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Verona Departures

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8 flights leaving on 25/02/17
Flight Departure Terminal
U28451 25/02/17 06:10 North
BY2628 25/02/17 06:30 2
BY7612 25/02/17 06:30
LS839 25/02/17 06:30
BY4650 25/02/17 06:35 North
EI412 25/02/17 07:00 2
BA2596 25/02/17 08:00 South
FR1542 25/02/17 17:10


Verona sits on the River Adige in Northern Italy, and was once a Roman city. Many of the buildings from this period have been carefully preserved, sitting alongside internet cafes and nightclubs. If you’re seeking a quieter pace during the day, you’ll appreciate how compact the main city area is.

Influenced by the Romans and romance

There’s no better place to fall in love than in the city of romance, and you’ll be swept away by Verona’s beauty and lush surroundings. It’s a place for sightseeing and shopping, enjoying some classical art and music at museums and theatres, and relaxing and taking in the city’s sights and soundsfrom one of the piazzas.

Verona has a more relaxed atmosphere than other Italian cities, and the centre is easy to get around on foot. There are also private Segway tours that are guided and take in all of the city’s main attractions.

Top 5 things to do in Verona

Verona has a strong café culture, and having an al fresco coffee at any of the piazzas is a great excuse to simply sit and watch the world go by. If you’d like to get around and see more of the city, head to some of these stunning landmarks:

  1. Walk or take the lift up Lamberti’s Tower, the tallest in Verona
  2. Enjoy the opera at the Roman ampitheatre
  3. Shop for souvenirs on Via Mazzini, the city’s ‘golden mile’
  4. Go on a wine tasting tour at a nearby vineyard
  5. Stroll around the Giardini Giusti renaissance garden

Top 5 things to eat and drink

When you’re ready to sample some Italian cuisine, Verona has plenty of restaurant options. Pizza is less popular here than in other cities, yet the dishes on offer are varied and delicious. Try some of these menu options:

  1. Pick peara as your sauce - it’s only available in the Veneto region
  2. For the more adventurous eaters, horse meat is a local specialty
  3. Beer lovers can try the Rossa di Verona at most restaurants
  4. Try a savoury crespelle (crepe) filled with spinach and ricotta
  5. No meal in Italy is complete without authentic gelato to finish