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Venice Departures

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32 flights leaving on 23/06/17
Flight Departure Terminal
ZB5480 23/06/17 06:10
BY2512 23/06/17 06:15 2
ZB7252 23/06/17 06:15 South
FR792 23/06/17 06:20
BA2582 23/06/17 06:40 South
BY4532 23/06/17 06:45 North
LS343 23/06/17 07:00
LS853 23/06/17 07:15
BA2132 23/06/17 07:20 2
EI422 23/06/17 07:20 2
EY7956 23/06/17 07:20 2
ZB1372 23/06/17 07:20 2
LS801 23/06/17 07:30 1
BA8479 23/06/17 08:20
U28063 23/06/17 08:35 North
AA6317 23/06/17 08:55 5
BA578 23/06/17 08:55 5
FR6571 23/06/17 12:15
AA6475 23/06/17 12:25 South
BA2584 23/06/17 12:25 South
U28067 23/06/17 12:30 North
U22191 23/06/17 12:50
FR794 23/06/17 13:10
U23386 23/06/17 14:25
U23362 23/06/17 15:00
BA2586 23/06/17 15:40 South
U28069 23/06/17 18:05 North
BA2588 23/06/17 18:40 South
FR798 23/06/17 19:05
AA6526 23/06/17 20:15 5
BA598 23/06/17 20:15 5
U28071 23/06/17 20:30 North


Venice is a city of small islands, split by its famous canals and linked with hundreds of bridges. It has a reputation for romance, good food and luxury, and is easy to get around on foot.

A maze of bridges, hidden treasures and architecture

The entire city of Venice is a World Heritage Site, and is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Italy. Start your day with a leisurely stroll over some of the city’s 409 bridges, sample some Veneto cuisine: gelato, antipasti or pizza, and then watch the sunset from the Bridge of Sighs.

Venice is the only fully pedestrianised city in the world and all major landmarks are clearly signposted. On a day trip or a week away, it’s easy to get around without getting lost.

Top 5 things you must do in Venice

Venice is a unique city, offering a huge number of experiences that you just won’t find anywhere else. Make sure you do at least some of these on your trip:

  1. Enjoy a bird’s-eye view from the top of the Campanile
  2. Sample some fresh seafood at a trattoria
  3. Feel the romance at Casa di Giulietta (Juliet’s House)
  4. See three main attractions from the Piazza San Marco
  5. View some European and American art at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum

Top 5 water activities

Without the canals, it just wouldn’t be Venice - and you can’t complete a holiday here without spending at least a little time on the water. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Relax in a gondola and float under the Rialto Bridge
  2. Stop off at a waterside bar for a glass of local vino
  3. Take a tour of the Grand Canal in a vaporetti
  4. Pop over to Murano island to see their famous glassmaking
  5. Do some fishing in the Adriatic Sea close by