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Monarch Departures

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46 flights leaving on 29/04/16
Flight Departure Terminal
ZB280 29/04/16 06:00 South
ZB890 29/04/16 06:00
ZB982 29/04/16 06:00
ZB958 29/04/16 06:10
ZB562 29/04/16 06:15
ZB522 29/04/16 06:25
ZB1276 29/04/16 06:30
ZB962 29/04/16 06:50
ZB1236 29/04/16 06:55
ZB672 29/04/16 07:00
ZB970 29/04/16 07:00
ZB652 29/04/16 07:05
ZB32 29/04/16 07:10
ZB402 29/04/16 07:10
ZB580 29/04/16 07:10
ZB212 29/04/16 07:20 South
ZB3592 29/04/16 07:30
ZB934 29/04/16 07:30
ZB842 29/04/16 07:35
ZB262 29/04/16 07:40 South
ZB282 29/04/16 09:00 South
ZB762 29/04/16 09:00 South
ZB616 29/04/16 09:30
ZB770 29/04/16 09:55 South
ZB446 29/04/16 14:00
ZB746 29/04/16 14:00 South
ZB496 29/04/16 14:50
ZB574 29/04/16 15:00
ZB7504 29/04/16 15:00
ZB64 29/04/16 15:10
ZB676 29/04/16 15:20
ZB736 29/04/16 15:40 South
ZB226 29/04/16 15:50 South
ZB5408 29/04/16 15:55
ZB534 29/04/16 16:00
ZB5484 29/04/16 16:00
ZB274 29/04/16 16:20 South
ZB3566 29/04/16 16:30
ZB1724 29/04/16 16:35 South
ZB18 29/04/16 16:45
ZB7252 29/04/16 16:45 South
ZB1254 29/04/16 17:05
ZB1376 29/04/16 17:10
ZB518 29/04/16 17:10
ZB1324 29/04/16 17:15
ZB876 29/04/16 17:45

Created to meet the demand for faster travel, it’s no wonder that Monarch Airlines is now one of the UK’s leading scheduled leisure airlines. The company caters to holidaymakers throughout the UK, operating its flights from London Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, East Midlands, Leeds Bradford and London Luton airports. With a broad range of destinations focused on the Mediterranean, Canary Isles and ski hotspots, Monarch Airlines helps passengers to kick start their holidays in the right way.

The company’s fleet includes cutting-edge aircraft like the Airbus A330-200, and once on board you’re always assured a comfortable flight. In spite of the excellent level of service fares remain comparatively low, and the variety of seating options ensures that Monarch Airlines works as well for professionals as it does for families on holiday.

Extra conveniences – how Monarch Airlines goes the extra mile

  • In-flight entertainment is available on all long-haul flights, showing television programmes and films
  • ’My Seat’ mapping system allows you and your group to choose where you sit on the aircraft
  • Seats can be pre-booked with extra legroom
  • Vantage Club programme offers benefits to frequent flyers
  • Regular and convenient flights to destinations in France, Spain, Gibraltar, Germany, Portugal, the Balearics, the Canaries, Cyprus, Italy, Croatia and Egypt
  • Bi-monthly in-flight magazine with travel guide, destination map, and shopping
  • Winner of the ‘World's greenest airline’ 2011 award at the ITB Berlin travel show
  • On-board meals available


Flight Only
Opting for a Flight Only package grants you a place on the Monarch Airlines flight to your chosen destination.

Essentials Pack
Purchase an Essentials Pack to choose your seat on the plane, and get 23kg of hold luggage per person. Online check-in is included for extra convenience.

Extras Pack
With an Extras Pack you’ll get all of the Essentials benefits, along with an extra 3kg of hold baggage per person, and the chance to book an extra legroom seat.

Monarch Airlines’ regal history

Established in 1968 to meet the demand for charter holidays and fast travel, Monarch Airlines has always been a fast-moving airline with a list of luxury destinations. The company’s fleet of two aircraft steadily grew, and in the 1970s it committed to an all-jet fleet. Currently Monarch Airlines runs no less than 30 leading-edge aircraft with an annual capacity of seven million seats, and holds a number of prestigious industry awards.