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Undercover airport hotels

Selected 4 star hotels at Heathrow airport are available through Holiday Extras where the rates are so low that the hotel name remains a secret until the booking has been made.

To book a low priced hotel at Heathrow, without compromising quality, search for your hotel as usual by entering your requirements into our booking search. If an un-named hotel is available it will appear as '4 Star Hotel' in the list of named hotels - select this and start booking.

Book a 4 star airport hotel at a low price..

Rooms only from just £45
Room including 15 days parking from £59.

You will be booking one of the top 4 star hotels close to Heathrow Airport - receiving a guaranteed saving on the normal selling price.

Holiday Extras now call these low priced 3 and four star Hotels - Undercover Hotels - Remember to search for 'undercover' next time that you are looking to save money on your airport hotel.

Undercover hotels are also available through Holiday Extras at Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted, Manchester, Luton, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, East Midlands and Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow airports.