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10 flights leaving on 24/03/17
Flight Departure Terminal
FR3556 24/03/17 06:10
FR3028 24/03/17 06:25
U26021 24/03/17 07:25
U28893 24/03/17 07:40 North
BA2666 24/03/17 13:35 South
BY322 24/03/17 14:00 North
BY388 24/03/17 14:00 2
FR3506 24/03/17 15:05
BY718 24/03/17 15:20
U28895 24/03/17 15:40 North

Marrakech is like no other city on the planet. It’s warm and vibrant, in terms of both climate and culture, and it’s packed with things to see and do. With Menara airport nearby, and a railway station offering easy access to cities like Casablanca, it’s well connected too.

A heady blend of old and new cultures with a distinctly exciting atmosphere

Stepping into Marrakech is quite an experience. The city is immediately welcoming with its uniquely vivacious atmosphere, and you’ll instantly be able to choose from a wealth of activities. It’s divided between the Old Town, a sprawling but intimate series of winding alleys and bustling souks, and New Town, which offers chic art galleries and boutique shopping.

Once you’ve had your fill of the famous markets you can take your time exploring distinctive landmarks like the Museum of Islamic Art, and the city’s ramparts. And just a short distance from the city, the Atlas Mountains offer a haven of peace and natural beauty.

Top 5 things to do in Marrakech

We could fill several pages with a list of things to do in Marrakech. You can find some of our top picks here:

  1. Buy traditional carpets, spices or magical supplies from the maze of souks within the city’s Old Town
  2. Step into the Badii Palace, commissioned by Sultan Ahmed El-Mansour
  3. Take a day trip following Berber Trails in the Atlas Mountains
  4. Relax in the Menara Gardens, to the west of the city, at the foot of the Atlas Mountains
  5. Absorb rousing opera at the Théâtre Royal

Top 5 places to eat in Marrakech

The huge amount of diversity within the city ensures that there’s plenty of choices when choosing where to eat. Here are a few of the tastiest:

  1. Eat delicious cuisine and sip cocktails on the rooftop terrace of Kechmara
  2. Take your pick from the El-Fna food stalls in the Djemaa, which serve authentic dishes like steaming snail soup
  3. Indulge yourself at the Tangia, where classic chicken tangine served with olives and lemon is a rare pleasure
  4. Patisserie Al-Jawda is filled with mouth-watering sweet and savoury delicacies, from figs to desert honey
  5. Follow a lantern-bearer to Ksar Essaoussan, where you can sip mint tea before the rooftop fountain