Help and advice about your booking

We're dedicated to making your airport experience as easy as possible. That's why it's important to us that you understand what you're booking before you commit. We've set out everything you need to know on this page, so there are no nasty surprises.

Before you book

We do our best to tell you as much about our products as possible before you arrive. We try them out ourselves and regularly update the information so it's as useful as we can make it. Unfortunately, we sell so many great hotels and car parks that some details may change without our knowledge. If you find an error in our information, please tell us as soon as possible so we can correct it immediately.

Some of the hotels, car parks and lounges we sell will have their own terms and conditions, which will also apply to you. We’ll try to provide you with a copy of these. If we can’t, we’ll do our best to make you aware of anything you need to know. Most of our international lounges are supplied by Airport Angel, whose terms and conditions are here.

If you book one of our Mystery products, you'll be getting a great package at a lower price than you'd pay otherwise. We won't be able to tell you what hotel or car park that is until after you've booked and many Mystery products cannot be cancelled once they've been purchased. We'll do our best to tell you anything that might make any of our Mystery products unsuitable, but if you book, you should do so understanding that the Mystery product may not be ideal for your needs. As such, we cannot be accountable for this.


All our prices include VAT and are constantly updated so we can give you the best deal available at the time. Since we offer some amazingly-low rates, a price we've quoted may go up or down if you come back to book later. Make sure you book the package you want when you see it, so we can guarantee you'll pay what we've offered. If you're paying by credit or debit card or by PayPal, we may add an extra charge to cover the costs of processing that payment.

Confirmations by post

If you need a copy sent by post, you can add this to your booking. We'll post the confirmation on the next working day after you booked. If you booked less than seven days before you fly, we'll send it by first-class post, if not, we'll send it second-class. If you need another copy, we'll send you one for 99p each by first-class post. Fees for postal confirmations can't be refunded and we'll still hold you to our terms if your paper confirmation is delivered late or not at all.

Before you fly

We put together handy little guides to what to do at the airport for all our customers and send them out by email with your confirmation. Make sure you read this thoroughly to confirm what you've booked is suitable for you and take it with you when you go on holiday. If you don't follow the instructions we give you, we may not be able to refund you any additional costs you're charged as a result.


Any parking we sell or suggest is at your own risk, so we ask that you don't keep any valuables in your car. You should be prepared to leave your keys with staff as this may be necessary. The car park will have its own terms and conditions, which will also apply to you. We'll try to provide you with a copy of these. If we can't, we'll do our best to make you aware of anything you need to know. If you have a larger-than-average vehicle or a motorbike, please check with us that the car park can accommodate it without an additional charge by calling us on 0871 360 2300 or emailing

Changes and cancellations

You can change the dates, times and details of most bookings with us any time up until 24 hours before the day you have booked. So, if you fly on the 28th, for example, the latest you can cancel is 23:59 on the 25th. Just follow the link in the confirmation email we sent you or give us a call if you want to change your booking. If you paid by PayPal, you will need to cancel online. If you booked with us through another company, you will need to cancel with them directly.

If you cancel, you will be refunded what you've paid, less our cancellation fee, which is £9.50 for a parking booking or £15 for a hotel booking, including ones that offer parking, unless you added a cancellation waiver. With this waiver added to your package, we'll refund you the full cost of your package, less the waiver, but it must be added to the package at the time you booked. If you need to cancel any package for any reason that is beyond our control, then our cancellation fees will apply, unless you have bought a cancellation waiver from us.

Many of our special offers and reduced-rate packages cannot be changed or cancelled. As such, we can't give you a refund for these packages and you can't change the date you have booked for, but you'll find a note telling you that you're booking one of these before you buy.

Sometimes we may have to make changes to your package after you've booked. Should this happen, we'll notify you as soon as we're aware. If the new arrangements are not suitable, we'll offer you a full refund.

At the airport

When you travel, you should take your booking confirmation and the credit or debit card you booked with. The confirmation will give you instructions on what to do on the day and let the hotel, car park or lounge know who you are. If you booked at a discounted rate for yourself as a travel agent, you will need to take a pay slip or proof of employment as confirmation that you are entitled to this. Make sure that you leave enough time to get to your flight as we can't help you if you miss it because you're running late.

If you have any problems on the day, please let staff at the hotel, car park or lounge know so they can help you. If you don't let them know, we may not be able to help you later on. If you're delayed in getting to a lounge, so can't be there for all the time you booked, we cannot offer you a refund.

If you're parking and you arrive before the day and time you booked for or stay later than when you have arranged to leave, you may be charged for the extra parking at the car park's normal price. If you leave earlier than planned, we can't refund any of your money.

When you get home

We hope everything went smoothly, but if you had any problems at all with the services you've booked through us, please contact our Customer Relations team and we'll do our best to put things right. You can get hold of us by clicking here . If possible, please send us copies of any relevant receipts or documents you have.

If you'd rather email, you can get hold of us at or send a letter to:

Customer Relations,
Holiday Extras,
Ashford Road,
CT21 4JF

After you get home, we'll send you an email to ask you how everything went. We might pass some of your details on to an independent company so they can process that information for us, but we won't send it anywhere else or let anyone use your details for marketing.

Free if

When you book with us, we want you to feel confident that you've bagged yourself a great deal. So, if you find the same product you bought through us cheaper somewhere else, we'll give it to you free - so long as it qualifies under our conditions.

This offer doesn't apply to hotel-with-coach products, London city centre or Republic of Ireland products, train tickets, or overseas lounges. For theatre breaks, we can't offer you the product free, but we'll match the price and give you £10 back as well.

You have to use the product you've bought from us and we'll refund you the cost of it after you get back. Products have to be precisely the same. This means it must be the same car park or hotel, offering the same package under the same terms. The cheaper product must be more than 50 pence less than our product and you have to tell us about it less than 24 hours after you've booked, but more than a day before you booked for. The price has to be publicly listed in Sterling and the actual quoted price of the package - not counting any discounts or concessions - must be less than our price. We can't take any charges relating to your method of payment or cancellation protection into account and we may ask you for proof of the cheaper price.


When you make a booking with us, we store your details on our secured database so we have a record of your booking. We do everything we can to keep that information safe, even while you are entering it into the website or giving it to us on the phone.

Where your information goes

Once you've booked, we will use your email address to send you a confirmation of your booking and some suggestions as to other things you can do to make your time at the airport easier. We'll need to send your information to the hotel, car park, etc, so they know you're coming and we may also send it to a company we use to gather information about who books our products so that we can match our service to your needs. If you enter into a competition, we'll send your details on to the other companies involved, who have their own rules about how to deal with it, but other than that, we'll never send your information on to anyone else and we'll never give out your bank details unless we have to by law.

Visiting our website

When you visit our website, we may save a very small file on your computer. You won't see it and it won't take up a lot of memory or change anything on your system. All it does is let our website recognise you next time you visit, so you don't have to go through the whole process of entering your details again. Most websites use these, they're called "cookies".

If you don't want us putting cookies on your computer, that's absolutely fine. All you need to do is set your internet browser to block cookies from our site and your can carry on using it, though some features may not work as well as they would with cookies.

We also use cookies to see what you look at on our site and how long you stay there, so we can make our website as useful as possible for you. Our site may also link up to cookies saved on your computer by other sites, particularly social networking sites like Facebook, so you can share things from our site there.

Google, Facebook and other internet companies also gather information about you so they can recommend products to you. We sometimes ask these companies to send us this information, so we can see what you're interested in and make sure we're offering you everything you need. If you don't want these companies storing your information, then the sites you use should have the option to turn this off.

Our customers' thoughts

“Excellent - everything worked as planned, easy and cost effective. 3rd time I have used your service - no problems at anytime. Thanks for making the start and end of my holiday a pleasure.”
Mr Parsons

"A fantastic and hassle free start and end to our holiday - thank you!"
Mr Newman

"I have already sent an e-mail to your head office in Ashford, Kent thanking you for a really professional service. We will not hesitate to use you again. What we paid for is what we got without any hidden extras. Many thanks."
Mr Wildish

"From booking the hotel with parking to been picked back up at the terminal and returning to the hotel for our car not one problem everything ran very smoothly. I will be using you again when I next go on holiday in November. "
Mrs Robinson