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For a speedy getaway, choose DriveFly Meet and Greet at Heathrow Airport. Ideal for busy businessmen and laden-down pleasure travellers alike, this convenient valet service is the perfect choice for quick and easy parking. Just drive to your terminal to meet one of our dedicated chauffeurs and they'll do the rest - all you need to worry about is catching your flight! Your car is stored in the high security DriveFly car park for the duration of your holiday and when you get back, simply return to where you dropped your car off.

One of the most popular of our Heathrow Parking options, choose DriveFly Meet and Greet for a hassle-free parking experience at any of Heathrows four terminals.

Reasons to book DriveFly Meet and Greet

  • No need to search for a parking space - just drop your car at the Short Stay car park and collect it there when you're back.
  • You won't need to transfer - just head straight to check-in.
  • You'll be met by a fully trained and insured chauffeur.
  • Your car will be stored at the Drivefly car park - it has security fencing, CCTV, entry and exit barriers, security lighting and 24-hour security.

Arrival at DriveFly Meet and Greet

This car park will phone you on the day before your stay. If you don't hear anything, give them a call on 0800 731 6617 or 07545 004 379 when you are 15 - 20 minutes away from the terminal. They'll arrange a driver to meet you at the Terminal 4 Short Stay car park.

Pull in to Terminal 4 Short Stay Car Park. Take a ticket at the entrance barrier - you'll need to hand this to your driver.

Drive down to level 2 and park by the middle lift. You will be met by a chauffeur who will have all your booking details. Look out for their black jackets with the Drivefly company logo.

Open 4am - Midnight

Getting to and from Heathrow airport

You will be called 20-30 minutes prior to your arrival time to confirm your drop off time. After following directions to the Short Stay car park, you will be greeted by a chauffeur, who will have all your booking details and will be wearing a black jacket with Drivefly company logo on it. You'll be given a phone number to call so the chauffeur can bring your car back after your holiday. Just hand over your keys and head to check-in. Drivefly will take care of the rest.

In the event that you do not receive a phone call from one of our staff members within 20-30 minutes prior to your arrival, please call the car park.

On your return to DriveFly Meet and Greet

Once you have collected your luggage and cleared customs, call the number your driver gave you when your car was collected.

Walk out of the airport, following signs for Terminal 4 Short Stay Car Park, level 2. Your car will be returned by the middle lift.

Depending on the product you have paid for; you may be required to pay for the airport exit fee on your return. Please ask our driver for clarification.

Open 4am - Midnight

More information

You must provide the car park with your vehicle details and flight information before you arrive.

Drivefly is only available to take and return cars between 04:00 and 00:00.

During bank holidays, there may be some changes in how the parking works. Drivefly will tell you about this if it affects you.

If you don't hear from the car park, just call them 20-30 minutes before you arrive on 0754 500 4379.

We did not spot the need to phone you before arriving at H'row but your staff were extremely helpful!

Mr Glasper (Heathrow Meteor Meet and Greet)

The written instructions to drive to a certain level on the car park were followed precisely by me. No-one was there to meet me. I called the number provided and was told that I should have called you half an hour earlier. This was not in your written instructions. They then told me I was on the wrong level of the car park. I said I was on the level given in the written instructions. I was told to go to another level and would be met in minutes. I tried to get to this level, but could not. I called the telephone number again and told them this. They said they would send a driver to me. Eventually the driver arrived and demanded £12 to take my car from the car park. I called the number again and eventually my car was taken without further payment from me. All of this took almost minutes and I was almost late checking in. Very annoyed by your representatives, their attitude and insistence that I was in error.

Mr Simkins (Heathrow Meteor Meet and Greet)

Instructions were poor for both drop off and collection. Drivers could bearly speak English. Was frustrating from start to finish

Mr Farmer (Heathrow Meteor Meet and Greet)

The car was returned and the carpets inside the car, the foot well was absolutely covered in mud, dried mud !
When we said to the driver his attitude was just emailed the company
Should have a reduction in the cost money back to cover the cost of cleaning the carpets

Mr Reck (Heathrow Meteor Meet and Greet)

everything very good. On return stood by car for mins until someone arrived with key. After over hours of travelling with still a long drive to go, it was slightly frustrating.
Yes would use again

Mr Farrell (Heathrow Meteor Meet and Greet)

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Overall rating: 78% by 56 guests

* Prices quoted are for stays on the 16-12-2017, valid as of 16-10-2017