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Manchester Airport Hotels

Never beaten on price

Compare our Manchester airport hotel deals with prices starting as low as £39.00 per night and only £59.00 for a hotel with parking.

Save up to 60% when you book Manchester airport hotels with Holiday Extras. We have the best choice of on-airport hotels at Manchester as well as brilliant deals on nearby hotels with easy transfers to the terminals. Our exclusive deals mean you won't find better options for booking a Manchester airport hotel and parking package.

Customers' average rating: 86% (45,083 reviews) - read more.

HotelRoom only priceinc. 1 week parkingStars
Britannia Stockport
Britannia Airport Hotel
Britannia Ashley
Altrincham Lodge
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Britannia Country House with parking at the hotel
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Cresta Court
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Mystery 3-star Hotel
Airport Inn
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Holiday Inn Express with Long Stay T1 and 3 parking and breakfast
Map and DirectionsVideo
Mercure Bowdon
Premier Inn South
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Premier Inn North with parking at Long Stay T1 & T3
Mere Court
Map and DirectionsPhotosReviews
Crowne Plaza
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Etrop Grange with Secured parking
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Village Manchester Cheadle
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Marriott with parking at the hotel
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Radisson Blu
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Hallmark Inn Manchester South
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Hallmark with parking at the hotel
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Cheadle House
Travelodge Manchester airport
Map and DirectionsPhotosReviews
MacDonald Lymm
Menzies Pinewood
Map and DirectionsPhotosReviews

*This is an example price for a reservation on 18-03-2018, valid as of 17-01-2018.

Very happy stay at the start of our holiday. Facilities were as described and staff very helpful. Transfers to and from Manchester airport went well.

Mr Chinn, 16 Feb, 2016 (5 out of 5)

Ideally located for Manchester airport. Hotel rooms small but clean - ideal for an overnight stay. Easy to park car and register at reception. Easy to organise shuttle bus to airport but had to wait quite a while for pick up from airport. Would use again. Lovely shops and places to eat in Wilmslow close to hotel.

Mrs Logan, 27 Feb, 2016 (5 out of 5)

Club Cars taxi service was not reliable on return to Manchester Airport. had to wait around 40 mins and phone twice.

Mr Burgoyne, 25 Oct, 2016 (4 out of 5)

Everything fine as usual very helpful staff so convenient for early morning travel at Manchester Airport

Mrs Denton, 12 Dec, 2016 (5 out of 5)

Our Manchester airport hotels are rated 86% by 45083 guests

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Walking to check-in and top hotel brands are just a few of the reasons our customers like to stay within the airport grounds at Manchester Airport.

Staying in a hotel so near to Manchester Airport offers many conveniences:

  • Waking up and being able to walk to check-in generally tops the list...
  • If you have to take a transfer you can be sure that the journey will be short...
  • You don't have to worry about what's happening on the roads...
  • and, with no busy traffic to tackle you might even find time to enjoy a full-English breakfast before you set off.
  • I could go on.

As well as making your search easier, Holiday Extras' aim is to help with the decision process. We have a choice of some impressive 3 and 4 star Manchester airport hotels so take a look at the information below to find the right hotel for you.

On-site Manchester Airport Hotels - Transfer Times
Hotel Name Terminal Transfer Time
Radisson Blu 1 & 2 Walk 5 -10 mins
Clayton Hotel 1 & 3 Walk 5 mins
Manchester Hilton 1 Bus 4mins
Crowne Plaza 3 Bus 4 mins

Transfers to and from the terminal

Please note: The above hotels at Manchester Airport are listed according to the terminal to which they are closest. All of the hotels have a transfer bus available that will take you to the terminal you are flying from - FREE of charge.

Staying on-site at Manchester doesn't have to be costly. Holiday Extras are pros in providing cheap Manchester airport hotels, so whether you're after a top brand hotel for a business booking or simply just treating yourself, we'll help you find cheap hotels to suit you and your budget. If you're travelling by car, check out the information we have for hotels on-site with parking, alternatively, if you're not taking a car to the airport, check out the offers we have on Manchester airport hotels by coach.

Hotels at Manchester airport within walking distance

There's something comforting about waking up and knowing you're just a leisurely stroll from check-in. The reason for wanting to stay in a hotel so near to Manchester Airport will differ from one person to the next.

It is ideal because it saves a lot of time, and for anybody travelling with young children, elderly or disabled passengers, it can be particularly convenient because not only are there no buses to board but all walkways are accessible.

Manchester Radisson Blu

Manchester Radisson Blu


Walk to terminal 2 in 5 minutes

Walk to all terminals from our Manchester hotels

The Radisson Blu Hotel is conveniently connected to terminal 1 and 2 by a covered walkway and within walking distance of all three terminals.

The lavish Radisson Blu ticks a lot of boxes. Panoramic views of the airport, contemporary yet comfortable rooms and facilities that are second to none make the 5 minute walk to terminal 2, 10 minutes to terminal 1 and 15 minutes to terminal 3 an added bonus.

Don't worry...If a 15 minute walk sounds a little daunting with all your luggage, the Radisson Blu offer a bus to terminal 3 or you can get a taxi, which would probably cost about £5 to £10.

The Radisson Blu is only available with parking. Prices start from just £175.00*

Another contender for a hotel that doesn't require a transfer bus is the Clayton Hotel. The fun, nautical feel and brilliant kids' play area make the Clayton Hotel a firm family favourite. You can walk to all three terminals from the hotel - five minutes to terminals 1 and 3, and about 15 to 20 minutes to terminal 2.

There is also a bus available should you prefer, it runs to all three terminals, 24 hours a day and is free for hotel guests. Prices for the Clayton Hotel start from £70.00* .

If you're travelling with your family, take a look at our family rooms at Manchester airport.

Manchester Crowne Plaza

Manchester Crowne Plaza


5 minute bus to all terminals

Hotels that have a quick transfer

On-site at Manchester Airport is the Crowne Plaza. Another top-brand hotel that attracts customers time and time again due to the stylish design and excellent facilities. You can walk to the terminal from the hotel but we wouldn't recommend this as you'll need to cross some busy roads and when transfers only take around 2 minutes, you needn't bother.

Prices for an overnight stay at The Crowne Plaza start from just £105*

Also located within the grounds is The Hilton, a luxury, household name you can trust, and the Hilton Manchester certainly lives up to the expectations. The contemporary and chic hotel is only a speedy, 5 minute transfer to the terminals at Manchester Airport.

Prices for an overnight stay at The Hilton start from just £74*

Travelling on business?

You'll always be connected at the Crowne Plaza Manchester airport, which has eight meeting rooms with Internet access and fax machines. And it's just five minutes from Manchester airport, so you'll have maximum time to work and relax. The Clayton Hotel Manchester airport is another great hotel with plenty of business facilities and it's minutes from terminals 1 and 3.

Best Price - Guaranteed

Of course, it's understandable that you will think waking up just yards from the terminal doors will be costly. Holiday Extras are dedicated to bringing you cheap hotels. So much so we have launched a Never Beaten On Price policy where by, if you can find the same hotel package cheaper, we'll match the price! Our policy guarantees you are getting the best price on the market.

*Prices quoted here are correct at the time of writing but are subject to change. Please search for availability and prices for the dates you require.

Holiday Extras Confidence Image

Your search for Manchester airport hotels with parking ends here. We have loads of deals that make booking a hotel with parking worth every penny!

Our impressive portfolio gives you the choice of the best hotels paired with convenient parking offers such as fast and efficient Park and Ride, ultra convenient Meet and Greet, as well as, parking on-site or at a nearby secured car parking facility.

Take a look at the information below to help find a package that suits you, or simply use the quick and easy booking form above to find Manchester airport hotels with parking available on the dates you're travelling.

manchester airport hotel and parking deals
Hotel Distance to airport Transfer Time Price
Altrincham Lodge 4.6 Miles Taxi 10 minutes £49.00
Crowne Plaza On-Airport Walk 5 minutes £100.00
Premier Inn North 2.5 Miles Taxi 10 minutes £77.00
Radisson Blu On-Airport Walk 5 minutes £169.00

Pick of the bunch for a cheap price

Holiday Extras are determined to provide you with a price that suits your budget. No matter what your requirements are, whether you are travelling for business or leisure, we appreciate that cost is important to all our customers. Bagging a bargain for your hotel and parking can be done in a number of different ways:

Flexibility is key

To make the most of the fantastic offers we have, it pays to be flexible. If you're not too fussed about having an on-airport hotel and you're happy to hop on a bus, our off-site hotels with parking included are a great way to save.

Cresta Court with Parking

Best Western's Cresta Court is one of our cheapest hotels and has parking available on-site. Don't let the word 'cheap' put you off, this 3-star hotel is brimming with style and contemporary furnishings, you'll also get free WiFi and can sample some fantastic food. You can drive to the Cresta Court, which is only 15 minutes from the airport, park up and not have to worry about your car until you return home. It will stay exactly where you left it.

Prices for a room only are around £42, however when you book with parking on-site at the hotel the price is only a whopping £47*.

Manchester hotels with Park & Ride

Choosing a hotel that has been paired with a Park & Ride service is a great way of making extra savings.

Britannia Stockport with Parking

Another of our cheap hotels with parking is the Britannia Stockport. The hotel is ideally located in a quiet area close to Stockport town centre, so it's a great way to get your holiday started, away from the airport noise and close to local amenities.

Prices for a room only are around £49, however when you book with parking at sister hotel Britannia Country House the price is only £59.* For the sake of a short drive in the morning and a quick transfer bus, we think you'll agree, the savings are worth it.

Here is a list of all Manchester airport hotels available with parking on-site:

Cheap Hotels Manchester Airport

Best Manchester hotels with parking for convenience

When you chose to book an airport hotel at Manchester Airport it can be for many reasons; you may just want to start your holiday early, but more often than not, the main reason our customers choose to stay close to the airport is convenience. Take a look at the hotels we suggest below:

Meet and Greet parking services:

It doesn't get more convenient than Meet and Greet at Manchester Airport. The cost will be higher compared to our Park and Ride services, but if arriving and departing at the terminal with fast efficiency is important, Meet and Greet is the service you want.

Manchester Radisson Blu with parking

Manchester's swanky Radisson Blu Hotel tops the list for convenience. The hotel is within the airport grounds and within walking distance of the terminal, so you can pull up and have your car whisked away, allowing you to begin your holiday, hassle-free. When you return your car will be waiting outside of the terminal for you. All of that for just £135*.

If you would like to delve a little deeper into our parking services, take a look at our dedicated Manchester airport parking page.

* Prices quoted here are correct at the time of writing but are subject to change. Please search for availability and prices for the dates you require.


An airport hotel can help make your holiday hassle-free, that's why Holiday Extras are dedicated to driving down the cost of Manchester airport hotels.

We understand that cost is a vital factor when you're looking for your holiday extras; airport parking, airport hotels, holiday insurance, it can all add up. That's why we want to share our wealth of knowledge of how to find cheap hotels at Manchester airport.

Cheap hotel options at Manchester Airport

Budget and cheap are words we love if it means you can save money, however when it comes to Manchester airport hotels we still have certain expectations.

Here's a list of some of our cheapest Manchester airport hotels:

Cheap Hotels Manchester Airport
  • Altrincham Lodge
  • Britannia Ashley Hotel
  • Cresta Court
  • Britannia Stockport Hotel
  • Express by Holiday Inn

Despite our market-leading prices, Holiday Extras assure you that what you see is what you get, so take a look at our three cheapest hotels in more detail below to see if any are what you're after:

Altrincham Lodge

Manchester Altrincham Lodge

The Altrincham Lodge is by far our best value hotel. It is a room-only Manchester airport hotel and although it may be referred to as budget, if you’re looking for a good night's sleep and some pub grub, it’s the perfect option.

The 3-star hotel is only 10 minutes from the airport so in the morning you can hop in a taxi and know you have a hassle-free journey to the terminal. Prices start from just £42*, an absolute steal for a hotel so close to Manchester Airport.

Britannia Ashley Hotel

Manchester Britannia Lodge

The Britannia Ashley Hotel is great for keeping down costs. It is a 3-star hotel, located just 5 miles from the airport and comes with parking should you need it. Behind the exterior hides an ornate charm, chandeliers and solid wood furniture make up the comfortable decor.

Transfers take just 20 minutes and are by taxi, prearranged by the friendly and accommodating hotel staff. Prices for the Britannia Ashley Hotel start from just £39*.

Cresta Court

Manchester Cresta Court

This is an easy recommendation for us. The Cresta Court is a stylish, 3-star hotel with contemporary and comfortable decor. Located just 4 miles from the airport, it really is affordable luxury.

Prices for the Cresta Court start at only £47*, so it really is a great way of starting your holiday early. You can enjoy a meal in the restaurant and a pre-holiday drink in the relaxing bar.

We made over 4 million bookings last year, a number that continues to rise year after year, so we're quietly confident that we're doing something right.

We won't be beaten...

Who are we kidding....we're not quiet at all! We're so confident that our prices are the cheapest, we have launched a Never Beaten On Price policy where by, if you find the same Manchester hotel package cheaper, we'll match that cheaper price. Our policy guarantees you are getting the best price on the market.

Mystery Manchester airport hotels

Manchester Airport's Mystery Hotels

If the convenience of staying close to the airport outweighs the hotel name, our Mystery Manchester airport hotels are an excellent way to save yourself some extra money. You get to book a cheap room in one of our Manchester hotels, you just don't know the name until after you've booked.

You may be reassured to know our Mystery Hotels carry 3 or 4-stars, we assure big hotel brands for budget prices.

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Book your Manchester Airport hotel early

When you book your Manchester Airport hotel, it's best to do so as far in advance as possible. The main reason for this is to save disappointment; Manchester Airport is a busy place so hotel rooms can get booked up pretty fast, but also, the earlier you book, the cheaper the price is likely to be.

E.g: a nights stay in the Manchester Holiday Inn Express, when booked a week before, will cost around £89, however, when you book the same hotel in advance it will cost £75, a saving of £14, is much better spent enjoying your holiday.

Top tip

To make sure you get the best price, we encourage our customers to book their airport hotel as soon as their holiday has been confirmed, however we appreciate sometimes plans change, that's why we always recommend you add our cancellation waiver for just £2.49, so you have the option to cancel up to 24 hours before you travel and get a full refund.


We've got some of our best travel experts together and created this handy guide on how to choose the right Manchester airport hotel for you.

And don't worry, you're in the best hands. We've had 32 years experience doing this and we like to think we're pretty good at it by now. We've even sent a team to check out each and every hotel, so you know we're talking from experience. And if that's not enough to persuade you, check out our Customer Reviews to see what other people are saying about our Manchester airport hotels.

Manchester Airport hotel options

With so many Manchester airport hotels to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice. We have Manchester Airport hotels in the airport grounds, located nearby and off-site, a short transfer away, so you can choose where you'd rather stay. If you're driving, we also have a range of Manchester airport hotels with parking. We also have a wide variety of family friendly rooms and hotels. Whether you're looking for price, distance, or convenience you're sure to find the perfect hotel for you.


£- Our three cheapest Manchester airport hotels: Britannia Ashley, Altrincham Lodge and Britannia Stockport all offer cheap, basic rooms, a short 10-20mins taxi ride away from the airport. You can bag a room in one of these charming hotels for as little as £39.00 * per night. To find the best deal, check out our hints and tips for cheap hotels.

££- Our recommended hotels for a mid-range budget include Premier Inn Manchester Airport South, Clayton and Marriott, ranging from £65-94* per night. All three of these hotels have a TV and wifi in the rooms and they're all within a five minute walk/bus transfer to the terminal.

£££- If you're after beautiful and immaculate rooms and service, Radisson Blu is the airport hotel for you. Themed rooms, a swimming pool, leisure facilities and a panoramic restaurant, it's even connected to all three Manchester terminals by an elevated walkway. And if Radisson Blu doesn't tickle your fancy, Village Urban Cheadle and Etrop Grange are both spectacular alternatives. Prices for the Radisson Blu with parking start at £135*

Sam Conroy - Partnership Development Executive

"I like to stay in an airport hotel the night before my holiday to avoid the horrible early morning drive. When I stay at Altrincham lodge, I can squeeze in an extra couple of hours sleep and escape the traffic. All I have to do in the morning is jump in a 10 minute taxi to the airport"

"I'm not fussy when it comes to airport hotels. As long as it has a clean, comfy bed, I'll book the cheapest I can find."

"Most budget hotels these days are of a really high standard, so I don't really mind which one I book. It's always a bonus if the room has a TV and wifi, but they're not essential."

Sam - Partnership Development Executive

Top tips

Usually, the cheapest Manchester Airport hotels are those in nearby towns like Altrincham, Stockport and Manchester.

Another great way to save money is to book one of our Mystery Hotels. These are big hotel brands with special discounted prices, but we don't reveal the name of your hotel until after you have booked.


If you love the idea of rolling out of bed straight into check-in, our on-airport hotels at Manchester are the perfect choice. No pesky transfers and no expensive taxis, some of our hotels are so close they are attached to the terminal. Most of the hotels onsite are well-known hotel chains, so you know the standards will be high.

Prices start from as little as £39.00 per night.

Staying so close to the airport does have a slightly higher price tag than our off-site hotels, but like most of our customers, you'll find the time and hassle saved from not boarding a transfer bus is well worth the extra. For this reason, they're perfect for families travelling with young children, disabled passengers or those with lots of luggage.

The Radisson Blu Manchester and Clayton Hotel Manchester can't be beaten on distance. The stunning 4-star Radisson Blu is connected to terminals 1 and 3 by an elevated walkway, so it's only a 5-10 minute walk to the terminal. From the swanky Clayton Hotel it's a mere 5 minute walk to terminals 1 and 3 and 15 minutes to terminal 2.

Jordon Mann - Marketing Executive

"The best thing about staying in an airport hotel is knowing that you don't have far to go to check-in, so I always stay on-airport. It means I don't have to worry about missing my flight and can completely relax."

"Knowing I'm only a few minutes walk from the terminal soothes my pre-flight nerves!"

"Clayton is the perfect on-airport hotel. It's only 5 minutes walk to terminal 1 and 3, but if you don't fancy the stroll, you can hop on the hotel bus and they'll take you door to door."

Jordon - Marketing Executive

Top tip

If you're stuck on which hotel to choose, take a look at the distance from the airport and transfer times for each hotel on our Manchester hotels map and directions page. A shorter transfer or shorter walk can make all the difference to your stay.


If you want your stay at Manchester to be a calm and easy experience, finding a hotel close to the airport which offers efficient transfers and/or the option for parking is key. If you're driving to the airport, hotels with Meet and Greet services at Manchester are the perfect option.

Prices start from only £39.00 per day.

You can book our hotels as room only or with parking. There are two options for a room with parking: parking in the hotel's car park and jumping on a transfer to and from Manchester airport, or Meet and Greet. Meet and Greet parking adds a little luxury to your holiday experience; when you arrive at the hotel, your car is parked for you, and when you return to the UK, it will be delivered to the terminal.

Radisson Blu offers Meet and Greet parking included in the room price. When you arrive at the terminal, all you need to do is park up outside the terminal and hand your keys over to valet reception, before waltzing straight to the hotel via the elevated walkway. So simple and carefree, you'll feel like you're flying before you've even boarded the plane.

Jake Parker - Travel Consultant

"I like my airport hotel stay to be as easy as possible. I don't want to sit in airport traffic and I don't want to pay over the odds to park my car. Cresta Court has its own on-site parking which I can book for as little as £5 extra, it's perfect!"

"Booking my airport hotel with Meet and Greet means I don't even have to park my own car. It's the best way to start your holiday"

"If you're after convenience, like me, go for an airport hotel with Meet and Greet. Your car will be waiting for you at the terminal when you return to the UK and you can literally drive straight home."

Jake - SEO Copywriter

Top tip

Check out our Manchester Airport hotels FAQs page for all the most common questions and answers about our products. If you would like more information, you can find a complete list of our information pages in our Manchester hotels sitemap.

Upgrades to supplement your Manchester Hotel

Manchester Hilton Upgrade

If you're celebrating something special, or fancy a pampering, we have a fantastic selection of Manchester hotel upgrades you can add to your booking. From family fun packages, to room upgrades, champagne and strawberries to Manchester airport lounges, you're sure to start your holiday in style.

They're really easy to add to your booking too. Once you've selected your airport hotel you will be presented with a list of upgrade options, then just choose the ones you fancy! You can even add travel insurance and FairFX cards.

And of course, you can also upgrade to hotels with parking. This is great if you're travelling with your car and you'd rather avoid the rush hour traffic. We've got some great deals for Manchester airport hotels and parking, so you can even save yourself some money.

Top tip

We've got some great Manchester airport hotels photos and videos if you'd rather see something more visual.