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Airparks Meet and Greet will certainly alleviate some of the pre- flight stress that many travellers experience.

The idea of a meet and greet service is very appealing but a large number of passengers still see meet and greet parking as an elite service.

Now Holiday Extras offer a meet and greet service that is so affordable that it only costs a little more than the standard parking alternatives.

Business travellers who fly frequently often use this service because it is so convenient and easy - Take a leaf out of their book and reserve a top notch parking service for you and your family when you go on holiday this summer.

In a recent survey conducted by Holiday Extras almost half the UK’s travellers agreed that unsociable flight times are stressful and 50% of travellers admit to being ‘rushed, stressed and worried’ in the hours before a flight. A common anxiety is the fear of being late or missing a flight. Lower your pre-flight stress levels and book Airparks meet and greet service.

The Parking procedure is easy - An Airparks driver will be waiting at a pre-arranged meeting point at the Gatwick airport. Then the driver parks your car in a secured compound while you go to check in for the flight. When you return you will be met with your car.

park mark

8 days parking from £89.50
15 days parking from £112.95

Your car will be stored at Airparks which is close to Gatwick. Airparks are holders of the Park Mark award for secured parking.

**Please Note: These prices are correct for a booking searched on the 8th of April 2008 - Prices are subject to change - Book Gatwick airport parking in advance to get the best price and availability.