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Short Stay Standard, Stansted Airport, Essex, CM24 1RW.

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The Short Stay car park at Stansted airport couldn't get any closer to the terminal if it tried. Directly outside of the terminal, the car park is only a 2 minute walk from your car to the check in desks. Ideal for those with a lot of luggage, young children, those who are in a fact, due to it's location and simple procedures, booking Stansted airport parking at the Short Stay is ideal for everybody.

There are no transfer buses to board, you simply drive to the car park, park your car and walk to the airport terminal. Moreover, you get to keep your keys, so you can jet off on your travels knowing your car is parked safely in Stansted's Official Short Stay.

The Short Stay car park has security well and truly covered, 24-hour CCTV, lighting and regular patrols make this a very wise Stansted airport parking option.

Upgrade to Short Stay Premium

If time is precious, why not pay an extra few pounds and upgrade to Short Stay Premium, you will park as close to the terminal as possibly, meaning your walk is only 3 minutes to check-in. Use the search function above to check for availability.

Reasons to book Stansted Short Stay

  • Short and sweet- simply park up, lock up and walk the short distance to the terminal.
  • Regularly patrolled and protected by entry and exit barriers, a fence and lighting.
  • An official on-airport car park.
  • A great option for disabled customers - there are no transfer buses.

Arrival at Stansted Short Stay

Pull up to the car park’s barrier - it will read your number plate, give you a ticket and open for you. If you have any problems, press the button to talk to the car park’s team, but make sure you don’t push the ticket button or you will be charged again for your parking. Try to get to the car park at least half an hour before your flight to make sure you have time.

Getting to and from Stansted airport

There's no need to take a transfer. It takes between 3 and 7 minutes to stroll to check-in.

On your return to Stansted Short Stay

Walk back to the Green car park. When you've collected your car, drive to the barrier and it will open to let you out. If the barrier doesn’t open, press the button to speak to someone at the car park.

More information

While our prices are cheaper than those you'd pay at the airport, the shortest time we can offer parking for is 24 hours. If you're parking at the car park for less time, it may be significantly cheaper to pay when you arrive. We can't offer you a refund if you book through us for less than 24 hours and find the price at the car park is less.

Stansted Short Stay Address

Short Stay Standard,
Stansted Airport,

CM24 1RW

Longitude 0.266921
Latitude    51.89257

I was very impressed that you noticed that I had booked the car park at stansted twice and contacted me to ask about it.
Hwever on arrival at the car park my car was not recognise and they could not find my booking. It's a good job I had printed out a copy of my confirmation other wise I may have had to pay again and it would have been a lot more money.
From a good start unfortunately your service was not so good when I arrived at the airport.
I would book again but only because I have previously had good service. If this had been my first time using holiday extras then probably not.

Mrs Blake (Stansted Stansted Short Stay)

Car park 3 mins walk from airport building. Best airport parking we have used. Good instructions, all went smoothly.

Mr Hogg (Stansted Stansted Short Stay)

Long queue of traffic to get into airport and car park, the ticket machine had jammed due to the rain, made the start of the break stressful

Mrs Shinkins-Haines (Stansted Stansted Short Stay)

I was surprised that on leaving my pre-booking was not recognised and I had to speak to your operator.

Mr Shean (Stansted Stansted Short Stay)

Very quick and easy to park/collect car. Best airport parking we have had. Would not hesitate to book again.

Mr Hogg (Stansted Stansted Short Stay)

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Overall rating: 86% by 1410 guests