Holiday Checklist

Holiday Checklist Generator

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Holiday Checklist

Holiday Checklist

The countdown has started! It's nearly upon you! Got your sunblock and swimwear, visas and vaccinations? Check you have everything you need with our holiday checklist.

Better still, enter your trip details on the left, hit 'Search Once' and we will personalise your checklist to include particular requirements of your holiday, such as packing recommendations based on the weather, your transport needs according to your airport terminal and destination, live flight information, your airline baggage restrictions, discounted airport parking, plus the holiday extras that can transform those little hassles into blissful, fully-fledged holiday mode!

Hand luggage

Passports and visas Travel itinerary
Airline tickets and hotel documentation Credit cards and ID (Driving licence)
Foreign currency/travellers' cheques Sweatshirt / jumper
Valuables: camera, mobile phone etc Books / magazines
Travel sweets Change of underwear
Medication (if prescription take documentation)

Main luggage

Clothes / shoes / underwear Suncream
Swimwear Hat
Sunglasses Toiletries / medicine
Travel adaptors Beach towels
Jacket Translation dictionary

Travelling with children

Activity books / magazines Snacks and drinks
Travel sickness medicine Clothes
Favourite teddy / toy Blanket
Travel sweets

Travelling with babies

Nappies / changing mat Comforter / soothers
Bottles of milk Nappy cream
Baby food Blanket

Three weeks before you travel:

Find out if you or any of your party needs a visa to travel.

Ensure that you and all your party all have EHIC-European Health Insurance Cards, and that all the details are correct.

Find out whether vaccinations or medications are required and make the necessary appointments.

Confirm details of travel arrangements to and from the airport.

Two weeks before you travel:

Order your foreign exchange: currency and traveller's cheques.

For top travel tips, purchase a guide book about the area you are visiting.

Visit the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office website for travel advice about the country you are visiting.

One week before you travel:

Ensure you have received all tickets and paperwork from your travel company.

Upload copies of your travel documents, including passports, driving licences, visa, insurance policies and itineraries onto MyOnlineSafe.

Three days before you travel:

Confirm luggage weights and sizes with your airline. Take a look at the UK airport baggage restrictions for a guide to what is permitted.

Plan your route from home to the airport, ensuring you have all the contact details for the airport hotel or car park you are staying at, and the airline you are flying with.

Leave your house keys and contact details abroad with a trusted friend or relative.

If you have a house alarm, ensure a trusted neighbour has the details or the alarm company if necessary.

One day before you travel:

Sort out your hand luggage - see our 'Hand luggage - what to pack' guide.

Prepare some drinks and snacks for the journey.

If you are driving to the airport, fill the car with petrol, check tyre pressures and oil levels, etc.

Reconfirm your flight times with the airline.

The day of travel:

Check with your airline for flight delays.

Put all tickets, visas, foreign exchange and passports safely in a travel belt or bag, and keep these documents with you at all times.

Check all electrical appliances are switched off and unplugged.

In winter, turn the water off at the mains to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Securely lock all windows and doors...