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Stansted Airport Departures

199 flights leaving Stansted Airport today

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Let us help you find your flight and we can provide you with flight status, weather, airport services, destination guides, holiday checklist, baggage allowance, hand luggage sizes, airport & airline news and much more.

Flight Departure
BY5212 06:00
FR2642 06:10
U23111 06:10
U23249 06:10
FR52 06:20
FR522 06:20
FR792 06:25
FR8266 06:25
FR8542 06:25
FR1005 06:30
FR203 06:30
FR4194 06:30
FR5996 06:30
FR805 06:30
FR8117 06:35
FR6541 06:40
FR1079 06:45
FR2372 06:45
FR4976 06:45
FR8132 06:45
FR8166 06:45
FR8776 06:45
FR9142 06:45
FR8363 06:55
FR966 06:55
BY5274 07:00
FR464 07:00
FR8351 07:00
U23001 07:00
FR194 07:05
U23159 07:05
FR712 07:15
MT7284 07:15
FR3632 07:20
FR752 07:20
AB5821 07:25
EY5368 07:25
F7273 07:25
FR8584 07:25
FR124 07:30
FR2314 07:30
FR5172 07:35
FR9772 07:40
FR3252 07:45
FR8288 07:45
FR8164 07:50
U2255 07:50
4U3375 07:55
4U355 07:55
4U9375 08:00
FR3072 08:00
FR4192 08:00
LH5141 08:00
FR205 08:05
U2207 08:10
FR584 08:20
FR9810 08:20
FR103 08:25
FR1392 08:25
U2231 08:25
FR1884 08:30
FR2136 08:30
FR5994 08:30
FR7961 08:30
FR8353 08:30
FR901 08:30
FR2432 08:40
FR8678 08:40
FR15 08:45
FR3002 08:45
BE6622 09:00
FR9271 09:00
MT7814 09:00
FR8343 09:40
FR207 09:55
FR1903 10:05
FR972 10:05
FR2462 10:15
FR3131 10:25
FR8382 10:35
FR982 10:40
FR9014 10:50
FR1788 10:55
FR1782 11:05
FR8582 11:10
CV7112 11:15
CV7112 11:15
CV7112 11:15
CV7112 11:15
FR1021 11:30
FR2634 11:35
FR8386 11:50
U2233 11:50
FR372 11:55
FR2404 12:00
FR2468 12:05
FR2144 12:15
FR3918 12:25
FR8028 12:30
FR2336 12:35
U2259 12:40
U23191 12:40
CY327 12:45
BY5232 12:55
FR9044 12:55
PC502 12:55
PC502 12:55
FR6543 13:10
FR2281 13:15
FR1396 13:20
U23227 13:25
FR225 13:40
FR8403 13:40
FR3004 13:45
FR2612 13:50
FR8592 13:50
U23005 13:50
FR4196 14:00
FR7608 14:05
9U834 14:10
FR8546 14:15
FR7611 14:20
FR5061 14:25
U23149 14:30
FR215 15:00
FR5986 15:00
FR701 15:05
FR32 15:10
U23095 15:15
FR1836 15:20
FR1013 15:30
FR514 15:35
FR3636 15:55
FR8162 16:00
AB5823 16:10
F7275 16:10
U2237 16:10
4U359 16:30
FR1905 16:40
FR9273 16:50
U23251 16:55
FR1007 17:00
FR682 17:00
FR2368 17:10
FR297 17:10
BY432 17:15
FR2244 17:15
FR2644 17:15
FR1202 17:20
FR168 17:25
FR9251 17:25
FR2283 17:30
CV7172 17:35
CV7172 17:35
FR2318 17:40
FR8371 17:40
FR1711 17:45
U2217 18:05
FR3014 18:10
FR611 18:10
FR9814 18:10
FR1882 18:15
4U9371 18:20
U23067 18:20
BE6626 18:25
FR3634 18:30
FR968 18:35
FR58 18:45
FR588 18:45
FR8544 18:45
FR1598 18:50
FR758 18:50
FR8378 18:55
FR271 19:00
WT8026 19:04
U23009 19:05
FR4198 19:10
FR8976 19:20
FR8405 19:25
FR2436 19:40
FR3556 19:45
U2263 19:45
FR8321 19:50
AB5825 19:55
F7277 19:55
FR109 19:55
FR905 19:55
FR1394 20:15
4U2379 20:20
4U3371 20:20
FR7973 20:20
FR5998 20:25
FR293 20:30
FR5178 20:30
FR9282 20:35
4U357 20:45
PC520 23:35
PC520 23:35
WT8004 23:55

You've come to the right place to check all Stansted departures. Wherever and whenever you’re flying, we’re here to make sure you board your plane without a hitch.

Checking your flight status?

Above you can find live status updates on all flights leaving Stansted airport today – or just enter a flight number and date into the fields top left. We’ll tell you the status of your flight, where the plane is, and the weather and forecast at your destination. We’ve also got details about the aircraft you’ll be flying in and your airline, and recommendations for places to visit at your destination.

Stansted Departures - Ryanair

Ryanair are one of Europe's leading airlines and operate many daily Stansted departures to over 120 destinations. With more than 14.5 million travellers expected to fly with Ryanair from London Stansted in 2014, we want to ensure you, the passenger, have a well-planned, hassle-free holiday.

Use our filter to select Ryanair as your airline, or type your flight number and/or date, and your scheduled flight will show in the list. From here you will find all the information needed for your Ryanair flight.

Useful Information:

Ryanair operate an online check-in procedure; you can do this from 15 days in advance and up to 2 hours before your flight. By doing this and printing your boarding pass online, you can save time spent on the pre-security procedures. It is important to remember your boarding pass as it is likely Ryanair will charge you to have it printed at the airport.

Stansted Departures - easyJet

EasyJet is one of Europe's fastest-growing airlines and it's no surprise they have plans to more than double their daily Stansted departures by 2018. Currently operating flights to 27 destinations from London Stansted, easyJet will soon be adding new services to Bulgaria, Morocco and Egypt; increasing passenger numbers to 6 million per year.

The departures list above will supply you with helpful information about your airline and also your destination.

Useful Information:

Whether you are travelling with a cabin bag or hold luggage, easyJet operate a quick, online check-in for all Stansted departures. You can check-in online and print your boarding pass from 30 days and up to 2 hours before the scheduled departures of your flight. There is only one terminal building at Stansted and you will find the easyJet Bag Drop in Zone C.

Stansted Departures - Air Berlin

Air Berlin is Germany's second largest airline and the third largest carrier at London Stansted. Offering direct connections across Germany and onward links throughout Europe, its Stansted departures provide the ideal starting point for access to its long-haul network to destinations such as New York, Miami, the Caribbean and far-east.

Now operating for 35 years, Air Berlin have prided themselves on offering low-fares with allocated seating, complimentary refreshments, child discounts and in-flight entertainment as standard.

Useful Information:

Air Berlin make it quick and easy for you to check-in for your Stansted departure. You can now check-in online between 30 hours and 45 minutes before your departure using their web check-in or their dedicated mobile app which even allows you to select your own seat and check-in your luggage (Air Berlin Bag Drop - Zone A). You can print off your boarding pass, download it via Passbook, receive a link via SMS or email, or collect it from the airport - whatever is best for you.

At London Stansted, Air Berlin are located in the main terminal in Zone A. Here you can check-in and drop off your bag up to 2 hours before you fly.

Stansted Departures - Thomson Fly

From Spain to Greece, Egypt to Cyprus - Thomson Fly’s Stansted departures are your gateway to the sun and some of the world’s best beaches.

As with many airlines, Thomson Fly allow online check-in for all flights. You can print your boarding passes at home, simply drop any luggage at one of their Bag Drops and Check-in Desks up to 2 hours before your flight, and make your way through to the departure gate.

Stansted Departures - Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus has been flying for 20 years and is Turkey’s most established private airline. Flights to Dubai have recently been added to its extensive list of Stansted Departures and this destination is proving popular, joining other Middle East connections on the Pegasus long-haul network, including Tel Aviv, Tehran and Beirut.

Useful information:

Like many airlines, you can check-in online with Pegasus Airlines when flying from London Stansted. However, you may need to brush up on your Turkish when using the website to ensure you jet-off without a hitch. Alternatively, you can check-in three hours prior to scheduled departure. If there's any doubt, it is best to check directly with the airline.

Stansted Departures - Aurigny Airlines Services

Flights to the beautiful Channel Islands could not be easier with Aurigny Air Service’s Stansted departures. With daily flights from London Stansted to and from Jersey and Guernsey; it’s easy to visit some of the best beaches and sample some of the finest food in Europe without leaving the British Isles.

Online check-in with Aurigny is available to passengers with or without hold luggage and is open 72 hours before departure. Aurigny’s Bag Drop is Zone E and opens 2 hours 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Don’t forget - Photographic ID is required despite travelling within the British Isles. Passengers who do not have suitable ID will not be permitted to travel.


There’s only one terminal at Stansted, and the check-in area is on the ground floor. Look for your flight number on the screens near the entrance to see which desk you need.

Your airline or your ticket will be able to tell you your check-in time for definite, but as a guide Stansted airport recommends that you check in three hours beforehand for long-haul and charter flights, and two hours beforehand for European and domestic flights.

Many airlines - including easyJet, Ryanair, airberlin, Aurigny and Pegasus - now allow you to check in online, though some restrict this option to passengers with no hold baggage. If you check in online, make sure you print your boarding card, as some airlines will charge you to have it printed at the airport.

Baggage allowance

You should contact your airline to find out your allowance for both hold and hand baggage. Most airlines flying from Stansted only allow one item of hand luggage, which will be screened before you get onto the plane. The main restriction for hand luggage concerns liquids, which may only be brought into the cabin in volumes of 100ml or less. Find out more here.

Book Stansted airport parking and hotels

Have you thought about where you’re going to leave your car while you’re on holiday, or whether you need somewhere to stay the night before your flight? It’s best to sort your Stansted airport parking and Stansted airport hotel as soon as possible to get the best deals – the earlier you book, the more money you can save. If you need both airport parking and an airport hotel, your best bet is to go for one of our packages that combines both, as they’re even better value than booking the two separately.


You can drop passengers off or pick them up at the free set-down point in the Mid-Stay car park, where you can park for free for up to an hour. Passengers can catch the free bus to the terminal, which takes five minutes and runs every ten minutes. Even if you need to stay for two hours, it’s only £1, though after that you’ll pay the car park’s normal charges. If you need to be closer to the terminal, you’ll can pay to drop off in the Express Set Down area (it’s £2 for ten minutes, and you can’t leave your car) or the Short-Stay car park (£2.80 for 25 minutes). (Prices correct on August 21, 2013.)