Heathrow Airport Parking - FAQs

How much is Airport parking at Heathrow?

Our fantastic Heathrow Parking deals start from only £6.13 per day or £49.00 per week. Our prices are subject to fluctuations throughout the year and are dependent on the type of parking you're after, but if you book in advance you can save up to 50%!

How much is parking at Heathrow Short Stay?

Heathrow Short Stay parking is next to each of the airport's five terminals, and you will find the appropriate drive-up tariffs below.

Heathrow Short Stay parking prices
Up to 30 minutes £4.00 30 minutes - 1 hour £7.20
1 - 2 hours £11.50 2 - 3 hours £14.30
3 - 4 hours £18.70 4 - 5 hours £23.10
5 - 6 hours £28.70 6 - 9 hours £41.90
9 - 12 hours £54.10 12 - 24 hours £61.80
Each 24 hour period or part of £61.80

How long can you stay in the Short Stay car park at Heathrow?

Short Stay parking at Heathrow is recommended for stays up to 5 hours, but you can of course stay for up to 24 hours or more, but this is very costly. Please see the above table for the hourly Short Stay tariffs. You can alternatively park in the Long Stay car park for free for 2 hours, too.

Do you have to pay to drop off at Heathrow?

Dropping passengers off at Heathrow is free if you are doing so at the terminal forecourts. Waiting is not permitted for security reasons, so if you want to have longer dropping off your passenger(s), you can use the Long Stay car park for free for up to 2 hours.

How much does it cost to park at Heathrow Terminal 3?

Our current cheapest Heathrow Terminal 3 parking offer is Drivefly Meet and Greet T3 with 1 week’s parking for £99.00.*

*Price correct at the time of writing.

How much is parking at Heathrow Terminal 4?

Our current cheapest Terminal 4 parking deal is the Purple Parking Park and Ride T4 which is £8.37 per day, or £66.95 per week*. It is 1 mile from the airport via a 5 minute bus transfer.

*Price correct at the time of writing.

Is there a pick up point at Terminal 5 Heathrow?

As Heathrow Airport does not permit picking up passengers from outside any of the five terminals, you need to use the Short Stay car parks instead. For Terminal 5 pick ups, you can use the Fast Track / Overheight Vehicles entrance on the ground floor Short Stay Car Park 5. It costs £12.50 for up two hours. You can also use the Long Stay car park instead, which is free for 2 hours.