel you don't have to give your car a second thought, allowing you to give your holiday your full attention. Just as it should be.

    Prices starting from as little as £84.00 for an overnight stay with 8 days parking.

    Available at:

    Park and Ride

    Park and Ride lives up to its name; park your car in a car park (this can either be an official car park within the airport perimeter or a trusted, independent company located a short distance away) then ride the transfer bus to the terminal which will take between 5-9 minutes.

    A little heads up: Park and Ride parking procedures work slightly differently for on-airport and off-airport hotels.

    • If your hotel is located on-airport you'll usually park first then catch a shuttle to the hotel so you can easily walk to check-in the next day.
    • With off-airport hotels you'll park overnight at the hotel then park and ride the next day.

    Rooms with 8 days parking starting from as affordable as £97.00.

    Save money on our exclusive Manchester airport hotels with Jetparks Park and Ride

    JetParks 1 Manchester Airport

    You lovely lot are important to us which is why we wanted to be able to offer you something special. We're nice like that. Not to blow our own trumpet or anything.

    We've negotiated exclusive deals on pairing the top hotels at Manchester airport with the ever-so-popular, official JetParks 1 Park and Ride. These hand-picked packages are only available to our customers - anywhere else you would have to pay more to purchase them separately. With savings of up to £54.99 they’re a no brainer!

    Available at:

    Meet and Greet

    No transfers, no fuss. That's Meet and Greet parking for you. Here's the low-down on how it works. Park in your hotel's car park overnight (charges apply at the Holiday Inn Express, Premier Inn South, Premier Inn North and the Hallmark) and in the morning drive to the Meet and Greet office at the terminal. Most hotels are around a 10-15 minute drive away. Here you'll pass your car over to your fully-insured driver then all that's left to do is walk the 3 minutes to check-in. Your car will be stored in an on-airport car park while you're away and when you return your car will be ready and waiting outside the terminal for a speedy getaway home. Nice and easy!

    Hotel with 8 days Meet and Greet parking from only £139.00.

    Psst! We just wanted to let you know that packaging your hotel at Manchester airport with official Meet and Greet parking is a Holiday Extras EXCLUSIVE. That's right folks, they're so special and exclusive it needs to be in all caps. Anywhere else you'll need to book your parking and room separately. Not only will this mean spending time hunting them down, it will also mean forking out more cash. We know you've got much better things you'd rather be spending your time and money on. Like researching where the best brunch spots are and treating your tastebuds to said brunch while you're away.

    Available at:

    Guest reviews and ratings for Manchester Airport hotels

    Our Manchester airport hotels are rated 86% by 46833 guests

    Select a hotel to read all the reviews it's recieved

    Our complete collection of reviews is here: Manchester airport hotel reviews.

    The Marriott at Manchester airport was undergoing renovations so there was a lot of disruption which was disappointing. The room and staff were the usual high standard.

    Mr Walton, 27 May, 2018 (4 out of 5)

    I booked a hotel stay at Premier Inn, So get Lane South at Manchester Airport and parking at Jet Parks 1 plus express security pass. All went v smoothly. Hotel met my needs and car park was easy to find and close by with regular shuttles to airport. Transfer time to airport was a little longer than advertised as we were the last drop off. Not sure express security pass added much as wasn't much queue anyway. Price was v reasonable.

    Ms Broomhead, 04 Jun, 2018 (5 out of 5)

    Stayed at Claytons at Manchester Airport. Very busy so a queue but they has many receptionists on duty so didn't have to wait too long to check in. The only little thing is that we had secure parking and were told to go and park it in a certain numbered area. However, there is no staff on duty in the car park and people had dumped their cars everywhere and anywhere. We were lucky and got one of the last spaces.

    Mr Rodgers, 10 Jun, 2018 (5 out of 5)

    We used holiday extras for hotel and parking at Manchester Airport. It was all very good thank you. Despite road works on Jet 1 parking, it was easy to park and to be transported to airport

    Mrs Simm, 13 Jun, 2018 (5 out of 5)

    Stayed at the Manchester airport Hilton and from the greeting on arrival from the pleasent staff, the relaxing bar area, a 10/10 comfy bed, a lovely breakfast to start our journey to the transfer from the hotel and a prompt pick-up on our return i can honestly say i will be using holiday extras and the Hilton Hotel for my next holiday abroad !!

    Mr Fletcher, 14 Jun, 2018 (5 out of 5)
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    Exclusive Holiday Extras Deals and Offers

    Hotel packages with JetParks or Official Meet & Greet, breakfast and dinner discounts, Mystery hotels and more; have a look below at our special deals and offers live at the moment.

    Save £47 on Premier Inn with JetParks Park & Ride

    How it works:

    EXCLUSIVE to Holiday Extras, we have packaged the Premier Inn hotels at Manchester Airport with the Official JetParks car parks.

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    Save between £5 - £25 on our Mystery Hotels

    How it works:

    Keep an eye out for Mystery Hotel deals. You will find out all you need to know before you book, except the name.

    How to book:

    Any Mystery Hotel deals we have available will be displyed in your search results. Just choose the deal you want and book as normal. The hotel name is revealed at the end of your booking.

    Save on Meet & Greet parking when you book a hotel

    How it works:

    EXCLUSIVE to Holiday Extras, packaging your hotel at Manchester Airport with Meet and Greet parking can save you up to 24% - an impressive £70.99 saving!

    Available at:

    Pay only £5 for Fast Track Security Passes

    How it works:

    Save yourself valueable time by skipping the security queues at busy Manchester Airport. Pre-book Fast-Track for your own speedy lane.

    How to book:

    When you have chosen your hotel and clicked 'book', we will present you with our optional extras, any offers we have for Fast Track Passes will be shown here. One click and it's added to your basket.

    Other ways of making your booking cheaper:

    An airport hotel can help make your holiday hassle-free, that's why Holiday Extras are dedicated to driving down the cost of Manchester airport hotels. We understand that cost is a vital factor when you're looking for your holiday extras; airport parking, airport hotels, holiday insurance, it can all add up. That's why we want to share our wealth of knowledge of how to find cheap hotels at Manchester airport.

    1. Stick to the top of the table. We know price is a big factor when booking an airport hotel, that's why our price table is arranged in price order, with the cheapest at the top. So if you're on a budget, take a look at the excellent offers we have on the Britannia Ashley and the Britannia Stockport.

    2. Want to hear a secret? If you haven't booked with us before you can sign up to receive all of our offers as soon as they are released, as well as that, you'll get an instant 10% off your first booking. Sign Up here.

    3. Pre-book your hotel. This is vital. When you book your airport hotel in advance you will be saving a significant amount of money. Hotels and car parks charge a premium for turning up on the day, so booking online can save you up to up to 60%.

    4. Book your Manchester Airport hotel early. Book your Manchester Airport hotel early. When you book any airport hotel, it's best to do so as far in advance as possible. The main reason for this is to save disappointment; Manchester Airport is a busy place so hotel rooms can get booked up pretty fast, but also, the earlier you book, the cheaper the price is likely to be.

    E.g: a nights stay in the Manchester Holiday Inn Express, when booked a week before, will cost around £89, however, when you book the same hotel in advance it will cost £75, a saving of £14 is much better spent enjoying your holiday.

    Top tip

    To make sure you get the best price, we encourage our customers to book their airport hotel as soon as their holiday has been confirmed, however we appreciate sometimes plans change, that's why we always recommend you add our cancellation waiver for just £2.49, so you have the option to cancel up to 24 hours before you travel and get a full refund.

    5. Look out for the non-flexible deals. Look out for the non-flexible deals. As well as offers that can be cancelled or amended, Holiday Extras have lots of 'non-flexible' deals. If you're sure your travel plans won't change, you can save money on deals that you can't cancel or change.

    Best Price - Guaranteed

    Holiday Extras are dedicated to bringing you cheap Manchester airport hotels. So much so we have launched a Never Beaten On Price policy where by, if you can find the same hotel package cheaper, we'll match the price! Our policy guarantees you are getting the best price on the market.