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Heathrow Airport Hotels

Never beaten on price

Holiday Extras make it easy to find a Heathrow airport hotel. Our packages are varied to suit all of our customers, we have cheap hotel rooms from just £29.00 per night, and hotel and parking packages from only £69.00.

Our Heathrow airport hotel deals can save you up to 53%. Enter your dates above for instant quotes and to check out our special offers. If you need a little convincing, read our Heathrow Hotel reviews to find out more.

HotelRoom only priceinc. 1 week parkingStars
Park Inn
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Holiday Inn M4 J4 with parking at the hotel
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Map and Directions
Holiday Inn Express T5 with breakfast
Thistle T5
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Doubletree by Hilton with Drivefly Meet & Greet T2 and 3
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Holiday Inn Ariel
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Hyatt Place
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideo
Heathrow Hotel Bath Road
Holiday Inn Slough Windsor with parking at the hotel
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Sheraton Skyline
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Hilton T5
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Holiday Inn T5
Crowne Plaza
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Sheraton Heathrow Hotel
Heston Hyde
Map and DirectionsPhotos
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Heathrow Windsor Marriott Hotel
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Radisson Blu
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Premier Inn
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Hilton T4
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
St Giles with parking at the hotel
Map and DirectionsPhotosReviews
London Heathrow Marriott Hotel
Map and DirectionsPhotosReviews
Map and DirectionsPhotosVideoReviews
Mystery 4-star Hotel

*This is an example price for a reservation on 20-05-2018, valid as of 18-03-2018.

Heathrow hotels with parking

All of our Heathrow hotels can be booked with parking. We have a lot of great deals to choose from so our aim is to make it as fuss free as possible.

The hotels at Heathrow are available with the following parking types: parking at the hotel, official on-site Heathrow parking, Park & Ride or Meet & Greet. Most customers have a preference over cost, distance and convenience. The table below lists our best Heathrow hotels with parking for each of these factors.

Top Heathrow Airport Hotels with Parking
Hotel Parking Type Transfer Time Transfer Type Price with parking*
easyHotel Hotel Parking 15-20 minutes Hoppa Bus from £29.00
Holiday Inn T5 Hotel Parking 20-30 minutes Hoppa Bus from £79.00
Crowne Plaza Park & Ride 15-25 minutes Hoppa Bus from £85.00
Mercure Official Airport Parking 20 minutes Bus Transfer from £55.00
Radisson Blu Meet & Greet 0 Minutes Walking from £90.00

Our top hotels in more detail

If you're still unsure of which hotel to choose, take a look at our best Heathrow hotels with parking deals in more detail below:

Our cheapest Heathrow hotel with parking

Price is an important factor for many customers, and rightly so, travel isn't cheap so making savings where you can is vital. Whether you are looking for a two, three, four or five-star Heathrow airport hotel, you'll be shocked at just how low our prices are.

easyHotel - from £65 inc 1 week hotel parking

The easyHotel is renowned for offering low prices. You won't get plush decor but what you will get is convenience and comfort at the affordable price of £65, and that's with on- site easyHotel parking included.

Top tip

If you're not travelling to the airport with a car take a look at our Heathrow airport hotels without parking, and the information we have regarding getting to Heathrow airport by coach.

Most convenient Heathrow hotel with parking

Get the most out of your Heathrow hotel and parking by prioritising convenience. Quick transfers and efficient parking facilities are important for early flyers and families.

Mercure - from £78 inc 1 week Long-Stay parking

The Mercure Heathrow Hotel allows you to enjoy the luxury of an overnight stay, with the convenience of an Official car park included in the price, all from just £78. Parking at the airport following a relaxing hotel stay makes the journey home, a smooth one. Simply, check out in good time before your flight and head straight for the airport to park your car.

By booking your Heathrow hotel and parking together you can save time and money. Our booking process is simple, enter your travel dates and we will find the best hotel and parking packages available, then you're just a few simple clicks away from securing one of our deals.

The closest Heathrow hotel with parking

By far the easiest and most stress-free package we offer is to stay within the airport grounds. It may not be the cheapest option, but time for many customers is paramount.

Radisson Blu - from £105 inc 1 week Meet & Greet parking

Book a luxury hotel room at the Radisson Blu Heathrow Hotel and Meet & Greet parking can be included. It might be a slightly higher price than an off-site hotel stay, but in exchange for spending that little bit extra, you'll have your car collected and you can walk to check-in.

* Prices quoted here are correct at the time of writing but are subject to change. Please search for availability and prices for the dates you require.

Top tip

Heathrow's pretty massive - and especially if it's the first time you've flown from there, it can be a bit overwhelming. That's why we've created a Heathrow airport guide so you can find out everything you need to know about the airport before you fly. Our Heathrow airport baggage and security page is especially useful if you want to know what you can and can't take in your luggage - or visit our Heathrow airport restaurants and bars and Heathrow airport shopping pages to find out how you can spend all that time before take-off. Or, if you're interested in visiting nearby attractions, take a look at our Heathrow and its surrounding areas page.

On-airport hotels at Heathrow Terminals

We have hotels that are a convenient, short walk from the terminal and we have some great deals on hotels near Heathrow Airport with transfers of just 5 minutes.

There are plenty of reasons to book a hotel on-site at Heathrow with trustworthy and quality hotel names and plenty of airport parking options to name a few. And you can take comfort in knowing that whichever hotel you choose will mean either a short walk to check-in or a quick Heathrow Hoppa bus ride to the terminal doors.

There are plenty of Heathrow hotels near to Heathrow, you'll find lots of them on Bath Road which is just on the outskirts of the airport's perimeter. Although this is very close to Heathrow, they still require a transfer. If you're after a hotel that is within the grounds of the airport, check out our two hotels below.

Onsite Heathrow Airport Hotels - Transfer Times
Hotel Name Terminal Transfer Time
Hilton Heathrow T4 Terminal 4 Walk 5 mins
Sofitel Heathrow Terminal 5 Walk 5 mins

Walk to Heathrow terminals from your hotel

Staying within walking distance of Heathrow Airport can really take the edge off an early morning flight and it also means you can enjoy your hotel room for just that little bit longer.

If you're staying at one of our Heathrow on-airport hotels, walking to terminal 5 from your hotel couldn’t be simpler via the covered walkway leading you right to the terminal doors. This is a great option for disabled passengers and families travelling with young children and too much luggage to carry.

If you’re looking to travel to the airport by car then you can find out more information about a hotel stay with airport parking.

Heathrow Sofitel Lobby

The Heathrow Sofitel


Walk to the terminal in 5 minutes

Sofitel hotel at London Heathrow terminal 5

As one of our most luxurious 5-star airport hotels, you’ll do well to find a hotel at Heathrow airport that provides comfort and convenience better than the Sofitel Heathrow hotel at terminal 5.

Make the most of your stay at the Sofitel with a dip in the pool, a spa treatment or two, some retail therapy in the Avenue Sofitel and treat yourself to a handmade pizza. After a soundless sleep (thanks to the sturdy sound-proof windows) and a satisfying full English breakfast, getting to the terminal from your hotel takes no time at all. Head for the terminal doors via a covered walkway leading you straight to terminal 5. Room-only prices at the Sofitel start from just £135.20*.

If you're flying from another terminal, you can use the Heathrow free bus service from bus stop 7, or take the Heathrow Express train via Terminal 5 station.

Hilton T4 hotel at London Heathrow airport

A night's stay at the Hilton hotel at London Heathrow airport means terminal 4 is reachable via a covered passage way, the walk should take you no more than 5 minutes.

Living up to the quality of its name, the Hilton hotel offers more than just a bed before your flight. Treat yourself to a few hours in the health club. There's a 24-hour gym to enjoy a workout, a large pool and sauna to let off steam, and a beauty salon if you'd like a new you to take on your travels. With three restaurants and a few bars to choose from, there's no need to leave the hotel for an evening of fine wining and dining.

Head for the passageway after a delicious breakfast, and you should find yourself at terminal 4 with plenty of time to spare. If you're flying from another terminal, you can use the Heathrow Express train or the free bus service to catch your flight - with plenty of time to spare! You can stay at the Hilton London Heathrow airport hotel from prices as low as £130*

Our best alternative

Booking an on-airport hotel stay means you couldn't feel closer to the runway if you tried but, it's easy to forget that London Heathrow is the UK's largest airport. With four terminals to fly from, we've made sure to pick the best airport hotels with the quickest transfers to and from Heathrow.

Heathrow Hilton at Terminal 5

Heathrow Hilton at Terminal 5

Take the Heathrow Hoppa to T4 and 5
The free Heathrow Express train will
connect you to T2 and 3 from T5

Hilton T5 hotel at Heathrow airport

Sitting less than a stone's throw away from terminal 5 is the Hilton London Heathrow airport hotel. It's the newest hotel to be added to the Heathrow collection, with a few extras to shout about. Inside the hotel lobby, you won't have to walk far to find a few stylish bars, a delicious meal at Mr Todiwala’s Kitchen restaurant, and a top-notch spa to really unwind.

Better still, the rooms are spacious and tastefully decorated, with family rooms at Heathrow airport hotel available if you're travelling with the whole gang. There's plenty of time to tuck into a hearty breakfast because transfers to and from Heathrow terminals take no time at all. To stay the night in such a convenient location and luxury hotel, room-only prices start as low as £108*

FREE transfers between Heathrow Terminals

Please note: The hotels above are listed according to the terminal to which they are closest. They do however, have transfers available if you are flying from an alternative terminal.

Whilst you can easily walk between terminals 2 and 3 using the covered pathway, you should allow yourself some extra time if you're flying out of a different terminal. You can simply hop on the Heathrow Express train between Terminal 5 station and Heathrow Central station (For terminals 2 & 3) in under 20 minutes.

You can also make use of the free bus service from bus stop 7 to all terminals. Look out for bus numbers 482 (heading to Southall Town Hall) or 490 (Pools on the Park).

Book at the best price

The thought of staying so conveniently close to the runway can make your wallet twitch, but we've got loads of top tips for you to make savings and find some cheap hotels. There's plenty to choose from, so we're sure our Heathrow airport hotel prices will deliver a pleasant surprise.

* Prices quoted here are correct at the time of writing but are subject to change. Please search for availability and prices for the dates you require.

Heathrow Hoppa Bus

The Heathrow Hoppa makes traveling from your hotel to any of the terminals at Heathrow quick and easy.

Travelling around the UK's largest airport doesn't have to be stressful...the Heathrow Hoppa Bus is a simple way of getting from your Heathrow hotel to any of the terminals at the airport.

Heathrow Hoppa Timetable

Take a look at the full Hoppa Bus timetable on the National Express site; you can see here when each hotel is visited and the journey times to terminals.

Transport around Heathrow doesn't really get any more efficient than the Heathrow Hoppa bus; it runs from nearly 30 Heathrow hotels to all 5 terminals and it operates 24 hours a day, so no matter what time you fly, you'll be able to make a quick journey to check-in.

The cost of the Hotel Hoppa at Heathrow is only £4.50 each way or £8 return and kids go free*.

Make use of the Hoppa bus with Holiday Extras hotels

Holiday Extras have loads of Heathrow hotels to choose from, here are just a few that have the handy Hoppa Bus available on their doorstep, making your journey to check-in as hassle-free as it can be!

Hoppa' board from the Thistle

The Thistle Hotel is only 2 miles from Heathrow. It's so close in fact, you can view the runway from the hotel's restaurant. The transfer links are what make this such an ideal Heathrow hotel, the Heathrow Hoppa pulls right up to the hotel door, leaving you to enjoy your morning journey without the stress of the battling the airport traffic.

The Hotel Hoppa runs regularly during the airport's opening hours. From Terminals 2 and 3, the Hoppa service runs every 20 minutes from 04:47 to 23:54. From Terminal 4 the service runs every 30 minutes from 04:51 to 23:51 and from Terminal 5, it runs every 30 minutes from 05:02 to 00:02.

Heathrow Hoppa from the Thistle Hotel

A Hoppa bus, a skip and a jump from the Ibis hotel

Don't let the cheap price of the Ibis Hotel at Heathrow fool you into thinking you'll have to scrimp on convenience. As well as contemporary rooms and a welcoming restaurant, the Ibis has excellent transfer connections. You can catch the Heathrow Hoppa bus from the hotel direct to the airport and back

The bus runs regularly from all terminals. From Terminals 2 and 3, the Hoppa service runs every 20 minutes from 04:52 to 23:34. From Terminal 4 the service runs every 30 minutes from 04:59 to 23:29 and from Terminal 5, it runs every 30 minutes from 04:43 to 23:13.

27 hotels in and around Heathrow have the Hoppa bus available: Here is a list of hotels available from Holiday Extras whereby the transfers are onboard the Hoppa Bus:

You can also view the full Hoppa Bus timetable on the National Express site.

An overnight stay at Heathrow doesn't have to dent your holiday funds, even our 4-star hotels can be cheap, you just need to know how to find the bargains...Cue Holiday Extras.

Holiday Extras are dedicated to making your holiday hassle-free and we know that to do so, we need to make hotels at Heathrow affordable for all our customers. As well as the handy information we have provided below, including an instant, additional 10% off, we have a dedicated page on how to find cheap Heathrow airport hotels.

Cheap deals on Heathrow hotels

When you book a cheap Heathrow hotel with Holiday Extras, it by no means suggests your hotel is going to be poor quality. We have spent the past 32 years building relationships with hotels we love and trust, the great deals we have negotiated are passed directly to you.

Here is a list of some of our cheapest Heathrow airport hotels:

Cheap Heathrow Airport Hotels
Hotel Name Star Rating Cost
easyHotel Heathrow 2 star £25
Ibis Hotel 3 star £39
Heathrow Mercure 4 star £45
Holiday Inn Express 3 star £49
Thistle Hotel 3 star £53.10
Holiday Inn T5 4 star £58.65
Sheraton Heathrow 4 star £79

When you're ready, use our quick and easy booking form above, the results will show you the lowest prices we have available for your selected dates, check out a few of our recommended cheap hotels at Heathrow below:

The Ibis Heathrow

The Ibis Hotel at Heathrow is a must for anyone who will benefit from staying close to Heathrow but doesn't want to pay big bucks for the privilege. The 3 star Ibis hotel is only 2 miles from Heathrow and benefits from the Hoppa Bus stopping at the hotel and taking passengers to all terminals at Heathrow. As well as a warm welcome and comfortable rooms, the Ibis has a great restaurant where the whole family can eat for very little cost. When booked in advance with Holiday Extras, the Ibis can be booked for as little as £37, which is exceptional value for money for an overnight stay at Heathrow. For more information on the Ibis, click here.

Heathrow Hotel Ibis

The easyHotel Heathrow

easyHotels are renowned for offering cheap but cheerful hotel stays and the easyHotel at Heathrow is no exception. The rooms may be basic but they are comfortable and will still ensure you have a good nights sleep before your flight. It is a 2-star hotel and is only 2 miles from the airport, so if the convenience of being close to the airport outweighs the extra luxuries other Heathrow hotels bring, the easyHotel is for you. Prices start as little as £42. For more information on the Heathrow easyHotel, click here.

easyHotel Heathrow

Heathrow Mercure

The Mercure hotel at Heathrow is a family favourite. Kids have a dedicated play area with toys, a Playstation 3 and an Xbox to keep them entertained and a children's menu at dinnertime with home-cooked favourites. What's more, children 11 and under eat free if they're with an adult. It is a great choice for Heathrow hotels with family rooms. The hotel is warm, welcoming and comfortable, and only 2 miles from the airport, so a stay here will soon have you relaxed in time for your holiday. With prices from only £45, this 4-star hotel will not disappoint. For more information on the Heathrow Mercure, click here.

Heathrow Mercure Hotel

* Prices quoted here are correct at the time of writing but are subject to change. Please search for availability and prices for the dates you require.

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Booking early works in your favour

We always advise our customers to book as early as they can. This ensures the availability will be better, meaning you have a wider selection of rooms to suit you and your budget, and also the further in advance you can book, the better the special offers will be, meaning there is a better chance of grabbing yourself a bargain on one of our Heathrow hotels.

E.g: a nights stay in the Heathrow Ibis, when booked a week before, will cost around £53 however, book it a few months in advance and the same room in the same hotel will cost just £37, a saving of £17 that is much better spent elsewhere.

Top tip

As much as we encourage our customers to book early, we also appreciate that travel plans can change unexpectedly. That's why we recommend our cancellation waiver. For just £2.49 you have the option to cancel up to 24 hours before you travel and get a full refund.

Found it cheaper? We'll match that price!

We are so confident in the prices of our hotels at Heathrow airport we have a Never Beaten On Price policy to back it up. If you can find the same hotel package cheaper elsewhere, we'll match the cost. Our policy guarantees the best price on the market.

Experts guide to the best hotels at Heathrow Airport

Holiday Extras Confidence Image

Whether you're looking for price, convenience or distance, our travel experts have got it covered in this nifty guide to our Heathrow airport hotels.

And with over four million bookings to our name, you can be sure we really are the experts we say we are.

All of our Heathrow Airport Hotels are hand picked, tried and tested hotels we trust, so you can be confident we are only offering the best. And if you're still not sure, check out our Customer Reviews to see what our customers think.

Heathrow airport hotel options

Heathrow is the busiest airport in the UK and with so many travellers passing through its doors each year, it's no surprise that it has one of the biggest and best selection of airport hotels to offer. Whether you're after hotels within the airport grounds, hotels nearby or hotels in nearby towns, Heathrow airport has it all. And with so many hotels to choose from, we are confident you will find the perfect hotel for you. We even have Heathrow airport hotels with parking, so you don't have to buy your parking separately.

With so many options we know it can be tricky to find the best hotel for your needs, so we've put together this guide to the best Heathrow airport hotels for price, distance and convenience.


£- If you're on a budget, easyHotel, Ibis and Thistle T5 are all great options. They're cheap, modern, comfortable hotels, a short Hoppa bus transfer away from the airport, for as little as £29.00 a night. For more hints and tips on the best deals, check out our cheap hotels page.

££- If you're willing to splash a little more cash on a mid-budget hotel, Renaissance Hotel,Crowne Plaza and Novotel are Heathrow hotels after your heart. All three of these beauties are 4-star luxury hotels only a short transfer away from the airport, complete even with their own swimming pool or health club. Prices start from £68-80*.

£££- And for those seeking hotel splendour, the Heston Hyde Hotel, Raddison Blu Edwardian and Sheraton Skyline are stunning 4 star hotels that will blow you away. Chic bars, top-rated restaurants, gyms, swimming pools (Sheraton Skyline and Heston Hyde Hotel) and luxury cotton galore. .These gorgeous hotels have all the frills, so you're sure to be treated like royalty. Prices start from £90-135*.

Andy Cashmore - Web Developer

"If I have an early morning flight, booking an airport hotel is a must. I don't drive and trains don't start until 5 am, so staying in an airport hotel means I don't have to fork out for an expensive taxi to the airport and I get the added bonus of a chilled evening in, all for a reasonable price."

"I just need a clean and comfortable room to get my head down and save some money, so the cheaper the better!"

"Ibis Heathrow is the perfect choice; it's cheap, it's simple and I can get the Hoppa bus straight to the terminal."

Andy - Web Developer

Top tip

Our Mystery Hotels are a great way to save money. You won't know the name of your hotel until after your booking is complete, but it's guaranteed to be a big brand 3 or 4 star hotel at or nearby the airport.


If staying as close to the terminal as possible is your number one priority, you'll love our on-airport hotels. They're within the airport grounds and some are even attached to the terminal, so you'll never be far from check-in. What's more, airport hotels on-site tend to be the big hotel brands, so you know you'll get great quality rooms too.

Prices start from as little as £29.00 per night.

Staying so close to the airport generally costs a little extra than our off-site hotels, but many of our customers find the time and trouble saved from avoiding busy transfer buses is well worth the extra money, especially for those with young children, lots of luggage or disabled passengers.

The Sofitel Heathrow and Hilton Heathrow T4 are our closest hotels to the terminal. So close in fact, they are both connected by elevated walkways to the terminal itself. The luxury 5 star Sofitel Heathrow is less than a 5-minute walk and has everything you could need: a spa, hair salon, bars, restaurants, even a zen garden. Hilton Heathrow T4 is a 4-star hotel a 6-minute walk from departures and brimming with restaurants, swimming pool, spa, dancer's bar, gym and beach terrace.

Alicia Coyne - Online Advertising Optimiser

"I book to stay in an airport hotel so that I can unwind before the flight, so I like to be really close to the terminal. There's nothing better than kicking back with your full english at the airport, knowing you've avoided all the rush hour traffic and busy transfers."

"Choosing a hotel within walking distance of the terminal is really exciting; it means that the minute you check in to your hotel you can start your holiday!"

"Whenever I need to stay at Heathrow Airport, I book the Hilton Heathrow T4. The hotel itself is stunning, and it's only a 6 minute walk to check-in; I couldn't ask for more."

Alicia - Online Advertising Optimiser

Top tip

The distance from the airport and transfer times can have a huge impact on the way you start your holiday. Check how our Heathrow hotels connected to the terminals or take a look at how far our hotels are from the terminal on our Heathrow hotels map and directions page.


If all you're after is a nice and easy stay at Heathrow, we recommend choosing a hotel with efficient transfers and/or parking facilities. This means that you don't have to worry about buying airport parking separately and that you can sleep soundly knowing that you can get to the airport in quick and effortless time.

Prices start from only £29.00 per day.

You have two options when you book our airport hotels: room only, or with parking. When you book with parking, you park your car at the hotel and leave it there for the duration of your holiday, whilst you jump on a transfer bus to the airport. Some of our hotels also offer Meet and Greet parking, where your drop off your keys and your car is parked for you. Meet and Greet services at Heathrow are an excellent option if you want convenience, you barely need to lift a finger.

The Runnymede-on-Thames is one of our fabulous hotels which offer Meet and Greet Parking. You park your car in the hotel car park overnight and in the morning you simply drive to the terminal. At the terminal, you give your keys to a driver from Purple Parking who will park your car for you and away you go to check-in!

Christina Mattinson - Scrum Master

"I'm all about simple and easy experiences, so when I stay in an airport hotel, I just want to sleep, eat and fly. No confusion and no hassle. That's why easyHotel is so perfect. "

"Meet and Greet Parking is absolutely brilliant, you feel like a celebrity. Someone takes your keys, parks your car and even has it ready for you when you return to the UK."

"Booking my hotel with Meet and Greet means not only do I avoid all the airport traffic, I don't have to spend precious holiday time looking for a parking space."

Christina - Scrum Master

Top tip

Check out our Heathrow hotels FAQ page for frequently asked questions and answers about our products. We've also got a long list of all our Heathrow airport hotel information pages on our Heathrow hotels sitemap.

Upgrades to supplement your Heathrow Hotel

Renaissance Upgrade

Whether you're celebrating an occasion, in need of a pampering or just fancy treating yourself, we have an incredible selection of Heathrow hotel upgrade options you can add to your booking. From honeymoon packages to deluxe room upgrades, 3 course dinners to Heathrow airport lounges, you're sure to have an extra special start to your holiday.

And they couldn't be easier to add to your booking. Once you've selected your desired airport hotel, you'll be presented with a booking page and a list of upgrade options. Pick the upgrades that tickle your fancy and add them straight onto your booking there and then! You can even add travel insurance and Fair FX cards

If you're travelling with your car, you'll be pleased to know you can also add Heathrow parking to your hotel booking. Saves you the time and hassle of booking it separately and may even save you money!

Top tip

If you'd prefer to see something more visual, we have some brilliant Heathrow airport hotels photos and videos to help you make up your mind.

*Price is based on an overnight stay at Gatwick at the time of writing. Prices are subject to change, dependent upon availability.

Reviews and ratings for hotels at Heathrow

The Holiday Extras experts are so dedicated to hassle-free travel they have tried and tested all of the Heathrow hotels we have on offer. However, sometimes it's better to hear from the real critics...our customers.

Our team tell all in in our Experts' Guides, but for refreshingly honest feedback on our services, our customer reviews are the way to go.

Below is a sample of recent Heathrow Airport hotel reviews. For a full view of all customer reviews, visit our Heathrow hotels reviews page.

One night stay and parking for 10 days at Heathrow. This was excellent value. A warm welcome and great service with food and drink. A comfortable bed in a very quiet room set us up for our 5am start.

Mr Coulson, 30 Jan, 2018 (5 out of 5)

Stayed at park inn Heathrow the night before we travelled and parked while away. Fantastic hotel at a great price. Will definitely use again. Best hotel staff.

Mr Bartram, 20 Feb, 2018 (5 out of 5)

Hotel could not be faulted, great location close to Heathrow airport and good value for money. Only downside was parking. We’d paid for airport parking but had some difficulties and don’t think we’d have got a space if we’d have left it any later. Would possibly use again in the future but do think the parking requires improvement.

Miss Morgan, 28 Feb, 2018 (4 out of 5)

Sheraton, Heathrow, very conveniently situated. Excellent hotel with refurbished room, attentive staff and good restaurant. Parking went very smoothly and absolutely no problems. Took taxi on return from airport and for £12 fare is not worth the hassle of the hoppa. Good allround experience.

Mr Jackett, 15 Mar, 2018 (5 out of 5)

We booked a room and parking at the Park Inn for terminal 2 Heathrow. We arrived and the hotel receptionist was very helpful, The rooms are clean and tidy. We have stayed here before and, we believe, there was a slight improvement in the place from last time. We would recommend this to anyone.

Mr Blythe, 17 Mar, 2018 (5 out of 5)

Our Heathrow airport hotels are rated 88% by 57516 guests