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San Francisco Departures

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23 flights leaving on 01/03/15
Flight Departure Terminal
AA6188 01/03/15 10:50 5
AY5525 01/03/15 10:50 5
BA285 01/03/15 10:50 5
IB4669 01/03/15 10:50 5
US7140 01/03/15 10:50 5
DL4390 01/03/15 12:20 3
EI147 01/03/15 12:20 2
EY7879 01/03/15 12:20 2
NZ4469 01/03/15 12:20 3
SQ2519 01/03/15 12:20 3
UN7019 01/03/15 12:20 3
VS19 01/03/15 12:20 3
9W5305 01/03/15 13:35 2
AC5082 01/03/15 13:35 2
LH9374 01/03/15 13:35 2
NZ9831 01/03/15 13:35 2
TP8633 01/03/15 13:35 2
UA931 01/03/15 13:35 2
AA6190 01/03/15 15:00 5
AY5527 01/03/15 15:00 5
BA287 01/03/15 15:00 5
IB4671 01/03/15 15:00 5
US7141 01/03/15 15:00 5

Sitting alongside far larger cities as one of America’s finest, San Francisco is a real symbol of the American dream. As soon as you touch down you’ll feel the city’s energy, and as you approach colossal structures like the Golden Gate Bridge it’s hard not to be inspired.

California’s centrepiece

First-time visitors are often amazed by the energy of San Francisco. Populated by the creative and charismatic, it’s a city with a reputation for innovation and booming success, and it knows how to celebrate.

Whether you want to sit back and take in a glamorous show, or dance the night away in a jazz bar, there’s plenty to do for both individuals and families. You could take a cable car over the city centre for an alternative view, or take the evocative trip to Alcatraz Island. And there are plenty of green areas to relax in, like Golden Gate Park, an urban oasis.

Top 5 things to do in San Francisco

Choosing from the flood of attractions in San Francisco can be difficult. We’ve listed some of our preferred activities:

  1. Enjoy sand and fishing hotspots on Baker Beach
  2. Kayak beneath the Bay Bridge and see the city from the water
  3. Take a day trip to Yosemite National Park, where you can marvel at waterfalls, go for a bike ride and spot black bears
  4. Visit the Orpheum for opera and musicals
  5. Watch the San Francisco Giants baseball team or the 49ers NFL team in action

San Francisco’s top 5 landmarks

Some of the landmarks in San Francisco are known around the world. Make sure you visit the following:

  1. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World
  2. Union Square is an historic Civil War site, and the location of the Emporio Rulli half-price theatre ticket booth
  3. Brave ‘The Rock’. Alcatraz was America’s first military prison
  4. Browse the Palace of the Fine Arts within the iconic Presidio
  5. Spot Coit Tower from one of the famous cable cars that span the hills of San Francisco