Luton Airport Parking - FAQs

How much is Short Term parking at Luton?

The Short Term car park at Luton airport has been renamed the Terminal Car Park 1.

Luton Terminal Car Park 1 (Formerly Multi Storey) parking prices

Up to 30 minutes £8 3 to 4 hours £29
30 to 45 minutes £9 4 to 5 hours £31
45 to 60 minutes £13 5 to 9 hours £49
1 to 2 hours £17 5 to 9 hours £124
2 to 3 hours £22 9 to 24 hours £55

What is Priority Parking at Luton airport?

Priority Parking is the name of the official Meet and Greet service at Luton airport. A professional driver will handle your parking from start to finish, allowing you to walk to and from the airport in just 3 minutes.

How long is Mid Term parking at Luton airport?

The mid in Mid Term parking doesn't refer to how long you can park for, instead it's more of a reflection of how close it is to the airport. The Mid Term car park is located on-site, just a 5 minute shuttle ride away from the terminal. Transfers are FREE and run every 15 minutes.

How many terminals does Luton have?

Luton airport has one terminal building.

What is Meet and Greet parking?

Meet and Greet parking is one of the quickest and easiest airport parking options. Simply drive to the airport, hand over your car and keys to a professional driver who will park your car for you, while you stroll to check-in. When you return your car will waiting for you at the terminal. At Luton airport there are a few Meet and Greet options to consider; Priority Parking, Swift Meet and Greet, Smart Meet and Greet and Drivefly Meet and Greet.

How much is it to park at Luton airport for a week?

Luton airport parking prices fluctuate throughout the year, and are dependant on the type of parking you're looking for. Our current Luton airport parking deals start at just £4.69 per day or £37.49 per week.

Car Park On-the-day price Pre-booked with Holiday Extras Savings by pre-booking
Luton airport Long Term parking £188.00 £39.99 £148.01
Luton airport Mid Term parking £240.00 £52.99 £187.01
Luton airport Terminal Car Park 1 £440.00 £125.99 £314.01

Please note: Prices are for 8 days parking and correct at the time of writing.

How much is Long Term parking at Luton?

When you pre-book with Holiday Extras, 8 days parking at the Long Term car park can cost as little as £39.99 (that's £4.99 per day). You'll always secure yourself a cheaper deal when you book in advance than if you were to just turn up and pay on the gate.

Luton airport Long Term on-the-day prices

Duration Price
Up to 2 hours FREE
1 day £27
Each additional day (or part of) £23

How much is drop off parking at Luton?

Luton airport has a dedicated Drop off / Pick up zone which costs £3 for up to 10 minutes. There are also cheaper alternatives like the Mid Term and Long Term car parks, if you don't mind catching a quick shuttle bus.

Car Park Duration Price* Distance from the terminal
Drop off / Pick up Zone Up to 10 minutes
Each additional minute thereafter
1 - 5 minute walk
Mid Term parking Up to 15 minutes
15 - 25 minutes
25 - 40 minutes
5 minute shuttle bus
Long Term parking Up to 2 hours FREE 10 minute shuttle bus